Pigeon Wings

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For a long time, I did not feel the warmth of a Merpati smile at school. That sweet girl is really very interesting to me. Her long black hair. Beautiful round eyes and always glassy. Her lips were always pink and looked wet. Moreover, her smile, any woman will be jealous if she sees her smile. Merpati, good name. Every day at school, she always fluttered her wings. She never looked sad, only happiness in her life. She always gave a sweet smile to everyone she met. Including me, but maybe she doesn't know me. This loser man like me does not deserve to be by her side.

But, for a long time, I did not see a sweet smile expand on her wet lips. Almost every time she did not want to smile. If you smile, it must look like you have to. I do not know what happened with Merpati. She often looks unmotivated. One of its wings seems to be broken. But, because what wings can it break?

That afternoon, precisely the first break time at school. I saw Merpati daydreaming in the canteen. Her hand was holding a spoon. But, not even did he put the spoon into his mouth. The look in his eyes was blank. I really wanted to approach her but a man was sitting next to him.

That night, my mom and I went to the hospital. Not because one of us or our family is sick, but we want to pick up my father. My Father works as a doctor at the hospital. My family and I would like to have dinner together outside.

Once there, my mom and I went straight to my father's workspace. The atmosphere there is very quiet, I can see how relaxed the nuns are today. But, suddenly my eyes fell silent and seemed to invite me to turn around and see someone. My steps began to stop, I saw a girl still in high school uniform. Yes, it's the same high school as me.

“What's going on? Why stop, ”Mama held my shoulder. I smiled.

"IS ok… mom, I want to go back for a while. Let mom go first! I followed later, "Mom smiled while interrupting and began to pass in front of me. I noticed the girl in the same high school uniform as me.

Her hair is black. Her bag and watch are the same as the ones used by Merpati. I approached her with curiosity. The closer she got, the more like a Merpati.

"Merpati…" she stammered and immediately wiped the tears on her cheeks. I sat next to her. She just kept quiet. I just realized that it turned out that Merpati was sitting crying in front of the operating room "what are you doing here?"

The tears like diamonds fell again from the glowing eyes of Merpati. It is like a rock that can no longer withstand the onslaught of seawater. Her suffering forced my heart to dissolve in her grief. Suddenly she hugged me.

I never imagined she would hug me like this. Warm hugs from a girl who always made my heart vibrate. But I can't be happy. Because Merpati hugged me sadly. I can imagine her suffering, the tears that fell on my shirt managed to pierce my heart. It was as if I could feel the sadness of Merpati.

"My Dad…" Her voice was soft and almost inaudible.

“Your Dad? What happens to your father? ” I tried to calm him down. I let go of her hug and wiped away her tears. But the tears like diamonds do not want to subside.

"Yesterday my Dad had an accident, his right leg and left arm were broken. And now he is in operation. I'm afraid… only my father is the only family, "Her melodious voice came back, I knew she was trying to be tough. But the tears like diamonds do not want to hide their despair. I bowed my head. I can't say anything. My father is not a doctor in the field. Even though I begged my father to help Merpati, but still couldn't do anything.

Suddenly I heard the call to prayer, it turned out that the time for the evening prayer had come. I looked at the Merpati. She was still busy wiping the tears that did not want to subside.

"Let's pray the evening prayer first!" I held her shoulder.

"But, what about Dad?" Merpati frowned as she looked into the operating room.

"Your crying will not help your father. What your father now needs is a miracle, not your crying! We better pray and pray now that your father is safe, "

The pigeon looked at me inside. It seems she is thinking. Without thinking any longer, I stood up and held out my hand to the Merpati. She looked at my hand for a moment and then replied with a stretch of my hand. And finally, we prayed in the evening at the mosque in the hospital.

After the evening prayer, I prayed that Father Merpati would be safe. And I can feel the warmth of Merpati's smile again.

I met Merpati in front of the mosque. She sat without a pose while bowing. I approached her.

"Mer… why are you praying so fast?"

Merpati remained in its original state.

"Mer… why?"

"Dad…" The pigeon looked worried. There is something that makes it uncomfortable. A second later the Merpati ran. She headed for the operating room. My reason is I can't follow her that fast. And after I managed to catch up. I have seen her struggle in front of me. Tears are falling. Her wings were broken. I can only be silent looking at it.

The next day will be a normal day for me or for others. Because I could not see the Merpati's smile and felt its wings move enthusiastically again. The day is getting gloomy. I also have no enthusiasm. The incredible pigeon girl had a huge influence on me. And now, she is black I also became black. This world is also black. Especially the Earth.


"Pigeon is a girl's name in this short story. And if translated in English Merpati are Pigeons."

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Awwnn.... Pigeon sounds good for a girl's name

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