Starting from a dream into mind (Part 1)

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When I was 9 years old it was my experience to know the name of a dream. And when I saw a dream as if it would be my future, the funny thing is that this dream always comes when my spirit starts to decline. Day by day the dream is getting closer, closer like between the little finger and the index finger, as if to convince me that this will come true if I do something .. "

"'Doing something?" What does the word mean? "

"Something .." the word is so broad in meaning and meaning, many meanings and meanings .. and from the word something is what I was looking for for the last 5 years !! "

In front of the beautiful and lonely lake, I sometimes think about it, and soon I will go to the library to fulfill my promise to my uncle. While stepping before reaching the library, when suddenly a wind suddenly blew and brought a paper caught at my feet. A paper that is fried, oily, crumpled, dirty, etc. When I wanted to get rid of the paper I read a sentence on the paper and made me curious: "To change my destiny, do something".

Why is that word that arises again, why did the word "do something" read by accident I came across? But let it be my homework, I immediately continued walking to the library, and finally met my uncle.

"Why did you take so long, za .." the sentence that came out of my uncle.

"Sorry uncle, there was a little that took me a long time while walking here," I answered.

In the middle of talking with my uncle, I asked him what the meaning of the word 'do something in my dream that I used to meet since I was a child until now, my uncle smiled and said: "Uncle thought it seemed that for that word you should be the one who searched and found the meaning of the word. that".

- Campus -

The next day on campus, I brought some books that I borrowed from the library yesterday. One of the books I borrowed was entitled 'Dreams are seeds of success'. In between classes at empty hours, my friend asked me to go to the cafeteria to smoke a cigarette.

"Za, let's go cafeteria, while the hours are empty !!" take them

"Hmm, sorry for you guys, next time later!" I replied refusing to try politely because this time I wanted to read the book I borrowed yesterday, and I'm still curious to find the meaning of the word.

"Come on za, it's not cool now. Just a moment! " forced June (one of them)

I shook my head and shook my head and "sorry ned, ok next time"

"Za. Please come on, what's wrong with you? No, you are not crowded! my friends trying to persuade me

I still don't care about those who look at me pitifully like that, people say, isn't it good to be consistent and stick to the principle. I thought they would be angry, but never mind, later they will understand themselves too! Then I took out the book that I wanted to read from the bag, they saw and laughed loudly.

"Hahaha ... just snacking fifteen thousand just read this book, remember, you are poor, can you be successful? Trying to make your dreams come true? To be successful, I definitely need za capital, ”said a word that came out of one of my friends because I was annoyed at his invitation I refused.

"Okay, let the wallet be empty, but the mind is never empty, friend! Aren't there many ways to make dreams come true and without having to start with money? ”I answered casually.

When class hours were up, I rushed to the parking lot to hurry home driving my uncle's Vespa left when he was young. When I want to turn it on, the tire is flat, it must be one of my friends who made it like this, but let it be fine whoever it is, it's just a normal flat. I immediately took him by pushing him and looking for a repair shop for wind.

After filling the wind in a flat tire, I immediately rushed home because I had a lot of work to do. On the way home before I got home I met a grandmother who was fighting with a bajaj driver.

"The fare is really expensive, even though it's close to the distance, do you want to get rich fast?" babbled the grandmother.

"Sorry Grandma, the rate is that much Grandma, maybe it's just grandmother who never rode a bajaj," said the bajaj driver.

I immediately approached them "where are you going?"

"I want to go back to the house, it's really expensive, I don't understand difficult people," he complained.

"Okay, grandmother and I just ride a motorbike, I wait" I offered

Finally, I drove him home and stopped briefly for permission to go to the toilet, my stomach hurt because of the grandmother when the handle on the motorbike was very tight. Before I went home I was held by him

"You look like my grandson !! (while staring) your eyes are round, your nose is sharp and your lips are red, just like my grandson! " he said, holding me back who wanted to excuse me.

"Oh, yes? where are your grandparents now? " I asked at once.

“My grandson has succeeded now! so that his success made him forget about me, even though, when his parents separated, his grandmother took care of him from birth until he went to college, however after he succeeded he left me alone in this hut! ”

I also feel sorry to hear his story. Trying to cheer him up

"Grandma never mind, don't be sad, if you need friends or are lonely, you can contact me later!"

Grandma was speechless as if she was still thinking about the existence of her granddaughter who looked like me!

-To be continued-

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