Rooftop Dwellers

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Something beautiful is bound to happen. Such is the mind of a nearly 23-year-old adult woman who walks between the hot sun and the swaying human beings in that city. His face was excited about everything that was a burden in his life. Carrying several sheets of paper to make ends meet. Yes, he walked tirelessly. He believes that there is still a God who loves him without having to get attention from anyone.

On some of the papers he carried were written the name KINAN MAHESWARI PUTRI. Yes, there he is. Usually called Kinan. Someone who is very anti-social, who is very serious about choosing friendships. He walked down the corridors of the train station. In that city the fastest way of transportation for people who work in offices is trained.

Kinan is checking his bag while walking and BRUK! Someone hit it. The paper Kinan was holding was mixed everywhere. "Sorry, sorry .. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, sis. " Said someone who hit Kinan. Kinan collected all the scattered papers. Kinan looked up and saw that it was a man who had hit him. "It's okay," answered Kinan indifferently. Kinan immediately left after collecting everything and without looking at the man he had hit earlier.

The man was very confused because he only heard the answer that was actually indifferent. He wanted to walk but was stopped when he saw one of Kinan's papers that he might not have taken. He wanted not to take it, as if indifferent as Kinan's answer earlier. But, as a good person, he thought, he must return it. The man wanted to call Kinan, but Kinan was already on the train. "Maybe I'll return it later, the office is the same as mine." The man said. Then a little ran out of the train station.

Kinan felt a little annoyed because he was hit by someone he didn't know. As a result, the papers he had arranged at home turned out to be like this. He looked at the papers again. Looks like an important letter. "Looks like something is missing," said Kinan to himself. "Geez! My application form. " Kinan reflex shouted to himself. All eyes of the people on the carriage were on him. "Ah, how about this." Kinan was confused plus his frustrated. Yes, Kinan wants to find work after he graduated at a top university in the city. But, unfortunately, he has lost the registration form. Really pity.

"Where's your registration form ?!" someone shouted at Kinan. Kinan is already in the office where he wants to work. "Sorry, Sir." That was all Kinan could answer. "Father, give you one more chance, look for your form until you get it. If you don't get it, I won't put you in here again, "the man continued," Luckily you are smart, "in a low voice. "Yes sir. Forgive me." Kinan said languidly.

Suddenly someone came, maybe he wanted to apply for a job too. Kinan seemed to recognize the person. OH, HE BAD ON ME! "Sorry, sir I am late. The thing is, I'll go home for a while, hehe. " The man said. Kinan continued to observe the man. Kinan reflexively hit the man's shoulder. "Return my Registration Form," Kinan said angrily. The man turned to the side, he recognized Kinan. "Yes, Miss. Just ordinary times. I'm also going to work here. " The man took out a sheet of paper from his bag. And it belongs to Kinan. Kinan just took it. The man in front of them was angry, "So I got screwed ?!" "No, sir." The man said. "Alright, you guys wait outside. I'll first check your files. " Kinan and the boy just nodded.

They both left the room and sat on the available chairs at the front of the room. Awkward. The man opened the conversation, "Your name is Kinan, right?" Asked the man. "Yes, you?" Asked Kinan. Kinan probably felt that this man was good. Judging from his face and attitude. "My name is Fahmi." "Oh," answered Kinan. "Where do you live?" Fahmi asked. "I live in the apartment complex 3 on the roof." “Same, I also live there. How come I've never seen you, at the top of the first house. " "I live next to your house then." Kinan said. They chatted without feeling that 30 minutes had passed and Kinan felt that Fahmi would become his best friend.

They have been received by the office. Lots of laughter they do. They finally came home. When they were on the front steps of their respective houses, they said goodbye. How tiring, they both thought. It seems there is telepathy between them. The two of them finally fell asleep and fell asleep with beautiful memories in their dreams.

They have been together for more than 1 year, going to the office together, eating together. Until one of them has feelings. Love feeling. The morning has come, bringing cool roses. Fahmi wakes up and cooks some food. He remembered that he had a neighbor he met yesterday.

Suddenly Fahmi heard someone crying. Looks like he recognized the voice. Fahmi immediately ran out of his room and headed for Kinan's house. Fahmi is very worried “Kinan! Kinan! Open the door! Kinan! " Fahmi immediately broke down Kinan's door. Broken glass was scattered everywhere. Kinan took one of them and wanted to injure his hand. Fahmi immediately held Kinan's hand. "No, Kinan!" Kinan tried to escape himself. "I don't want to live anymore!" Kinan was still trying to release Kinan's grip. And finally there was no more effort, Fahmi immediately hugged Kinan. Fahmi hugged Kinan very tightly. And kinan also felt the warmth of a Fahmi's hug. He never had a father, because he was abandoned since he was not born. "It's okay," Fahmi stroked Kinan's hair. “Everyone has a problem, me, you, and all of us who are here. In this apartment, there must be a problem. Face it patiently. I ran away from home because of what? Because I can't stand my stepmother's treatment. So face it patiently. Don't be reckless. " Fahmi explained long. Kinan looked up slightly at Fahmi and hugged Fahmi tighter back.

The atmosphere is getting better now. Fahmi cleaned the shattered glasses. Kinan is asleep now. It's been 2 hours Kinan slept and Fahmi is still here, at Kinan's house. Fahmi headed towards Kinan's room and sat next to Kinan's room. Kinan fell asleep. "Don't be so reckless." Fahmi stroked Kinan's hair. Finally, because he was tired, Fahmi slept sitting beside Kinan's bed and held Kinan's hand tightly.

Kinan's eyes slowly began to open. The clock showed 11.30, still midnight. He saw Fahmi beside him and stroked Fahmi's hair softly. "Thank you," said Kinan. Fahmi wakes up. "You're awake, I'll make food first," Kinan pulled Fahmi's hand. "Eh, why the tug of war? Want to play tug of war? " Fahmi babbled. Kinan laughed languidly. And get up to sit on the bed. "I want to tell you about earlier." Kinan wanted to tell a story. Fahmi sat back down. "My mother died," Kinan's tears fell. “My mother died because she was killed by my father, my father was like that from before. I was told by my mother to go away from that family life. Actually, I didn't want to, but because I was forced, I immediately left that house 4 years ago. " Kinan explained, sobbing. "I can only grieve," said Fahmi while hugging Kinan who was sobbing. "Tomorrow we go to your late mother's house." Fahmi said

The next day they went to the late mother Kinan's house. With hurt feelings, Kinan let his mother go. Fahmi can only hug Kinan because Kinan is his best friend. Fahmi can't do anything. The residents of the roof can only condolences the death of his mother Kinan. His father Kinan has also been imprisoned for a murder case, Kinan loves his father, but there are many injuries that make Kinan hate his own father.

1 year running and the inhabitants of the roof are always there who go, come and always like that. Fahmi has a new neighbor, a husband, and wife who are very happy without their offspring. Those who left, those who came, were normal for Kinan and Fahmi. They both have feelings for each other. But no one expressed their feelings for each other. Joking, laughter, joy, and sorrow they face together.

Fahmi woke up from his deep sleep today staring at a photo of a woman, yes it was Kinan. He only had 2 years to run away from home. And 2 more days will be the day Fahmi has to go. "I have to confess my feelings to Kinan." Fahmi said. He will leave a letter to his neighbor to give to Kinan. But before that, he had to confess his feelings.

Kinan is in his room doing his office work. Knock! Knock! Knock! The sound of Kinan's house door, "Kinan." It is Fahmi's voice. Kinan is very happy. Kinan ran towards the door and immediately opened it. “Get ready. We'll go for a walk. as well as refreshing, you have a lot of work. " "Yes Boss!" said Kinan excitedly.

They both got ready and finally left. They go to the Mall, go to the beach, sit in the park. And Fahmi took Kinan to the train station. "Looks like I know this station, Oh, I remember here you hit me 2 years ago." Kinan was excited. Fahmi didn't reply. His gaze was serious. "Kinan," said Fahmi. "Yes, what's wrong with you?" Asked Kinan. "Kinan, I want to talk to you about my feelings." Fahmi continued, "Actually, I like you from a long time ago and that feeling of love grows into a feeling of love." Fahmi explained. Kinan was speechless. Her eyes filled with tears and tears. "Me too," said Kinan. Fahmi was a little surprised. And Fahmi immediately hugged Kinan among the people who were passing by. Yes, Kinan's tears are happy tears.

These 2 days are 2 very happy days for Fahmi. Fahmi had to go to America today to live with his biological mother there and had to give up Kinan. Fahmi wrote a letter to Kinan. Already written your letter, Ask someone, that someone is Fahmi's neighbor. Fahmi sighed and answered, "Yes, please give it after I'm not here, miss." "Yes, definitely give it." Fahmi finally said goodbye and took a brief look at Kinan's bedroom. Fahmi goes first.

Kinan is the office is confused about where Fahmi is. "I have to call Fahmi" "the number you are calling is not active. Please try again later. " "Why did I die, I have to go home now. Kinan finally returned to his house. Kinan knocked on Fahmi's door, Ms. Sri, Fahmi's neighbor came out of her house. "Miss Kinan, right?" "Yes, I am Kinan, why Ma'am?" "This is a letter from Son Fahmi. Please read it. ”Kinan received the letter and opened it.

"Kinan Maheswari Putri, someone who makes me change for the better and is always patient with problems. We both met at the train station by accident. It seems I started to like you when we sat in front of that office room. Until now, I still like you. I love you. now I have to go. Not out of your heart right. But I had to go see my mother in America and I can't seem to come back. but I will always remember your message, DON'T FORGET HAPPY. That's what you always say. Don't ever cry, don't ever get hurt. Just smile. Until you get better than me. Please, don't ever get hurt. Your Love, Fahmi Putra Dirgantara. "

Kinan's tears fell. Two days ago they both confessed their feelings and now Fahmi is leaving Kinan. That's how Kinan thought.

Kinan immediately sat down when he finished reading Fahmi's letter. "Calm down Ms. Kinan, calm down" Mbak Sri tried to make Kinan a little patient. "Why miss, why did Fahmi leave me? What's my fault, sis? " Kinan said sobbing, "That is the decision of Son Fahmi, Mbak Kinan. He will definitely come back. And son Fahmi sent a message to Mbak Sri which he did not write in the letter, he said WAITING IS TALENT. YOU MUST LEARN IT. Kinan was still sobbing. Can't just let Fahmi go. He didn't want to lose Fahmi after he lost his mother.

2 years passed, Kinan still cries in his sleep without the presence of someone he loves. Fahmi in America, where every corner of his life is filled with Kinan, someone he loves. She wanted her to come back, but she felt sorry for her mother who was depressed because she lost a husband who was taken by her best friend. But, Kinan had to be patient because he believed that Fahmi could come back and see him. Vice versa. Love is not to make you feel special. Love makes you feel brave. “Fahmi, with your love you have developed a brave woman, like me. Kinan. " The word Kinan above the residents' house on the roof.

It is true Fahmi said, everyone, has a problem, especially the residents on the roof above here. Fahmi's neighbor's husband and wife who don't have children, middle-aged women who can't find work, women who lost their husbands all have problems. We all have God, so we have to endure all trials. Until finally, we are able to see that there is hope ahead.

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