Starting from a dream into mind (Part 2)

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- Another Day -

The days go by, my friends are still laughing and teasing me

"Haha watch out, move aside, there are prospective successful people passing by, haha". The others continued "za please teach me to be successful please .. haha ​​za success".

They are so annoying but I always try to motivate my mind "let it be za, it's just the song of birds who don't like to see you towards success".

I remember I have an appointment today with my uncle to meet, Uncle is the only family that I have at this time. I didn't know much of my other family since I was little, just like the grandchildren that my grandmother told me at that time, an uncle is a wise person, good. Before I didn't know what family meant when my friends told me about their lives, I could only keep quiet, I often thought why the life I was living was so lonely, there weren't any siblings that I knew and knew, only one uncle. Uncle entrusted me to a boarding house when I was 11 years old. So I've been studying independently ever since. Even though Uncle always fulfills my needs, I have to understand his situation, because Uncle is only a Courier.

Semester break arrived .. how I greeted with joy and tried to stay on my mission, trying to find the meaning of the word "do something". And I chose the beach as a place to contemplate and get rid of the burden for a moment

"The mat ??" The matsman offered me rent.

"No thanks sir!"

I also chose a cool place protected from the sun, I chose a seat and rested under a coconut tree, When I sat down I heard a faint sound, at first it wasn't so clear, but over time it was as clear as the voice of a child asking for help.

"Help! help"

When I looked for the sound, from one corner of the beach to another corner of the beach, I saw that the sound came from 2 small children who were carried out into the middle of the sea. However, visitors who saw it only watched it stare and no one was able to help. I also didn't have the courage to help because I couldn't swim let alone almost into the middle of the ocean, but at least I tried to help him by calling the beach security team. I saw a little boy who was silent (didn't want to try to swim to shore) just "relying on other people to help him" and finally he drowned before the security team came. And I saw the other child, he was still trying to move and trying to swim to shore, he was trying not to expect help from others, he was trying on his conscience. And thank goodness he was finally able to be helped by the beach security team.

From that incident, for some reason after seeing that, and my mind immediately fell on the word that made me curious, namely 'do something that I had been looking for, I saw it and learned a lesson from that incident: to be able to get something we hope for, it returns. starts with us too, not someone else's hand. I have to move on my own, change, not stagnate, not be static, and I remember my uncle, all this time he has always been helping me. I have to work on my own. I have to do things to make that dream a reality. There is no need to complain about my weaknesses, I have to use my abilities or my strengths to achieve them, Nothing is impossible. As long as we want to try and try.

—– 15 years later—–

"Always working hard, looking out of curiosity, never giving up, accepting ridicule and many failures, layered with existing knowledge and thoughts, you will become the person you want to be" those are my words who have become 'President of the Garment Company 'in a speech. The applause was also given to me to close the speech which among them consisted of my friends who used to tease me in the past.

"Reza .. great yes you can achieve all of this and become a person as a figure of inspiration," they said with a tone of embarrassment because they once teased me. I just smiled and said, "you can actually be like me, from dreams to thoughts, thoughts to words, speech to actions, actions to fate, and fate to be your success".

"Forgive us za, have teased you first," said that came out of their regret. "Never mind I didn't think about it all, even I've forgotten that you guys did that to me before" ..

When I was on my way home from the invitation, on the way I saw a crowd of people, and it made me stop and curious and go over to it. What I saw was a man lying on the street who was the victim of a hit-and-run, but what made me shocked and didn't believe that man was ……… ..

"Uncle ... what happened ... ???" tears also dripped profusely to see a beautiful face, wise, kind, and someone who took care of me since childhood. The one who raised me with simplicity annya, really - a noble figure who became the victim of the accident.

—At the funeral—

"Uncle, kindness and all the virtues that you have instilled I will never forget, I will keep it in my heart, the valuable life lessons that you taught me until now I can be like this.

Uncle… this is the homework that you gave since 15 years ago….

Now I understand uncle what it means to "do something" for myself ……… ..

#Hugging a tombstone #


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