Reaching for a sense of happiness

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Feelings of happiness for every human being have their respective meanings. Where the source of happiness can come from various things. Even from something completely unexpected. Like from people we love or vice versa.

Not only that, but a sense of happiness can also come from ourselves. When we are grateful for all things and also without complaining about something that has been outlined. This can make you feel relieved in the heart. However, that does not mean that all the things we do will create a sense of happiness.

Because there are behaviors that should be avoided in order to achieve happiness in life. It could even cause regret to reduce enthusiasm for activities or other things later.

There are several points that should be avoided for the word happiness, such as:

1. Expectations are Too High

We definitely want everything to run smoothly as we wish or wish. But often we get slapped by the fact that what happened was not what was expected. Excessive expectations like this can make it difficult for someone to build relationships with other people. In addition, it triggers conflicts to interfere with the desire to get happiness in life.

This can be prevented by setting expectations aside and letting them go as they are. Moreover, positioning yourself as someone who is needed, will be much happier. Because helping people instead of wasting time will give you more benefits for your life.

2. Comparing Yourself with Others

The essence of man is to be a living being who is never satisfied. Many people evaluate happiness against the achievements of others. In fact, whether someone is happy or not boils down to himself, not because of other people's perspectives. The habit of comparing yourself with others will actually discourage you from achieving something.

3. Environmental Influences

Not everyone is good at telling us about our shortcomings and mistakes. Some people will just waste energy, kill our dreams and hopes only. Often the phrase quibble reminds us but ends up only making us pessimistic that we won't be able to achieve it.

We have the right to choose and even reject anyone who will be friends to partners in terms of work or other matters. Isn't it that the more mature a person should be wiser in choosing who we associate with. Because a good friend will be very beneficial for your own development.

4. Withstand Revenge

One of the attitudes that can keep you from happiness is often holding grudges with other people. This just makes you spend more energy than usual. Even though forgiving each other's mistakes is a good step taken by us. Despite the wound, at least life becomes calm and can do activities better and vigorously.

5. Be Selfish

Selfish people are usually afraid of losing their existence to something else. They see themselves as important people and expect everyone to prioritize them in any situation. Learn to start to be grateful for what has happened in our lives.

Don't forget someone who stays around us, and without getting the main position like you. Learn to understand our potential and our will, what field to enter. Respect for other people's opinions also needs to be studied. Because there are other people who have the same rights and freedoms.

6. Suppress Emotions

Some of us may think showing emotions can make us vulnerable. However, the reality is the opposite. Holding back your emotions can lead to depression. When we are more open and honest about conveying our emotions, life is calmer and lighter.

Even so, many people still often misunderstand this attitude. The reason is, everyone must have their own privacy side. This can be prevented by choosing which problems other people are allowed to know and whatnot. Who knows, if we are open to other people, we can find solutions to the problems that are being experienced.

7. Worrying about the future

Worries about the future often afflict a human. Especially, young souls in general. Without realizing it, worrying too much about the future will lose precious moments when you are being lived. Instead of being trapped in a condition like this, it would be better if you start setting the direction of your life goals.

Then, always try to be productive and creative for the future. Because not only saving knowledge and material but also skills and experience are very necessary. Always trying new things and never getting tired of fighting for our hopes.

8. Putting others down

Putting other people down will not make us more advanced and great. Yes, it may seem that way but there is no guarantee that it will last. Because feelings of insecurity will always haunt you. Judging others will not define who they are, but can show our true nature. Instead, great people will embrace and inspire one another.

9. Blaming Others

Some people blame others to get away from problems or to avoid problems. We must still face the problem, not avoid it, let alone let it go. There is always a lesson from every problem that exists and from a problem can lead us to become better person. When we stop blaming others, we begin to discover who we really are and find inner peace. Slowly learn to realize that our happiness is entirely our own responsibility.

10. Hurry

When doing work, we often feel short and even run out of time to do something else. But in reality, we ourselves cannot manage it any more efficiently. This can be done by doing things that are considered a priority or need to be done before others.

Moreover, we often delay work, this is a very fatal thing. This has a bad effect, as you are rushing to do activities every day. This kind of attitude causes more chaos at work, not attainment.

And as a little addition that we as humans are only able to desire, plan and try, while what will happen, achieved or not, success or failure, remains the Almighty who determines. Thus, this is added to the attitude that comes from submitting to God's destiny. Adjusting these efforts and desires with God's will. When a person feels there is a will in him to get what he wants, that willpower should be in accordance with the faith movement that fills his whole heart.

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Topics: Inspirations, Life, Goals