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Did she hear me. How I longed to touch her, to be able to share stories about times that have been lost. I'd love to see it in full. A request in a hope that I will be given light to be able to walk. Give me strength that can lead me strongly. Can she hear me and also see what has happened to me all this time?

Ah. Damn, I'm dreaming back about her again." my mind said. a dream that makes me sick because I have to wake up every night I sleep, and all I feel is tiredness that comes. I immediately went out and down the stairs. Then rushed to go to a place where I first met and know her. the figure is so simple and with its simplicity has been able make my pulse an energy to be able to smile every day when I'm with her. but unfortunately all that has passed with so many problems that I created with thousands of mistakes that now make me miserable alone. I immediately grabbed my sweater and took the motorbike keys to quickly go through the night atmosphere so that I could release the tiredness of the dream that had woke me up again tonight.

Arrived somewhere. I pensively sat in a night club, I could see every step approaching and then leaving after they were satisfied. no one greeted me or just saw where I was. It's so lonely tonight for me. In the middle of the dark night I felt a sense of loneliness that was so quiet, then I ordered a cup of hot coffee to be able to warm my body which was shivering cold by the atmosphere of this night, I was so tired, very tiring.


Instantly I ran to the toilet, to be able to hide behind a light. Where when someone who had been present in my dreams and filled my days, she took a man's hand and they chatted happily and sat in the place where I sit previously , until a few when the waiter came and offered some menus.

I went into the toilet and saw the sparkling night light from the top floor of the club tonight. the twinkling lights of a metropolitan city. I took a deep breath. But then i hear a noise.

"Daammed you, you are cheap woman. Why you not just die". the sound i heard

And after a while the police came and arrested the man who was sitting with the woman, I approached and saw that a woman who was none other than my former lover. She fell limp and fell to the floor with a wound and. "gosh"

She eyes that have been hurt,” I covered my mouth in disbelief. I felt like I immediately embraced her but the police restrained my intentions.


A few moments later the woman was taken to a hospital and I just could follow from behind with a thousand feelings of raging fear.

The woman's name is Melia, the lover I have loved for a long time and I never managed to get she's love even after going through a lot of insults and insults from various angles here and there, but I never gave up and all of that disappeared as quickly as light when a man managed to take her away from me. And that is a story that has happened years ago. Although I can just forget it, but the guilt and pain that makes me unable to sincerely love another woman. Making all that came past just go.

Enter the room where she is being treated. I told the nurse in charge that I was part of one of her family so I could easily get permission to enter her room. I took his hand and looked at his whole body which was fine except for his eyes wrapped in gauze. and covered.

“Who are you?, can I hear you?” Melia said

But i just don't know what to do now.

I can only tighten the circle of my hand.

"I just can't understand why the man I thought was beautiful all this time turned out to be more evil, so cruel he was. I was so scared.” Melia said in a stuttering voice.

“Now this is what I can do, I no longer have eyes and Now my world feels so empty right now,” Melia kept saying and that only made me feel worse.

I let go of my hand and quickly walked away to walk away.

"Why are you leaving, oh ok. I know, just go there," Melia looks annoyed.

I stepped into the doctor's office and made my intentions clear. I then pensive on a terrace imagining the sad face of Melia, the most beautiful woman I have ever known.


As soon as the time comes. I rushed to the hospital to prepare myself for donate my eyes.

“Melia, you must know my voice, and when you can see what else are you going to do with a man who wants to donate his eyes on you." I said kissing her forehead.

"I'll be his girlfriend?" the last words i remember and i'm in. then taken to a room to be tested. And it turns out that my eyes can be donated to Melia.

I was sedated and remember nothing more than waking up with dizzy head, and eyes that are throbbing fast and accompanied by a feeling excruciating pain. I just looked around me it was so dark, I tried so hard to try but the situation remains the same nothing light. Then I remembered what happened, that I had donate my eyes to Melia.

I heard the voice of a nurse coming with a woman from I know her voice, I know it's Melia. "be a man. What, this bastard who donated his eye, I'd rather be blind than I have to be with him." Melia's voice immediately made me weak and hopeless.

And a while later, I heard the footsteps disappear along with other footsteps.

Now all I can do is lift my head and say "Go, and remember to always keep my eyes, let life light up your night, I will still be here to live in the darkness of my world now. however, I feel grateful for making my eyes shine in your life. Forgive all my mistakes."

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