Sexy Crypto making Gov and Bank stimulated

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Scammers and hackers can be said to be the rudest sexual harassment perpetrators in every case that occurs in the cryptocurrency body. Meanwhile, the government and the gang of the banking system are the top perpetrators of sexual harassment on the cryptocurrency market side.

Cryptocurrency is so sexy and tempting. Until finally it can tempt the main centralized party of a network in the world to take part to be able to master it. With the condition of being in control, they can rightfully dominate the existence of cryptocurrency according to their will.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

What is cold can not always be granted. Maybe that's the thing that can be said for the existence of a top institution in the world today in terms of mastering the presence of cryptocurrency. In various ways, until they are in a state of proposing the existence of crypto, they are trying continuously to be able to master the existence of crypto. But it still seems that cryptocurrency is indeed difficult to master and be taken in by the existence of the word power.
In the end, even harsh methods are used behind the subtle ways that have been done.

Maybe it has been torn apart and torn to pieces, indeed the current condition of crypto is made by all the sexual crimes that occur. But the strength of metal's condition and the main purpose crypto was created can still stem everything from happening. Sometimes it is almost helpless, but independence and freedom are still being fought for even though it takes the form of a non-stop struggle in the end.

Labile and inconsistent, even backfired on the condition of those in power who wanted to dominate. Because of their powerlessness to be able to regulate and create unstable and inconsistent conditions in the cryptocurrency market. And moreover, the meaning of the form of decentralization is indeed a real manifestation of an enemy of the conditions of centralization.

Even if the body of the existence of cryptocurrencies can eventually be mastered, the basic core of the soul that belongs to the creation of cryptocurrency will never be shaken at any time. With the existence of this soul, the existing struggle will continue to grow to fight for and fight against the world power that exists.


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