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Many people make happiness their main goal. Even though when they try hard to find happiness, the way they work and do not necessarily make them happy.

Happiness is a way for us to live, not the main goal. No matter how much one's possessions are, if someone is happy to have them, their life goals will feel easy to achieve. But a person has wealth and strives for happiness, then he finds it futile. Happiness is not to be earned, it just needs to be experienced and acknowledged. Am I happy already?

After all, happiness is simple, but the human target it creates is complex and intricate.

I am pleased. I'm troubled. I am happy. I am suffering. I am smart. I'm not attractive. Everything is in the heart, what the heart feels is a mirror of oneself.

If I am happy it is because my heart feels that happiness too. Vice versa. The world I feel depends on how the mood is created.

If I am angry, the world around me will feel angry and haughty. But once I'm happy, the world around me feels good.

If you want to know what the world of each of us is like, take a look at your own heart! I am sad and suffering so the world feels bad to me. Vice versa. The world I have created is so enchanting and beautiful because I feel happy, grateful in life.

I learned today that the world itself is created from what is felt. Feel happy and full of gratitude then it is a happy world.

Life is already difficult, so there is no need to bother with other people's thoughts as long as we are comfortable being ourselves. Because I move around a lot, I like everything that is simple, not having too many items and being overly possessed of things.

If there is something I want to have but I struggled and didn't get it then I think maybe it's better for me. Anything that is lacking can create advantages too. We are more grateful for what we have. We don't bother with everything and become simpler in life.

Simple ownership will make it easy for me to go wherever I like. That's because I say that be happy if that lack can bring advantages.

Various studies have also shown that there is a strong relationship between people who are grateful and their level of happiness. Simply stated, if you want to be happy then have gratitude in life.

When we express gratitude, the brain produces dopamine and serotonin which make for a better mood. It is so simple that we become happy, that is, grateful for what we have.

Likewise, thoughts are a reflection of experiences in human life. So the brain will store the memory of human life, both negative and positive. That's why we are asked to always think positively so as to bring our life more positively.

There are certain structural differences in the part of the brain in the medial prefrontal cortex between people who feel grateful and those who don't. When we express gratitude, it turns out that the brain works to pay attention to positive things.

For example, people who routinely keep a personal journal writing gratitude turn out to be optimistic people. The reason is that they write down good things to remember in the past, rather than bad things that have happened.

I met a wise man who was not physically perfect. He told how he struggled with life's problems. That being grateful is a way of making the world itself look beautiful and happy.

Remain grateful? It turns out that in difficult conditions that a person has been able to go through, mental endurance (= resilience) is built up which makes him appear strong. This resilience ability is shown from how a person can adapt to the problems at hand.

When you feel unhappy, open the letter again and read it. Do you still feel unhappy?

Writing thanksgiving letters is done in psychological therapy, with the hope that a person can recognize that his real life is not in a crisis, dangerous or sad situation.

According to Galileo Galilei, basically “You don't need to be taught how to be happy. You only need a few hints to find it in itself. " Through a thanksgiving letter, this will help people that he is a happy person.

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Happiness is a state of mind. You are happy if you truly believe you are. You don't need to have everything in life to be happy because anything can make you happy. When we are like a child we feel happy for the simplest things. It is the best way to be happy by being grateful for the little things we go through or have that bring a smile to our faces.

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3 years ago

Just a note as a lesson for learning for ourselves. Thank before.

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