The best Money in The World

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In fact, it's like exposing arrogance, but basically, it's not an arrogant language, but telling the general public what the best form of money in the world looks like.

Why must be notified?

Because there are indeed many who do not know, do not admit it, let alone have the wrong judgment about what the best money in the world looks like. Fast, low transaction fees, stable, simple, reliable, limited, and safe.

If that's true why would anyone misjudge?

I say misjudgment not hate because they are part of the people who have not been able to accept the existence of the truth of the best form of money in the world. Currently, they are still lost in the existence of their opinions and views about the meaning of the best money that was actually created.

What kind of opinions or views do people have about the best money in the world?

Expressing opinions or views will have a slightly themed and broad meaning, and will actually be at length. But briefly, the discussion will be kept to a minimum so that it is easy to understand and does not present a long debate.

  • What is the money used for?

    This is the first opinion that should be present and answered honestly by money users in general. For investment or as a means of payment?

  • Limitations.

    The limitation is a good money condition where there is no more creation/printing of new money which in the end results in a weak value of the currency itself. And if it's still in unlimited form or can be printed at any time because there are no restrictions, it's the same as play money.

  • Safety as well as durability.

    Paper money does not have good security and durability which is clearly evident.

Then what and why?

Because it answers all the explanations that have clearly stated that BitcoinCash meets these criteria. Adoption and public opinion about the crypto world today is a worrying condition, where the problem of Ponzi, scam projects, theft, and too many smart contracts that run outside the boundaries of tokenization exacerbates the crypto world.

And BitcoinCash is part of the existence of the crypto world, so in general, it is necessary to improve views and build the wider community about the existence of the crypto world itself.


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There is still a very long way to go before enough people realise this.

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