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In the past few days since the point system changed many things I saw became a dilemma and reality for progress.

There are some important things that should be realized by everyone who joins here. Sorry not to teach, but if we (you and I) want to be honest with what we do, we should be aware and can accept every result obtained.

  1. Then what does it mean from the discussion that I really want to raise? Actually a small problem, namely self-awareness.

  2. Recognize ourselves as people in need. So we should thank this platform ( for being given the opportunity.

  3. Really make an article that is produced from yourself, not a copy-paste, or force yourself to make others like our writing even though it's original content.

  4. Receive results gracefully. Remember everyone wants to succeed and have a lot of money the same is no different. But wake up to accept the results obtained with the word grateful.

  5. Place it in the appropriate community rather than putting it in a community that is not in front of the discussion/content created.

Sorry, sorry once more I say this. Not to deceive but to invite to realize that the goodwill impact both for us. It is indeed difficult and not easy, especially in today's economic conditions where everyone is wrapped up in economic hardship. But remember, we are not alone much more difficult than us.

They are the Team / Admin on I believe they also want to give the best for us here, but that is also not an easy job. They are also human beings who still have shortcomings and limitations. I say this because I also feel that sometimes it's hard for me, just being a moderator in some communities here sometimes makes me overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed to approve or not, there are many reasons to reject an article that is not accepted but it is a bitter truth that must be taken. Not to be evil but for good and truth in accordance with the path.

Friends, realize our ability not to impose personal will to legalize various methods.

There may be an input from me, "Giving results to yourself and your family from a good result will be a good result and also useful for us and your family compared to getting the results of dishonesty".

Begin to provide honesty for ourselves, congratulations on making articles that are honest and useful.

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Well said. Let's be grateful sites like these do exist. The help us to express ourselves and even reward us for it. 👍🏻💕

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3 years ago

Points to ponder and self reflect. Self awareness is very important and the first step to correct our self is to realize the mistake

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3 years ago