Pearls and Trash

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Trash and pearls, what is the difference between the two? Really different? What if a pearl accidentally falls on a pile of trash, will humans see it? Surely the pearl looks, really human hypocrisy. If pearls are a symbol for good people and trash is a symbol of people who behave badly, what if there is a person who behaves badly to get attention even though he is actually a good person, will people feel sorry for him? Just see what happens.

My name is Noel, the son of a famous politician and famous presenter, lives in real estate, is good at all subjects, goes to terelite school, has a handsome face. Nothing is missing, right? But you guys are wrong, I have everything except my parents love. My father is busy with his political activities out of town while my mother prefers to leave the house since I cursed him for catching him having an affair with the director of the television station where he worked.

I was devastated, my crying every night was only heard by God and the servants in my house. My father worked harder and harder, controlling a furniture company and carrying out state duties. Honestly I prefer my father to be a businessman, our life was very beautiful first, happiness as a family I get all the time. I was tired of all this, my father came home less and less just to pick up documents and leave again.

I never heard the question again that showed that my father missed me or the invitation to go on vacation together, of course both my mother had gone with the guy who cheated on him and quit the world of television. I know dad was hurt but I was hurt too, I started doing whatever I wanted to ditch, smoking and going to the bar even though I just stayed there without touching that demonic drink.

This morning the slander that came to me was so great, the bullying my friends were doing was getting worse. Don't be surprised from the first time I was their bulian material because they thought my life was perfect, you know they are just jealous. β€œHey friends! Look at the Child Officer is now a public trash who often gets drunk at your bar. " I hated it, I did all that just to attract my parents' attention, that's all, I'm really sick of what else when they threw disgusted looks at me and some even doused me with thick water.

Everyone laughed because my appearance was soaked and looked like someone who was desperate. My hands clenched eret, I really want to give raw bogem on Rian's face. Until finally I heard something that made my anger ignite, "look at this corrupt child and his mother who is a destroyer of someone else's household." He said while holding my shoulder, reflexively I beat him. "Just scold me until you're satisfied, but never mention anything bad about my parents or you will know the consequences!" I shouted loudly, I continued to release my annoyance by beating him. I felt satisfied, even though afterwards I was brought to the BK office by several teachers with the same battered faces as my friend Rian.

"Noel what are you doing, yesterday you were truant and smoking in the school area now acting up again!" snapped Mrs. Budi, "I'm sorry ma'am, I can't help it anymore. She slandered my parents," I said softly with my head bowed. "But this is reality mom!" Rian defended himself, "Even this trash kid now goes to the bar for a drink." Rian intended to corner me, "Shut up, Rian! Both of you I am suspended for a week "Mrs. Budi added" Noel, I will report everything to your father. " Budi threatened, "Go ahead ma'am, if my father wants to go home to just slap it is a gift." Noel smiled innocently, actually Mrs. Budi felt sorry but as a counseling teacher she had to be professional.

In the afternoon when I got home, my father was already in the living room and sipping his favorite bitter coffee. My eyes sparkled I was happy, finally my father came home. I tried to say hello, "Aya-" haven't finished the sentence that came out of my mouth "Plaque!" The sound of the slap echoed, the servants stunned in disbelief. I winced not a hug instead of a welcome slap that I got, "What are you doing huh! Truancy, smoking, and now you go to the bar huh! What kind of child do you want to be, want to kill your father Noel? ”

"But well I-" I tried to explain,

"Please go to your room and think about what happened today" ordered my father. "Fine," I replied, my cheek throbbing pain, my heart felt like rumbling. Even my father didn't want to listen to my explanation, my heart ached like a knife stabbed.

I can not take it anymore, I will run away from the house. Dead or alive my parents certainly don't care, in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping I sneak out through the back gate of the house.

I am full of all this trouble, my mother is cheating on me, my father doesn't trust me anymore, I don't even have friends, a one-week suspension is complete. There was only a little more until I could escape by climbing the back gate, suddenly there was a gunshot and the screams of the father's bodyguards. Deg, my heart seems to stop beating. Immediately I ran into the house through the back door, I was afraid that bad things would happen to my father. I asked God to protect my father, after running with all my might I arrived in front of my father's room where the door was open. My hands were shaking, I tried to see what was happening, some of my father's bodyguards were lying covered in blood.

I closed my mouth so that my scream could be suppressed and it was not known that the person who was pointing a gun at my father was raising his hand. I vaguely remember this person in front of my father, a business rival and a candidate for party member who was not accepted because he was unable to compete with my father, Mr. Andi. I will try to help my father, without thinking I tried to grab the gun that was pointed at dad.

"Stupid brat what are you doing!" Andi snapped at me, "How dare you, enter someone's house without permission." I replied, "Noel!" my father was so shocked My father tried to help me but too late, the gunshot sounded again. But I had a lot of pain in my stomach area ah, I got shot, fresh blood kept flowing from my stomach. I still had time to see my father hit Mr. Andi with a baseball bat and the person suddenly fainted, my father approached me who was lying on the floor. My father was crying calling my name I was really happy, I still had time to hear the sound of police car sirens and my mother's voice. My mom comes home, I'm happy. Oh my God, I'm dead even now, I'm fine. Everything was getting dark, my parents were just blurry shadows.

Ah, maybe my age is not long. My life is also full of trials but I hope my father and mother can live happily. Amen. I was like I was wandering through strange places many of my childhood memories to adulthood were shown like a movie in the cinema, father, mother, housemaid, and friends that I ever had. Suddenly I heard a "come back son" sound, like my mother's voice. "Noel, daddy is here daddy please wake up son." Father's voice, then suddenly the bright light came, I blinked my eyes felt weak what happened? When my eyes opened I saw my father, mother, some of my teachers and friends. Father and mother embraced me, I was so happy we cried together, it was so tight that I felt like fog in the morning.

"I'm sorry, son, what you've been doing is wrong. I have resigned from the board, I will spend more time with you and my mother. " Said my father with a little sob, "I'm sorry too, son, about what you have done." My mother sobbed while holding me tightly. "Forgive Mrs. Budi Noel, for blaming you and not investigating what happened." The fierce BK teacher apologized to me, "I'm also sorry Noel has called you trash." Said Rian, I just nodded my head slowly because my throat felt dry to speak.

This incident that almost took my life turned out to be a wonderful start for my family again, my father and mother returned to normal, the teachers at school became more careful and did not arbitrarily punish without knowing the root of the problems faced by their students, friends. friends who used to leave me have returned as before God thank you for the test and happiness you give.

Society in general in our country is very racist and thinks that a child's mischief will make him trash in society, even though basically they are just children who feel lonely and long for love from their parents and their environment. The bad behavior of a child can be corrected, do not give bad judgments and judge that they are potential trash. Because in fact they are dull pearls just a touch and it will reveal their beauty.

It is very important not to judge things by what they appear to be but dive deeper, and guard our speech to others. Do not let what we say turn into a dagger that hurts other people and hopefully in this country there will be no bullying as the number one destroyer of the nation's mentality.

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In such a context, children are often neglected, feel the absence of their parents and seek their attention. ..Every child loves the presence, attention and love of parents more than pearls.

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