Recognizing Competitors

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The crypto world in May is full of sad stories more than happy words. So that leads to many questions in the minds of crypto lovers, will there be hope? The tragedy that happened to one of the crypto assets in the top 100 market charts could collapse instantly. Creates an even greater concern for crypto users. Regardless of old or new, it makes clear the importance of caution in the games that occur in the crypto world.

Maybe old players will say it's a normal thing because the case in the crypto world is not the only thing that needs attention to the problems that occur in the crypto world. And maybe there are new players who will immediately give up, and there are also those who are still trying to say their luck.

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If you look at the contribution to the state of how incumbents respond to this kind of thing, many warnings and knowledge have been said of caution in the existence of the crypto world. Like some of them, such as studying white papers, and looking at sales history, don't be easy to believe, and the important thing is to know your competitors.

The last warning is very important because in the sense of recognizing competitors there are various kinds of meanings contained in it. Not only limited to knowing the crypto competitors that are carried or relied upon, but also recognizing competitors in themselves (lust and emotional) and the existence of people in the crypto environment who are competitors for the project. For stock players, this may be common in contexts such as sorting out stocks.

There is hope. Of course, there will always be hope for what is expected. To the context of failure and keep trying by learning from what has happened before. The key is that most old players can survive and try to survive until now, amid the ups and downs of crypto and the inflationary conditions that occurred. Because crypto can also be said to be still very young to exist, categorically, there are still many things that will continue to be improved for any shortcomings.

The investment world is so wide and has so many types, don't rely on one condition only it's better to look at other investments. So that it can reduce the conditions of chaos that occur in one investment.


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