No Man's Bridge

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The cold gust of air this morning literally pierced every stream that passed lane after lane in silence. Together with the light of the sun that began to peek behind a collection of clouds scattered in the sky. The sound of birds chirping doesn't seem to want to be left behind to complete the morning atmosphere. And with him inspires the atmosphere like inspiring a thousand worlds of my imagination to write a story in a series of words.

 "Morning buddy." A voice from behind tapped his right shoulder.

"Eh morning" Reno stammered answered. Budi has been his close friend since entering the final year of high school. The best friend who is always there for him no matter what.

Whether it's sweet, beautiful, bitter, and painful, the memories of the way of life began when Reno met him. With him is an idealist who is bespectacled and full of empathy. The school canteen has witnessed Reno's meeting with him. Since the beginning of that brief introduction, they shared various things with each other. Starting from school problems to things that are useless when actually talked about, and Ayunda is a kind and sweet female friend, in reality, his life.

As time goes by, our closeness is often misunderstood by Budi. Until sometimes various chatter and temptations often make Reno laugh. Indeed, the house where they live is adjacent to Ayunda and Budi, in a housing complex not far from the location of the school where they are studying.

 When they came home from school, Budi and Ayunda took Reno to a shop. I don't know what they were looking for, Reno could only follow the steps of the two friends who were still going back and forth in front of the doll rack. Meanwhile, Ayunda suddenly disappeared.

"Oh, where's Ayunda?" Ask Reno to Budi

"Never mind, I'll just come back later," said Budi with a smug smile.

 In the roar of the wind that blows through the trees, accompanied by the light of the lights that illuminate the night.

A drizzle of rain fell freely with millions of drops of water from the sky. Making none of the stars appear also in the peace of a beautiful night.

As if the drizzle that fell tonight adorns the natural atmosphere so beautifully. This kind of atmosphere is so Reno likes to write. Reno really likes poetry and literature, as well as Ayunda. That's why they both seem to never run out of themes to share with each other.


Suddenly someone sent him an e-mail... (ooh that mail from Ayunda)


Such a perfect night…

Like two wings of an angel beautifully flapped

In this drizzle like when the sky is happy

Oh my God... in every step he takes I beg to protect him...

What I see is a light that exists

Even though it's not clear

Like me right now

Happy though...


Ayunda's lost poetry. Reno doesn't know if it was intentional or if it was just enough to make that line a poem. But clearly, Ayunda's writing brought a smile to Reno's lips.

 Starting tomorrow, Reno wants to open a little story for him to tell. And today for some reason Reno wanted to quickly meet Ayunda. However, why today Ayunda is not visible at all. In every corner of the school, not even in the schoolyard.

 "Come on, where's Ayunda?" Reno asked Budi when he was about to go to the canteen when the break was approaching.

"Ooh, she said there was a family matter" he answered flatly as if nothing important had happened and should be said.

 And the days passed, as usual, Ayunda never again sent messages or e-mails to Reno. Where is she going? Until the time that continues to roll can only be spent Reno to answer about this.

 It's been almost half a semester that Ayunda hasn't come back. And Reno always tries to send messages and e-mails containing many things and stories that he usually discusses with her, although Ayunda never replies. Yes, even though Reno never got a reply from Ayunda for up to 6 months..

 "Come on, where's bud? long time no news" Reno asked Budi.

"Not home yet," he answered simply

"It's been 6 months and still not home?" Reno asked again with full of hope for Budi's answer

"Not yet Ren, when she gets home, she will definitely be told to come to she's house"

"Ooh .." Reno replied who was still confused by the existing conditions.

 This morning it was very cold. The gentle and gentle breeze just kept quiet as if it didn't want to be disturbed. The beautiful sunlight was now dark and gloomy as if something was behind it. I just stare away with my illusion. This heart is uncomfortable, it feels like something is missing.

 The morning routine that Reno usually does, goes to school. This time he walked through the school corridor with a feeling of uncertainty. It's like there's something wrong with him. But suddenly Budi chased after him in a hurry with teary eyes.

"What happens to you, Bud?" Reno asked seeing his friend's condition like that.

"Ayunda, Ren," he said accompanied by drops of water that came out of his eye

"Yes, why Ayunda?

 She's come back home, Ren?"

"She died this morning. She turned out to have malignant cancer and was in a coma for 5 months.”

“No Bud, you are a bad liar. Did you  tell me that Ayunda had family business out of town?"

“Sorry Ren, it was all a request from him. I can't refuse. And this is from Ayunda for you,” answered Budi while taking out a small dark red box.

 Slowly opened the box. A red pen with a black ink along with a folded paper containing a message written by Ayunda.


"Ren. Sorry, once forgive me

When you read this letter you will probably be angry with me.

I'm sorry, I should be able to hide everything.

I will never get tired of hearing stories from you.

I hope you will write it all down with this, a Pen with black ink given to me.

Hope you like it”



Instantly the situation became cloudy for Reno at that time. The atmosphere so became very evil for him. The branches of the waving trees are now falling. A story has fallen on a rock so hard. The pain was so very painful, it made a wound slashing a thousand hearts in the chest. The tightness is so shrill that it makes a very deep scream. He wants to fall, and he feels like his head is so heavy and in the end, it brings small droplets down his cheeks. Reno was crying.

He immediately goes to Ayunda's house to see the face of someone he loved for the last time. Come on Bud…

Now, something is missing is no longer the same. A sorrow without consolation. Like a flower that withers before it blooms. But time has now managed to melt it. Never feel afraid to leave and be left behind. Isn't a story a sign of a news story? Happiness and sadness stick together like day and night, Everything is so close. Because life and death cannot be separated from the wheel of life. Not sure of the distance. Never be afraid to lose. Stories and memories that never stop will continue to be created.

 Ayunda's die does not mean erasing everything in the world. Now reaping tomorrow without her again, and now she's a thousand pens are dancing as Reno has found her at a peaceful place.

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