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All of us who are still living in this world will continue to feel two things in life, being happy or being hated, feeling happy or being in pain. These two things will continue to meet every self who is still alive in this world.

This Sunday afternoon, Kang Lucif, who was standing behind the storefront selling his wife's food, just accompanied him to sell.
Kang Lucif's wife outside the shop said, "Father, is there anyone who asked me!".
"Who ma'am ... this is the gentleman in the shop making coffee ma'am, just tell me to come in, ma'am." Kang Lucif answered softly.
And a man about 38 or 40 years old entered to meet Kang Lucif while holding out his right hand to shake Kang Lucif's hand.

After talking to introduce himself, Kang Lucif invited him into the house, because it was not good to chat in his wife's coffee shop.
"Pa Nto, if I may ask, from whom do you know my place and name, father is far from the city that you want to come here?" Kang Lucif opened the conversation after the two of them sat in the living room of his house.
"Kang Lucif, I got instructions from my friend, Mr. De's friend Mr. Ed Kang, and Mr. De gave instructions to ask you about my problem." Pa Nto answered while looking at Kang Lucif.
"And Pa De is a friend of Mr. Nto, why can you give instructions to meet me sir, try to explain a little sir." Kang Lucif remained curious about Mr. Nto's arrival.
"You see, Mr. De three months ago was having problems in his household, and after talking with Mr. Ed, his friend Mr. De managed to solve his household problems, brother, today Mr. De remarried and it was blessed by his wife, and with myself. I'm currently having problems in my household, that's why Mr. De gave me directions to be able to meet you. " Pak Nto explained what it is.

"Oh ... I see sir, and with Mr Nto himself having problems with his household, what about the problem, sir, how many children do you have now?" Kang Lucif continued to dig up cases from his guests.
Pak Nto answered what was asked by Kang Lucif without hesitation, while taking out two photos of his wife from his carrying bag.
"This is my wife, thank God, my wife and I have been blessed with two children, my brother, but after my business went bankrupt my wife's attitude changed, it seems like she doesn't like me anymore." Mr. Nto stopped talking while taking a deep breath.
Kang Lucif just smiled as he looked at his guest who seemed to be getting more and more heavy in the problem that hit his mind.

"Kang, I've been asking here and there, someone even said that my wife was flirting out there, then I had carried out the instructions from the people who were visited, but there was no change in my wife's attitude, bro, it felt even cooler, I didn't care with me again brother, duh. " Mr. Nto is getting carried away with his depressed thoughts.

Kang Lucif still smiled in response to the attitude of his guest, continued to say softly, "Mr. Nto, I'm sorry, actually you didn't come to me right, because I was not a person who could or was a shaman, or a kyai or whatever, but there's nothing wrong with giving my opinion, I hope Mr. Nto comes to the place I'm not wrong, it's not like before Mr. Nto came to people and gave work this must be like that, but still nothing changes, even the ugly Mr. Nto asked for a fee for this condition, that's it… ”.
"Yes, Kang ... I still want to return to harmony in the household with my wife." Pak Nto confirmed to Kang Lucif hopefully.
"Oh, we have to try, Sir, especially our children hope that we, as parents, don't give examples of life full of problems, that's not good sir, and let's try Mr. Nto think whether the people who currently live in that world don't have problems, think about it. " Kang Lucif asked again.
"Yes bro ..." Mr. Nto answered briefly, looking at Kang Lucif.

Kang Lucif continued to smile, then continued speaking, “Mr. Nto, I actually have problems with my wife's attitude, sometimes my mind doesn't want to accept her behavior, but I'm always quick to ask with my own feelings, don't be too selfish… and I'm always more I used to ask my wife if there was something wrong with my attitude, so that my wife did that, don't let the problem drag on until various problems accumulate… ”.
Mr. Nto continued to listen to what Kang Lucif had to say

"And what Mr. Nto needs to know is that the power and supernatural powers are not in the dukun, in the kyai or the paranormal. In fact, everything is in ourselves, in Mr. Nto himself, the most important thing is that Mr. Nto himself wants to change all situations with really really, that's the key sir. " Kang Lucif stopped talking while looking at Mr. Nto.

"Yes bro ..." Mr. Nto answered briefly.
"Now, God willing, from now on there will be a change in the atmosphere of your household, when you arrive at home, Mr. Nto first apologizes to his wife, and continues to be patient because only with time problems can be resolved with full struggle, of course." Kang Lucif stopped again, staring at his guest.

"Mr. Nto ... remember that all struggles must be based on faith and keep praying, and remember that our world now is TASTE, how many people are tortured with their feelings, including Mr. Nto, I ... remember that our world today is the World of Feelings, so we must be able to caring for and maintaining TASA, do not be colonized, tormented with taste. " Kang Lucif paused again for a moment.
"Yes, Kang ... thank you for the directions and instructions, God willing, I will do what I'm directing." Mr. Nto looks a little excited.
then Mr. Nto said goodbye to go home, and Kang Lucif reminded him again that, "Mr. Nto, don't give up, keep trying, strive, base it with a prayer of faith, nurture and guard your taste ...".

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Topics: Story, Shortstory