Off-chain and On-chain which creates the bad smell?

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Two different consensuses from the same community at the beginning. Lightning Network and Bitcoincash Network, different understandings, opinions, views, protocols, methods, and outlines that are presented produce corridors of space that ultimately create walls of different activities.

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Off-chain and On-chain, are two different sides but become one unit of the greatness of the creation of bitcoin as a new currency that can run on two sides that are not expected to show superior digital money can run in every condition.

The main problem is only trust and recognition. Because they want to let go of the context of liberation, the conditions for games can be monopolized. Where freedom as the main struggle over wild power has dominated the world economy.

Both non-digital and digital money does not produce a smell that can be guessed if humans try to touch it with their sense of smell. But if there is a bad play that occurs in a transaction that goes on slowly, of course, it will also smell bad, like badly smelling restaurants.

Bitcoin maxis as the main community of bitcoin supporters will probably say they are the most important and true after the consensus is born. And the victory of the consensus deserves to be said to be an absolute decision. However, the absolute decision taken is also not a decision on the truth of the results produced because it produces an unpleasant odor that occurs in the body space of the community itself. And has given off a bad smell that left evidence of the corrupt side of power playing in it.

The real fear has appeared and has shattered the guarantee of freedom of expression and willingness to receive input on major developments and struggles. The basic value is the main goal, not adoption as a reference to be fought for.

Believe it or not, the community that is said to support Bitcoin with its Lightning Network is more accepting side 1BTC = $??? than 1BTC = 1BTC. Meanwhile, the BitcoinCash community has clearly and definitely continues to fight for 1BCH = 1 BCH compared to 1BCH = $???.

If you still don't understand the meaning clearly, then the best suggestion is to learn about the problem of meaning so that you understand the true purpose of creation.


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