Playing With Death

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No one can resist death. When death enters the room, all the fun is gone. Happiness turns into sorrow. Black clouds of darkness enveloped every soul niche he was aiming for. And once again no one can avoid it.

In a room, the Death stands staring at its prey. His expression was full of cruelty. The black robe draped over his shoulders continued to give off the scent of horror. His red eyes stared straight ahead, seeing someone who would soon be separated from the world.

"You can no longer run from me," exclaimed Death in a high and deafening voice. "Your time has come, and it's time for you to pick me up," he continued, ignoring the frightened faces of his victims. "Prepare yourself", Immediately the Death moved closer. A cold wind swept over him. "This time I managed to get him", he exclaimed.

"Wait a minute", exclaimed the man. His body was still shivering. He knew fear had engulfed his soul. However, with a splash of courage he tried to fight the Death who was now standing in front of him. He knew that sooner or later death would meet him. As he has seen with his own wife and some of his friends and closest relatives. Not even beloved boys escaped death. He tried to fight back. It was enough that Death had taken what he loved in this life.

"I reject you, Death", said the man. "I still want to live. You can see for yourself, my body is still healthy, my mind is still good, and I can still do activities, ”he continued.

Death growled. His robe spread out in front of the man. Darkness increasingly enveloped the room. "Look what's under my robe," exclaimed Death. A moment later there was a tense silence and replaced with screams of sadness. The man saw his wife struggling in fear. In addition, she also saw her son sitting crying, calling out his name. "Papa ... Papa ... Papa ... I'm afraid to be alone here", his son's voice echoed violently throughout the room.

The look on the man's face suddenly changed. He became more and more frightened with the body shivering. Her entire skin felt cold. He was unable to move his legs which had been standing still. For a moment there was a feeling of longing for his wife and children. He was eager to meet them.

“Hen… stop… stop… stop. Just stop it, ”he tried to make his voice. But the words he wanted to utter caught in a throat. He tried to make a fist. Trying to regain the courage that is now completely dim.

"You see. Nothing can run from me, ”said Death in an echoing voice. His hand prepared to grab the man's neck. "I will give you peace", he continued. This time he could feel the skin on the man's neck. Feels so cold. "All your fear will disappear soon".

"I reject you", suddenly the man spoke out loud. "I ... I ... reject you", he continued. "I refuse to die and I still want to live", he argued. He stared intently at Death's suddenly changing eyes. He no longer felt the cold atmosphere. And he saw the death two meters ahead of him. By feeling his neck. Neither one gripped his neck like he had previously felt. He took a deep breath.

"I want to make an offer to you", said the boy. He looked at Death who tried to add to the cold in the room. "An offer, how do you agree?" he asked the Death. "What offer are you making?", Asked the death back to the man. Death immediately hissed. She grabbed her robe again and was ready to be spread out in front of the man.

"Wait a minute, I want to apply for relief from my own death", the boy said quickly. He thought fast because there was no time. “You can take my life if you can answer my questions correctly. But if you fail, I deserve the relief to live another year from now. Do you agree? " continued the man.

Death growled. No one can run from him no matter what. He has lived thousands of years and is familiar with thousands of tricks and puzzles. Death felt that this man was looking down on him. The Death smiled. He felt the victory was in his hands. Before answering the man's question, she already felt victorious. “What's wrong with me playing a little with him. After all, sooner or later I will take his life ", cried the Death softly. "I'll show you who I really am," he continued.

"So what is the question?", Asked Death to the man. "Wait a minute, before I ask a question, do you agree with my offer?", Said the man. "I agree. We agree. I'll give you one year to enjoy life. I'll come back to you one year later to take your life. But if I managed to answer it. I will take your life right now ", cried death. "Okay, we agree," said the man.

"What is the beginning but not ending and the ending of all beginnings?" said the man. Previously he thought hard about what question he wanted to ask considering that death must have passed through various kinds of escape techniques from its victims. He was sure this time he was successful.

Death fell silent. He thought hard. "Something that begins but does not end and ends from all beginnings," he hissed softly. "A beginning must have an end but if all beginnings have the same ending is that possible" muttered the Death. His attention was distracted. She no longer looked at the man and was now busy thinking about answers to the questions posed to her.

"You give up", exclaimed the man. He smiled a little. He felt he had won the victory. "Wait a minute I haven't given up," said the Death. Death walked over to the window of the room. He stared at the atmosphere outside there. The question is still hanging in his mind. "What's the answer," he said softly. This time it seemed as if she had forgotten the man. The room was getting light.

"I don't know the answer," exclaimed the Death. He gave up and couldn't answer it. He had never heard the question the man asked. It felt new to him .. "So what's the answer?", Pleaded the Death. He returned to the man.

"You really gave up and were unable to answer my question?" Asked the man to the Death. At this moment, he smiled wryly. He felt great that he had succeeded in deceiving Death. "But wait, this is not over yet," he exclaimed to himself.

"Now quickly tell me what the answer is," urged the Death. "Before I say the answer to my question, I want to remind our previous agreement", said the boy. "You can't answer the questions I asked so I have the right to live another year before you come back," he continued.

"I told you we agreed. So I'm giving you one year to enjoy your life. I will take your life one year later, "said the Death. For him it's the same. Whether it is now or tomorrow or even one more year, he will definitely come to take the man's life. There is no difference. Even though she couldn't answer the boy's question. But that man will surely die.

"Well I will repeat our agreement", said the man. “I asked a question and you answered it. If you are able to answer that question, you have the right to take my life. But if not, I deserve one more year to live, ”he continued. "Then is there a problem with our agreement. Everything is clear. I'll give you one more year. And after that I will take your life, "said the Death.

"Nothing is wrong. But the agreement doesn't say I have to give an answer to my own question, ”said the man. He felt he had won hands down from Death. A ploy had been drawn up from the start he made a pact. And everything went according to plan. "What do you mean?", Asked the Death suddenly. This time the Death was upset. He began to radiate thick cold again to fill the room. She felt that the man in front of her was planning something more than just the previous puzzle game.

"I'll explain. Now I deserve to live one year longer. But I made another offer to you. ”, Said the man. He had to hurry to do this before Death realized what he was about to do. "You want an answer to my question, don't you?", He asked again. "You must be curious and eager to know the answer," he continued.

For a moment, Death thought. In fact, the trick this person used was the same as other people trying to play with death. Even though sometimes he was unable to answer the question after all the person would die according to the agreed time agreement. But bidding twice, it's something that rarely happens or never happens.

Curiosity still surrounds Death. He was curious about the answer to the previous question, also wanted to know what offer would be given to him. "That man wants to test me again", cried the Death to himself. "So what is your offer this time?", Asked the death.

"Okay, I'll just explain. You may come to me to take my life even if a year has not passed if you already know the answer to that question. But if one year has passed and you still don't know the answer, then I deserve an extension of time until you know the answer. So in short, you have the right to take my life if you already know the answer to that question, "said the man. "How do you agree. I think it's fair. I'm sure you will be able to find out the answer before my year runs out. And don't you benefit from this. You could come back tomorrow to take my life because you already know the answer ', continued the man. "So how? Do we agree? ", He asked again.

Death fell silent. He thought hard again. Offers that sound profitable. Death felt that what the man had proposed was beneficial to him. He could have gotten the answer to that question quickly. There are many smart people on this earth. "I'm sure I can get the answer tomorrow", he cried himself.

“Pretty good offer. You dare to suddenly ask me that. Don't you feel afraid that tomorrow you will die, ”said the Death. "You feel sure your cleverness tricked me", he continued. Death laughed sarcastically.

"Yes, I am sure. Come to me if you know that answer. I will repeat my question so you won't forget. Is it something that begins but does not end and ends with all beginnings? ”Said the man. he was sure Death didn't know the answer, even if he asked anyone. He felt that he was the first to ask the question because it only occurred to him when Death grabbed him by the neck.

Death turned around and approached the man. His steps were slow, but a blanket of darkness began to envelop the room. The cold air was getting thicker. "Wait a minute what are you doing?", Asked the man suddenly. He was shocked and fear began to emerge from his soul. "Wait a minute, haven't we agreed", he continued. Death was right in front of him. Eve stabbed out of her sight into the recesses of the boy's soul.

"Do you know? I always keep my promise and never break it, ”said the Death softly right in the man's ear. I am Death. Always follow every game proposed by the victim, ”continued the Death. I have followed your game. And we have agreed, "he added.

"Wh ... what ... what do you mean?", Asked the man haltingly. He felt his ears frozen at the sound of Death that he heard. His body can't be moved. The whole skin was tasteless stiff. He can't feel anything. “Wa… wa… wa… wait a minute. I… I… don't understand what you mean, ”he continued. This time he felt he had run out of sound.

Suddenly Death's eyes met the man's eyes. A sharp stab was implicit from Death's sight. Death smiled broadly. "Well your time has come", cried the Death. “I feel like you're the only human who dares to play with me more than I thought. You're a lovely human. I like you, ”said the Death. This time he circled the boy. Death added to the level of fear by continuing to move in circles around the man. A tornado arose all over the man's body.

But the man stood still. He did not falter with the gusts of wind growing around him. He saw the Death in front of him but felt his right and left also stood the Death. His body was completely immovable, but he was still able to see and hear what was going on in the room.

"Now I will show you", Death's voice suddenly boomed. "I am Death. I am the beginning of the end. All life will end in death. I am the answer to your question. And the time has come for you to part from your life on this earth ”, a loud deafening voice followed by a thunderous sound. "As I have told you. No one can run from me. Everything will end in my hands ”, again a booming voice came out of the mouth of the death. “You have played with your own death. And you took the wrong step. You're careless. You don't realize that death is not for fun. Now I will show you the consequences of your game ”.

Death's hand had gripped the man's neck. Purplish blue color has covered his skin. The man no longer felt the body under his neck. He heard the cries of people he knew in the past. People who had died before him. "Papa ... Papa ... Papa ... come here quickly, let's play", a small child's voice could be heard calling out to him. “Come here quickly, Pa! I want to play with you, ”the voice grew clearer in his ears. "Wait Papa, my son. I will be there".

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