The Beautiful Spirit

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Yuka Abadi is an art student at a state university in Jogja. In terms of appearance, it really seems like he is a child majoring in fine arts. How not, just look at her wavy hair, almost shoulder-length, and now only often in pigtails. But luckily Yuka, diligently shampooing her hair so that there are not many lice lodged in her hair. His appearance was also a little messy like his face. Do not be surprised if until this second he is still single.

It turns out that having a messy appearance can also be useful for Yuka's friends, forwarding off ghosts at her friends' boarding houses. The pay is just to eat for free at the burjo or get the cellphone numbers of beautiful girls to add to their crush collection.

Yuka can see ghosts, so she is like a ghostbuster for her friends. According to Yuka, being able to see this ghost was a gift given by God for him. The reason is, he often gets lucky to get rid of ghosts.

At dawn-dawn blind when Yuka was about to take ablution for Fajr prayer. He was shocked to see a figure that he was sure was not human but a ghost. Yes, yes, if a human, how could it be possible to sit while floating. The ghost was sitting daydreaming with a sad face on the balcony of his boarding room. Only this time, Yuka was amazed, seeing a ghost. Because this is the first time he saw a ghost with a beautiful face in the style of Korean girl group girls. Instead of getting goosebumps, Yuka intended to become acquainted. Yuka, humans don't have a crush, she has started to switch to approaching ghosts.

"Hey." Yuka greeted in a gentle tone, but the ghost was surprised to see Yuka. It must be because she saw Yuka's face which looked like grated coconut. Because there are a lot of blackheads and pimples on his face.

"How come you can relax me?" The ghost was surprised because there were humans who could see him.

"Hmm ... you don't know who I am yet?" Yuka started to get arrogant while chuckling her waist. With a smug smile. "Elo, a new ghost in this area, huh? Because of the ghosts here, I know all of them. Introduce me Yuka. "

However, hearing Yuka's words the girl who was suspected of being a ghost cried. He sobbed and smiled a little. However, the sobs are not like Ms. Kunti.

"I almost gave up. I try to interact with humans but no one can see me. Finally, I found a human who could see me. Thank God. " The beautiful spirit was excited as if she had gotten a lottery.

"Then why are you a ghost?" Yuka starts to look at ghosts, hoping that she can help the beautiful ghost, maybe she's still curious and can't die peacefully yet.

“I'm not a ghost yet, I'm a spirit. Like in real life, I'm in a coma and amnesia. I don't know who I am. I really don't remember who I am, that's why I need help, and I think you're the only human who can help me find my body. "

"Huh, how do you try?" Yuka just shaved her head. Because this was the first time he encountered a rare case like this. How come there are spirits of amnesia. Then he asked permission to pray at dawn first. Hoping to find a way to help that beautiful spirit.

As a result, he was followed everywhere by this beautiful spirit. Including lectures, eating, playing, when he helps his friends to exorcise ghosts, but unless Yuka is right in the toilet. Yuka's days are no longer lonely, but she looks more like a madman. He's often mistaken for a madman because he talks alone. However, friends who were close to Yuka already knew Yuka personally. That's because he can interact with ghosts, not because he's out of his mind.

“Hey, beautiful spirit. What if I call you Hana? Cook, I have to call you well ... a spirit. Yes, as long as you still don't remember who you really are. " Yuka said with a sparkling face.

“Hana? Beautiful name. I like it. " The beautiful spirit smiled happily, she now has a name, Hana.

Of course, Yuka doesn't always solve problems on her own. He always talks with his best friend named Reni. Reni is actually Yuka's best friend from elementary, middle, high school, and even college. Even though they are now not on the same campus. However, they remain close and close.

"Huh, so you're being followed by a beautiful girl's spirit now?" Suddenly Reni is shocked as if she doesn't accept it, or maybe Reni is afraid that Yuka is invited to be a wandering spirit too.

“No, don't be too surprised Ren. I just want to help the spirit find its body so that it can live again. " Yuka started to emphasize to her friend who looked more like explaining something to her boyfriend so that there would be no misunderstanding between them.

Hearing Yuka's explanation, it wasn't relief that Reni got, but bad thoughts that Reni got. Yuka just doesn't understand her best friend. Because even without Reni's approval, he would still help Hana. However, he appreciated Reni as his best friend.

Yuka was serious about helping Hana. He paints the figure of Hana, it just so happens that Yuka is really good at painting, so whatever she paints will resemble the original. The plan is that he will distribute the results of his paintings on Facebook, Twitter, Noise, and even on campus. If anyone knew the figure of Hana that he was painting. Hana was also happy because Yuka sincerely helped her.

Day after day, and turned into months. They have been together for three months. If only Hana was a human being, not a spirit. That thought always clung to Yuka's mind. People who see their togetherness will surely break and break the hearts of anyone who sees. Because Hana's beautiful face, which is indeed beautiful, is not just a figment.

The distribution of Hana's paintings has yet to produce results. Hana, who often cries, is often desperate to return to being human. However, Yuka always entertained in various ways so that Hana wouldn't be sad. Reni, the friend, who feels that Yuka has recently become distant, is sad. However, even when he was sad, Yuka was not there. So irritated and emotional, Reni came to Yuka's boarding house. Yuka is lying on her bed talking to herself, not Yuka is chatting with Hana, a beautiful spirit who has turned her world away.

"You almost look like a crazy person now, you know?" Reni suddenly entered Yuka's boarding room without knocking on the door, with a fiery face.

"Elo, what's wrong Ren?" Yuka, her best friend, tries to give in because this is the first time Reni is so sensitive.

“Elo, so much with me since the arrival of that damn spirit. Hey, spirits, if you hear what I'm talking about, you better stay away from Yuka. Your arrival just makes Yuka like a crazy person. " Reni is increasingly unable to be introspective, she also says words that make Hana's heart hurt. Yuka just stared.

“Ren, don't be like a child. I just want to help Hana. " Yuka tried to calm her friend's heart because she felt that lately, she was really ignorant of Reni. Even when Reni has a problem.

“Oh, so you are more behind the spirit than your friend. Then whose fault is it if I love you? Come on, whose fault is it if I feel jealous like this. Okay, I'm out of your life. " Reni slams Yuka's boarding house door, while Yuka is flabbergasted by Reni's words. He did not think that Reni loved him. And his anger was caused because he felt jealous of Hana.

"Me, you better get out of your life. Come on. I'm not comfortable with you being angry with Reni. " Hana started to get discouraged again, she just didn't want to burden people.

“Not Han, you haven't found your body. I will continue all of this until you become a real human again. " Suddenly Yuka became the most romantic man in his entire life. Then he wanted to hug Hana, but he couldn't. Yuka just chuckled, realizing again that Hana was a spirit, not a human.

Yuka's life has changed somewhat since meeting Hana. He bathed more often, used perfume. His hair has also been cut. That was because of Hana's request because she wanted Yuka to look tidier and Yuka enjoyed it. Her friends also saw a different side of change from Yuka. Yuka's face is no longer messy. It turns out that Yuka has a handsome side even though only a little, but it's okay to shine a little bit of aura.

The news came 5 months later. The painting of Yuka's beautiful girl who is none other than Hana has been greeted. A man who claims to be his fiancé is looking for Yuka. Hana is also happy that soon she will return to being a human when she enters her body later. However, there was a hint of uneasiness in Yuka's heart. Yuka secretly likes Hana. But it turned out that Hana was already engaged to someone. And Yuka didn't want to spoil it.

"Tomorrow, we will meet Romi. The person who claims to be your Han Han's fiancé. " Yuka put on a grim face. He seemed unwilling to let Hana go.

“Hmm… I hope I will remember it quickly. I don't remember Romi at all. "

“Maybe when you return to human life, you will remember your real life. But?" Yuka sighed then. Hana saw her with a sad gaze, deep down she also didn't want to be separated from Yuka. A kind and sincere man as long as he is a spirit.

"But what comes?"

“Could it be, you will still remember me when you become human again. At least, remember me as your best friend. "

Hana just stayed silent and bowed because she didn't know what would happen after she returned to being human. Could it be that he still remembers Yuka?

Yuka visited a hospital near her campus. It turned out that all this time, Hana was in a coma at the hospital near her campus. He saw Hana's fiancé Romi sitting in the lobby casually. He was waiting for Yuka. Hana also went with Yuka to the hospital. Yuka told about Hana's spirit who forgot where her body was. It turns out that the name of the beautiful spirit is Cheri. And Romi also explained that it was most likely due to a car accident, causing Hana to be amnesia, she had been in a coma for almost a year and maybe her fiancé was deleted. Yuka tries to cheer up Romi.

"Are you ready?" Yuka asked Hana.

"Gu ... I'm afraid. Come on." Hana suddenly hesitated.

“What are you afraid of? isn't this what you want. You will be human again. You will come back to life. "

"I'm afraid I can't remember you. Come on."

"Alright, it's okay. The important thing is that you become a human and live happily with Romi. "

Hana alias Cheri slowly walked over to his body lying in a coma on the hospital bed. Hana immediately entered her body. Yuka immediately said goodbye to her home, but Romi held Yuka back so she waited for Hana to wake up. A few seconds after Hana got into her body, she woke up. Hana looked confused. What made Yuka's heart sad was that Hana didn't remember herself. He also walked home with unsteady steps leaving Hana with her fiancé.

Two days since Hana returned to human and returned to her life. Yuka returned to continue his life. He also immediately apologized to Reni who was angry with him. For him, Hana is just a piece of the unique story he has ever experienced. Which he will never forget. Hana or Cheri, a beautiful girl like a Korean Girlband who has shifted Yuka's world.

"Alright. I'm sorry. I'm sorry too. My attitude shouldn't be like that. " Reni is happy again with Yuka's return to normal, but Yuka feels that something is missing when Hana is no longer there.

"Well, that's Reni my best friend." Yuka ruffled Reni's hair. They returned to chatting as usual. The two of them had forgotten their problems, including Reni, who returned to harbor her feelings for Yuka. Because Reni did not even discuss feelings with Yuka.

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