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The crypto market that has an impact due to the prohibition of crypto mining in China has become the main problem of price declines in the crypto market lately, the prohibition of all crypto transactions that occur in the country. This policy was taken by China on the grounds of restoring the economic system and reducing the problem of carbon impacts that occurred recently. However, with this prohibition, a positive impact will be on the problem of prices that are increasing sharply.

Seeing the problem of migration factors that are intended for miners are the United States and Europe. This will make the price even higher in the future. Where the cost of production will be higher than before in China. So that from this point of view, cryptocurrencies in the future will be more awake to the problem of their volatility value which has been a negative shadow that occurs in crypto.

Especially if you judge from the process of a long period of time. With the shift in bitcoin mining area going on, of course, it can't be expected to play in the short term for investors. They have to look at the long term in effect. And although the recent condition is in an unhealthy condition, it has shown that bearish behavior will end soon.

China with its policies is of course for the good of the country and the condition of the world as well where the problem of global warming caused by bitcoin mining. From this, in the future, there will be improvements to this problem in the regulations of the bitcoin mining world, of course, which will have a positive impact on the world. And for the crypto world itself, it also has a good impact, of course, because high production costs will also trigger high buying and selling power in the future.

With prices continuing to move up, this means that this is the basis for future crypto stability. Where there will be a decrease in the value of volatility which is common in the crypto world. Another thing about the scale of money laundering, the issue will be reduced in the future with changes in the problem of mining areas. Another factor that also triggers the increase is where anti-crypto delays actually make crypto grow. So that the risk is reduced in the future for crypto.

The market in May and June was in the shadow of a decline that was indeed quite severe. But that's what the world of economics predicts and a number of polemics that occur can and are a factor in the decline. And towards the end of this month, as the movement occurs, there is positive sentiment on the market ahead of July and August ahead.

Indeed, all are still in the form of predictions. Nothing can be taken to be a condition 100% the main benchmark. But it can be a rationale before making a decision for crypto players to take an action.

Bearish conditions are still present but the upside seems to have shown a good run for the second day in a row. Traders start to move on the bearish period is about to end. It can be seen where the long process has started to be played by some traders as happened in 2020. This slightly adds to the positive value of a fairly good increase this year. Correction has indeed become a fundamental thing in the market. For experienced players oni an action to anticipate the value of investors so as not to suffer losses. So the possibility of it happening will skyrocket at the end of the year it could happen.

There will be quite a drastic shift in the next few months. Where the process of moving to the mining world is underway. The areas that will be the future destinations are Central Asia, America, and Europe in the future. And of course this will follow the policy regulations of each applicable region.

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