Nice 10 Crypto Analysis Services

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Studying or analyzing crypto assets, including Bitcoin, is becoming easier these days. There are various services that provide cool tools to make your analysis even sharper.

Those of you reading this may be a crypto asset analyst by profession. Or at least like trading or curious about becoming an investor.

Maybe you're having trouble getting a good tool to broaden your analysis with a sharper perspective. In certain analyzes, the more data we collect, the sharper our results will be.

Now, in the world of crypto assets, in terms of analytical tools, in principle, it is the same as any other asset or investment product. It's just that what is different is that you have to consider fluctuations in the price of crypto assets which are quite high compared to other types of assets.

That is why a number of services offer on-chain data features, aka real-time data on the blockchain. Not to mention, taking into account other factors, such as news stories passing by and in crowds.

Here are 10 services that contain a number of tools to make your Crypto analysis became sharper.

Terminal Tokens - These are suitable for comparing traditional financial metrics such as the revenue generated by various protocols. It is also useful for generating relative rating comparisons.

DeFi Pulse - Total Value Locked (TVL) Metric DeFi Pulse has become the de facto estimate of the DeFi measure. It is calculated by adding up all the collateral for crypto assets that are locked in a particular protocol.

Etherscan - If this one is very famous and includes the most widely used in the whole world. It is an Ethereum blockchain explorer. Its uses include checking the status of current on-chain transactions, looking through historical transactions, viewing large holders of specific tokens, and monitoring gas costs.

CoinMetrics - This service provides a wide variety of on-chain, price, volume, mining, and supply data for nearly all popular blockchains.

Dune Analytics - Provides a number of custom dashboards for sectors and projects that are predefined on key metrics. That's what it takes to assess the "health" of a project. You can create custom dashboards with SQL by integrating it directly into the Ethereum blockchain.

Nansen - This on-chain analysis provides various sector and project-specific dashboards. It is especially useful for tracking the movement behavior of certain ERC-20 tokens from exchanges, unique addresses, and whales.

Skew - This service is specifically for analyzing crypto asset trading in derivatives markets, aka non-spot markets, such as Bitcoin futures and options.

Glassnode - This data provider is quite multipurpose, offering various charts and dashboards such as a “whale watcher” chart that shows the number of addresses that have a balance of more than 1,000 BTC.

IntotheBlock - This is another great on-chain / market analysis tool to do a thorough data test. It offers unique graphics for book order depths and so on.

Messari - If one is well-known, the data is often used as a reference for a number of well-known crypto-asset media. Messari's core screener tool, for example, lets you follow short and long-term price movements. A number of features are good for tracking well-known crypto fund type investments.

Yes, that's in my opinion 10 good cryptoanalysis to use if you like or want to be a trader, or want to invest in the world of crypto.

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A nice list you have provided! :)

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3 years ago

I don't understand much of the crypto world this article is a big help but I'm scared to trade.

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3 years ago

Trading can be dangerous for the experienced or not. Because everything is based on an analysis in which it is a possibility or uncertainty. But at least from this analysis, sometimes it is very helpful for us to enter the world of trading or investing rather than just hoping for the luck factor. I'm also still learning about all things crypto :)

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3 years ago

yeah and thank you for sharing at least I already have a knowledge about it.

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3 years ago