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Social media is a place for everyone to be free to express their opinion. Even though sometimes it is something that is misused by some parties as a place with bad intentions to be shared with the public. However, because freedom is a factor, a person can do as he pleases without thinking about cause or effect.

But this time, we won't discuss this problem, because it feels like it has become a natural thing and it's hard to avoid the existence of social media.

This time, to be precise, we will discuss funny things related to the existence of social media, where the condition of someone's post, whether it's a sentence, aphorisms, or other things, can have a big influence on other people. What's funny is that we can take as an example from one of someone's posts about the problem of love or despair.

From this problem, even though it is clear that someone's post is not necessarily the same problem as the followers or those who are reading it, strangely the reader can be brought into the same situation as the problem the person who made the post. I don't know if it's called intensity or attraction, like two magnetic poles that meet.

Another thing is the problem of gaps or mindset. I don't know why the existence of one's status along with mindset problems can have a big influence on many people. Is it because of the similarity of thinking or because of the appeal of the problem of whose context you are?

On the other hand, the most exciting and most disliked problem is the condition of the existence of haters or people who are not in line. Even though the problem of views, conditions, and problems with one's status is clearly different. For some reason, it can provide a context for the creation of hatred from people who do not like the existence of this incompatible status.

Social media has indeed become a gathering place for everyone without boundaries and space. Making it a gathering place for humans who can be said to have difficulty communicating properly in real-world conditions that are full of fakes. And it turns out that if you survey the general condition of social media, which seems to speak more of the truth about a person's condition, it turns out that it creates more falsehoods that occur in this fact that can be said to be true.

Public figures or ordinary people are more used to the reality of life which is full of fakes so on platforms like social media, the same thing still applies, in reality, it is even more probable for fakes that may be difficult to prove in the real world.


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