Satoshi versus Vitalik

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Vitalik Buterin is often compared to Satoshi Nakamoto, fueled by the success of Ethereum which is now trailing just behind Bitcoin in the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. Of course, the idea of ​​a smart contract embedded in the Ethereum cryptocurrency made this product very successful.

Not only among traders, but Ethereum has become an information technology phenomenon. For example, JPMorgan is trying to import all of Ethereum's capabilities into a private or consortium platform by creating an Ethereum clone called Quorum. With Quorum, corporations don't have to think about the risk of being exposed to their valuable data to the public while taking advantage of the exact same features built into Ethereum.

HyperLedger (HL), the smart contract platform run by the Linux Foundation and backed by global technology giants such as IBM, seeks to expand Ethereum's capabilities in private and consortium environments, similar to Quorum. The difference is, if Quorum copies Ethereum's source code with the necessary adjustments, HyperLedger products such as HyperLedger Fabric (HLF) have extra features, such as user management and authorization of access rights to information stored on the blockchain run by the HLF protocol.

Of course, not to be left behind, HLF has a smart contract feature called chain code, where developers can create asset structures (data) and functions to process these assets directly on the HLF blockchain platform.

In short, Vitalik revolutionized the world.

With such generous contributions, including a record ROI (return on investment) on the Ethereum ICO which brought enormous returns to Ethereum early investors, it has made Vitalik Buterin's name famous around the world. Vitalik is not the only founder of Ethereum, but as the face of the Ethereum platform, he is indeed the most famous (and perhaps the most frequently appearing in the news).

Vitalik equal to Satoshi?

The idea of ​​blockchain technology, of course, didn't start with Ethereum. This idea belongs to Satoshi. How about the smart contract idea? Historically, smart contracts were first coined decades ago, not by Vitalik of course, but by Nick Szabo. This idea was even conveyed in 1997, long before the birth of Bitcoin. He also gave the name of the smart contract to the idea he wrote.

It's just that the components that can make a smart contract run “fair: at that time it didn't exist, because blockchain technology only appeared in the era of 2008 and the system itself only started running in 2009. For this, we have to thank Satoshi Nakamoto. for his hard work on the idea of blockchain and Bitcoin's first source code.

Vitalik is applying existing ideas to entirely new technology. With Satoshi and Nick's indirect contributions, Vitalik is reaching a peak at a time when Ethereum goes global, while taking blockchain technology to new heights.

The two dominant characters in the blockchain world, Vitalik and Satoshi, deserve a special place in the hearts of their users. It is very difficult to compare these two figures: which of the two - or the third, with Nick being included - is the "father of decentralized technology".

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