Remember Footwear Forgotten

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"Newspaper. newspapers .. ”Jale's voice can be heard loudly every day along the intersection which is full of vehicles passing by. Of course, it's not because Jale wants to be like that, but what can I do, his father, who is just a casual laborer, can't make ends meet.

The red light across the street had flashed, signaling that Jale's work had started. Shabby feet because they are not using a base, always swift to step forward to offer newspapers to every vehicle that stops. Every morning, Jale was always waiting for a car. A black sedan with a glass full of stickers that read Arabic and the smell of religion is a vehicle that has its own characteristics for Jale. Because besides being a regular customer of the newspaper, in the car there is a boy sitting in the back seat, who will pick up his newspaper.

Boys of the same age with always good clothes, neat and clean hair. Quite the opposite of Jale. Jale was always jealous of that kid when he was like that. Will he be able to? It was late afternoon, now it was time for him to go home and rest after a day of peddling newspapers, which now only have a few pieces. When he got home, his father suddenly came with a smile as usual, “Jale. Let's eat together, ”he said while embracing his son.

"Son, it's your birthday tomorrow. What do you want? Let me buy you "Said the father, surprising Jale, because Jale himself does not remember that tomorrow is his birthday.

Hearing that, Jale remembered his every day walking around barefoot, "I want shoes," said Jale.

"Yes. Just pray that tomorrow you will get more sustenance. " As if there was hope, Jale was eager to hurry into tomorrow, eager to put his shoes on.

It was time for the rooster to start crowing, with a pile of newspapers ready to be sold, Jale said goodbye to his father. All the way to work, Jale only thought about the new shoes he was going to get, the more he imagined them, the more eager he was to keep himself busy so that the time went fast.

"The newspaper, sir? Newspapers .. newspapers! " Like a lyric in a song, which Jale always screams with the same beat. Step by step .. Vehicle by vehicle can be traced by newspaper and can be exchanged into rupiah denominations.

Until finally, Jale met again with a sedan he subscribed to, "The newspaper ..." Jale offered a newspaper. But there was something different about the way Jale was selling at that time, namely Jale offered him with a cheerful smile, not as usual. The boy was a little surprised, but he still took the newspaper. After he gave Jale the money, for the first time Jale gave a warm greeting, waving as he said, "Thank you." The boy was silent, then closed the windshield and left Jale.

Like usual afternoons, Jale started rushing home to relax his leg muscles at home, besides that he had something else to look forward to. Her new shoes. When he got home he immediately called his father, "Ayah." But there was no answer. Jale then sat on his bed, intending to wait for his father to come home, Jale saw a suspicious box lying on the kitchen table. With great curiosity, he approached the object, there was a small note from his father.

“Jale is your birthday present. Happy Birthday, Son! Father will not come home first because you have work to do, you take care of yourself at home. Tomorrow afternoon Daddy comes home. ”Jale read the letter to himself.

He opened the box and .. A pair of shoes that looked worn and torn here and there were stored in the box. There is a sense of joy and disappointment that Jale gets because on the one hand, Jale is happy because he finally gets a new shoe, but on the other hand, Jale is disappointed because the shoes he got are not what he expected. His heart wavered again, lay down on the mattress he always slept on. Not wanting him to think of anything strange, Jale closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, Jale still went to sell newspapers, but on that day, there was a pair of shoes attached to his feet. Even though it felt uncomfortable, Jale still left. At his workplace, Jale kept thinking about this, for some reason, "How come you only get worn out shoes like this?" Jale shouted to himself. As if there was a rush of rage rising inside him, Jale wept, and for the first time, he stopped selling newspapers.

As she continued to cry, Jale cursed to God, “Why am I so sad for God? Why am I so hard to be happy? You didn't even give me a proper pair of shoes! ” Without hesitation, Jale shouted all the way. Until he was in a park, tired after walking here and there, Jale sat on a wooden bench near a small lake. Whether because he kept thinking about the problem, Jale did not realize that there was someone beside him.

Jale accidentally looked at the person, it turned out that the person was a boy who always sat in a black sedan, who was always a customer of his newspaper. The boy smiled as he waved, "Hi." Greet the child. Jale was silent, ignored him at all. As if the day was chaotic enough to be happy and greet other people. In fact, he felt even more disappointed, “Lord! Why can't I be like him ?! Why can't I dress and have shoes as good as him ?! WHY?!" Jale protested to himself.

Suddenly an old lady came pushing an empty wheelchair, then the grandmother stopped in front of the two of them. The boy poked Jale's shoulder, “Hey guys. I'll go on ahead. " Jale was stunned, shocked not to play, seeing the boy sitting in the wheelchair, assisted by the old woman. And Jale kept paying attention to the two people, "Turns out that boy is paralyzed."

As if God had answered all his questions, Jale's tears came back, but not out of anger like before. Realizing what he had done, that what he was thinking was wrong. In haste, he ran, to return home. "Why are you Jal? Still have legs that can be used for running .. Still have a chance to be better .. Still have parents who really love you. And you blame God ?! " Said Jale's regret to himself.

When he arrived home he hurriedly opened the door, saw that his father had come home, Jale constantly hugged him tightly and said, “Daddy. Pardon Jale if you've been bothering him all this time. Sorry, "said Jale, crying loudly. Seeing his son like that, his father was silent, he knew that there was something that made him like this, there was something behind it, he understood all of that. His father returned his hug tightly.

"Father never felt burdened by your son, you are the most beautiful gift given by God."

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Topics: Shortstory, Life, Family