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Every story is different, like a component of tone. No matter what she has felt, she always understands the sadness that comes, but she has always pushed aside when the joy is seen. Is she anchored in the wrong place? so that sadness always comes to her. Why is happiness always taken away by other people? even though she is always the one who is steadfast. Be steadfast in any pain she feels because of someone else.

Don't they understand? there, in she's heart he really sincerely cherished. However, when saturation approached, those people sneaked to leave, silent.

She understood that maybe it wasn't she's way to feel happy for the sincerity she gave. Always the people she loves just walk away. She has a million feelings that are so patient for it when they are sad, sad, and confused, come to her, lean your back on she's heart again.

Maybe you will feel the meaning of yourself after you know how much it means to really sincerely love you, namely, she's love.


She and Reno have been in that relationship for a long time, sad that they are really happy together, just seeing it feels really beautiful. Lord, this is the beauty of being loved and loving, God gives a million flavors that cannot be described with such a simple description. However, over time, Reno might feel bored. At that time she was already busy working, leaving early in the morning and coming home at night became the new routine for a whole month. She doesn't forget Reno, when she got home around 10 pm, she took the time to meet or just exchange news by telephone with him.

Indeed, she's body was very tired, but when she saw Reno smile, the tiredness immediately disappeared. Reno is like water in her thirst. She loved Reno very much.

She lived the routine fine for 2 months, after which Reno somehow changed his way. Reno was full of attention, his beautiful smile greeted her when she was tired, but now she doesn't feel it anymore. Slowly lost, whether she did not understand the reason that happened, even though she was making time for himself as much as possible.

Later she just realized why Reno changed to her, Reno, who became familiar with his college friend named Mira. She was a little shocked to see the short message of the two of them, and she just sighed and secretly she cried in her grief.

Oh my God, why is this, she loved him, but a feeling of boredom won her heart to leave it slowly for her. She can still be patient, ever since she found out that she tried to endure. Within 2 months she survived, in fact, she was able to continue to survive even though the storm hit she still loved him. However, the tightness she felt, had the heart to end his relationship with her, she could only continue to be patient, because she understood what she was feeling about herself right now.

Two weeks later, Reno started a new relationship with his college friend, Mira, who is currently Reno's girlfriend. Even though it was painful, she could only pray to God, sooner or later happiness would come to her, whether today, tomorrow or the day after. And she believes God has created happiness for her.

Suddenly the cellphone rang, an unknown number called her, she repeatedly turned it off, still, that number called her. When she called for the 4th time then she pressed the OK button and moved my cellphone to her ear.

She was shaken when she heard the news that she received, Reno was in a coma, Reno had been unconscious for a week. It turned out that the one calling her was Putri, Reno's younger sister. As soon as possible she was headed to the hospital. She still loves Reno, every time she prostrates she doesn't forget to mention the names of her parents, family, and herself. She just found out that Reno had cancer in his nerve tissue. Struggled to see her loved one lying weak in the company of intravenous drips and other medical devices. She started to approach Reno, she held his hand and she could not help but cry, finally, she's tears began to fall and wet Reno's hands too.

Everyone in the room could not help but cry, but she eyes did not see a woman named Mira, she heard from Reno's sister that Mira left Reno after Mira found out that Reno had nerve cancer. A week after she's arrival, she continued to visit Reno, perhaps thanks to the prayers of those who loved him, he got better a little more. She began to accompany and encourage Reno to participate in chemotherapy, she and his family often accompanied him during the chemo process.

"Thank you for everything, you are the best for me, forgive me if I hurt you.", Reno now I understand the meaning of sincerity, how much she loves him.

Tears began to fall, she hugged Reno for an instant and said "I love you too, first, today or so I will stay by your side"

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