Suicide Tragedy

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Under the dim sky, when the twilight was about to fall, a person with despair stood on the short fence of the bridge, he stood motionless, his feet on the iron plate that almost rusted. His clothes were worn and damp, his eyes closed, his skin pale. His mouth sizzled, but it wasn't very clear. His hands stretched out in a straight line. From his signs, he could see the bitterness of life for a moment.

It seemed that the young man was starting to give up, gave up, and could not stand to live any longer. He made a slight movement, about to jump into a small valley that was bustling with trees. However, it was clear on his face that there was still a hint of doubt.

Suddenly a girl appeared in silence, slowly the girl dressed in jet black and long flowing hair approached the young man who was about to end his life, until they were about a meter apart.

"What are you doing in this place?" the girl began to spit out the words from her mouth, making her gasp in surprise.

"Who are you?" he asked in return.

"What do you want to do in this place?" The girl confirmed her question again, the girl's face looked paler than before.

"None of your business," he said shakily.

“I know it's none of my business, but I'm just trying. Whatever your problem, don't you do that stupid thing. This is not a good way for you, ”said the girl with her expression still flat.

"I don't care what you want to say, but I beg you to get away from me, let me go away from this world, let me leave the cruelty of this lasting and endless life." The young man was in an uproar and began to shed tears.

"You think the world after you die, will it be better?" The girl asked half shouting, "and you think God likes what you do, huh?"

"It is precisely when I die that I can meet God and explain that I am innocent, and God will place me in a place that is more worthy, more beautiful than this world that is so gripping." The young man was still crying, even more profusely than before.

The girl's eyes glared at him, "How ironic what you said, God never promised what you said earlier." The girl grew furious at him.

"Enough!" The young man started to get angry with the girl because she had blocked his intention, “I don't know who you are, you don't even know who I am. So you have no right to forbid me. Just so you know ...! I am nothing more than a persecuted person. ”

"I'm not blocking you, I'm just reminding you, as long as you know too! If you die in your own hands, you will suffer even more, more than how you feel right now, ”said the girl with a slightly breathless breath.

"What do you know about the world after death, huh?" he asked, stopping the tears streaming down. But the girl was silent, silent at the question.

Then when the young man took a square to start the action, the girl screamed hysterically. As if he didn't want the young man to take his life.

"Do not do it…! Really I wasn't the one who forbade you, because actually, God forbid that act. Suicide is a despicable act, God will hate people who are desperate, you will be very sorry. " This time it was the girl who started sobbing.

He looked at the girl who began to fall, kneels, and sob. For a moment, the young man was silent and amazed. Then who knows what was on his mind, the young man began to abandon his intention, his feet slowly stepped on the lighter iron plate, and soon the young man came down from the fence perfectly, but again the young man was silent, and stared at the girl stiffly.

With a feeling of giddiness, the young man slowly approached the girl who was still sobbing and her face covered with long hair.

"Who are you?" the young man asked softly, "why do you care so much about me ...? Why are you crying…?" But until a few seconds later, the girl did not budge.

Because he was curious, finally his hand moved, about to touch the girl's pale body. He was very sorry and wanted to thank him. But when the young man tried to hold the girl's shoulder, he only felt a cold chill, he just guessed the wind, could not reach the girl's body then soon the body began to fade, and fade, and the sobs disappeared, leaving a question. The young man was astonished, because now on the bridge there was no one but himself.

Then, the horizon grew darker, accompanied by a creepy owl song.


The atmosphere on the old bridge was still as usual, quiet, lonely, dark, and tense. From the east, the sun is shining covered by a grove of trees. Every now and then the bird passed a little reluctantly.

Suddenly there was a girl's scream, which the longer the voice grew clearer, causing the silence to break suddenly. Then the boy emerged from the thinning mist, ruffling his hair, screaming even more.

The child was about to do the same thing as did a young man the other day. Without thinking long and wordy, the girl immediately climbed the guardrail with agility. Then quickly she threw his body.

But failed, the child was stuck hanging on the edge of the bridge, the girl's hand was caught by something, by the hand of a creature, which was none other than the girl from the other day, a mysterious girl who thwarted the bad intentions of a young man. The girl came back mysteriously.

"Let go of my hand ..." shouted the girl, "let go ..."

"You can't die, bro, come on up ..." she began to persuade the boy to get on quickly.

"I do not want to live, I want to die, let go of my hand ..." the child struggled and even beat his hands so that the child could quickly slide and pick up his death.

"I beg sister, get up !, You can't do that!" he persuaded tirelessly.

"Let go of me, let go of me ...," the boy began to shout, but his pale hands held him tighter and tighter, until the veins in his hands popped, like fibrous roots. Then with all her strength, the girl lifted the boy's body which was struggling more and more.

And somehow the girl was saved and both of them just froze, the girl looked at him deeply.

"Why did you do that ...?" He snapped at the girl who was crying.

"It's up to me what to do," the boy snapped back while still sobbing, "why are you blocking me?"

“You can't change God's destiny. You are still a child, there is still a chance to live much longer. Don't waste time. Let yourself give more meaning to this life. " The girl said with an increasingly creepy face.

"I'm not strong anymore to live, it's useless I live much longer. My disease is getting chronic, I never find an end, never heal but it's hard to die. " The girl poured out her heart a little, with an increasingly heavy lament.

"I understand, pray, and be patient, not kill yourself like you wanted to do earlier. God will not give a trial beyond the limits of His servant's ability. Don't you do that again huh ...! "

The boy was silent for a long time until he finally got up, ran. As the boy went away, the girl began to fade and disappear, merging with the breeze. And the silence started again.

Again, the mysterious girl saves lives.


The bridge is often called the Kawung Bridge because there are many enau trees found. It is a link between Sekar Alit Village and Cibarihol Village, which is used by residents to carry out their daily activities. But since the big fire in Sekar Alit Village, almost all of the residents have died and no one wants to stop there anymore. Until finally the bridge began to be neglected.

Kawung Bridge is located not far from the small hospital used by the residents of Cibarihol Village. That is why there are often people, also hospital patients, who attempt suicide, giving up because of their illness.

The atmosphere at Kawung Bridge is always quiet because the weather is always overpowering. That morning, the atmosphere was still covered with dew. Not the slightest sign of someone giving up (thank God). Suddenly a creature appeared, out of nowhere. Then hovering low without a foothold, the longer the figure's face became clearer, yes, she was the girl from the other day.

Her eyes stared at the void, her white lips almost merging with the color of her pale skin. The girl is beautiful but creepy, but she is a patriot. Has saved two lives that were about to commit suicide, maybe even more lives.

She stopped in the middle of the bridge and stopped at the edge of the guardrail, still without a step. My heart longs to recognize it. And I was moved to approach her from behind. Because I was wracked with a deep curiosity about him.

"What do you want here ...?" She realized my presence, but without turning her head, even though I came barely making a sound.

"I'm not about to kill myself ..." I said softly.

"I know that, your aura is different, who are you?"

"I'm Ardi, then what's your name?" I try to stay gentle with him because I think she's a sensitive creature.

"It doesn't matter to you." She still responds to me with arrogance, petty she doesn't want to tell his name.

"I just want to be your friend Miss."

"My name is not Miss." Half screaming, then finally he turned towards me, I saw his face was covered in wounds.

"Sorry I didn't mean ..."

"Never mind, I am an unlucky creature, I'm sorry ..." the nameless girl screamed and then jumped down. Suddenly I held her hand. However, her hands and body were hollow, starting to fade and disappear.


I smelled a carcass, the rancid smell of rotting blood, yeah… I'm sure this is a human carcass. Suddenly I saw several people rushing up from the low ravine under the bridge, they brought a stiff corpse covered in blood that had frozen, appeared in several parts of his body popping up maggots. And it makes my nose unfriendly to the air because the stench is getting stronger.

I saw her face was crushed, but I can still recognize her, huh ... she is the girl without a name, I looked at her trembling.

"I killed myself, I did it because I felt I didn't deserve to live anymore, my life was too ruined since my parents divorced and I had chronic lupus, but I regret it now." came the voice of someone right behind me who was none other than the girl full of mystery.

"What…?" I was shocked to hear his words, I saw she was just a figure that was almost pseudo-shadow, her gaze still looked blank.

"I don't want other people to feel the same way as me," she shed tears which were also only a shadow.

"I hope God forgives you." I tried to encourage him, I could not bear to see him cry.

“No… no more sorry for me. God will forgive me if I am alive. But now it's too late. " I felt her cry increasingly burst.

"I will still pray for you so God can forgive you."

She smiled wryly. As usual, she began to fade, fade until finally merging with the air.


Kawung Bridge, it's as if you are a complaint, a place of outpouring, a psychiatrist. As if you are the way to God.

I can feel what the girl feels. How sorry she is.

Now Kawung Bridge is still quiet and will become history for the future, I hope you don't suck up any more victims. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything for you, I really will miss you.

This may be the time, it's time for me to go. I feel my body start to fade. I'm not going to kill myself, because for what ...? After all now I'm just a shadow like that girl. But I left my body with the tragic fire of Sekar Alit Village.

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It's a very interesting story. But is it fiction or is there really a town with a bridge and that story?

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