The Basics of Modern Economics

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Economics is so highly developed from its inception to the present day. As a baseline in 1776 as the birth of economics. Where the author of "The Wealth of Nation" Smith published it that year. So he is known as the father of economics.

From all the basics of economics, there are so many explanations and various branches of grouping.

And finally came to an explanation of the economic problem. Where the main economic problems are divided into two kinds of things. Fundamentals of Classical Economics and Fundamentals of Modern Economics.

Well here is something very interesting to see about the Main Problems of Modern Economics. Because the explanation of the subject matter of modern economics is seen from 3 factors. That is what, how, and for whom.

Indeed, this issue discusses the issue of goods and services in economics. Where is defined what the goods and services are, how the goods or services are made, and for whom the goods and services are created?

Interestingly, the three problems of the modern economy are similar to the presence of cryptocurrencies being created. Although struggling with financial problems in the economy, if taken, the meaning and purpose are also in line with the real main problems of modern economics.

What is crypto made for, how is it created and developed, and lastly for whom is it created and used?

All of these things seem to answer the anxiety about the systematic problems of every existing cryptocurrency, both bitcoin, and altcoin. And if taken in a straight line, everything has been carefully prepared by the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

Then is it true that crypto's journey to date has taken into account the main issues of the economy?

Of course, there are various views and each group or community will answer it according to their respective correct views.

In this respect, I am not in a position to debate the issue of that view. Just wanted to share my views in the community that I think have views that are still in line with the early formation of the crypto that was created.

Bitcoin Cash in my opinion for all those things and still continues to continue to improve the modern economic system. Where what for Bitcoin Cash can be said this is money per 2 per for the world community. Then about how it is made through a system programming language about the science of cryptography that has been born on a chain whose blockchain chain is the report ledger. And for whom Bitcoin Cash is made, of course, for the world community, which aims to use it according to the times and eras and the era of modernization in the society at that time.

So from these three things, it can be said that Bitcoin Cash is expected to solve the main problems in the modern economy. And we can take modern humans to think about everything that has been created.

In economics, there are also three fundamental concepts, namely opportunity, marginality, and efficient markets. And from all these concepts arise about the problem of explaining costs and in the end creating a way of thinking about the economic problems discussed above cost, speed, and efficiency that it presents.

A little bit of the basics of the main economic issues, although only a little, but hopefully, it can open up information about the benefits and the ultimate goal of crypto actually being created. Not just to make a word of improving the world economy, but also to be able to understand and see the importance of one's own economy.

And actually, hopefully, the crypto journey will continue to be in line with the main goal that was created for a better world economic prosperity in the future.

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Topics: World, Open For All, Mind, Lesson, Reason, ...