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Network, Market, and Future

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1 month ago

With the presence of various networks that grow in the development of the cryptocurrency world, it raises a new question about which one will be more popular with the issue of fully decentralized cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies managed by an agency.

Because of the problem of the presence of various kinds of networks that are present, the market will grow in different phases, of course. From there it will be decided based on time to time in the future,

The trend of market movements that are currently in effect is starting to be seen due to the movement of each network that is currently happening. It's no longer just based on developments and issues about market trends for something that's popular at its core. Although this is still in the context of a small part. However, it is clear what has happened in the recent market conditions.

Movements in the market are very different from market movements in previous years. And if we don't follow one of the growing networks for some people, it will be very unfortunate. Due to one thing that happens there will be a lag in getting the point where the gain of one of them occurs, then someone will lose that valuable momentum, even though it is in the form of a large and small gain range.

However, one thing that I really like about the existence of a market like this indicates that Cryptocurrencies will play an important role in the world economy in the future. Because from a financial point of view there will be many kinds of instruments that the market can play or choose.

The presence of types of crypto that will also have an important role in the characteristics of each that is carried such as basic crypto in general, tokens that are present in each network, stablecoins that will occupy a permanent role, and NFT which will continue to grow rapidly.

Market sentiment regarding the role in terms of setting regulations and systematic legalization has played an important role in the progress of cryptocurrencies in 2021. Non-fiat issues are more responsive to the inflation problem, not worrying about it or strictly prohibiting it.


With the presence of several applications that offer packages for buying and selling digital assets, it has certainly attracted the attention of many people, especially since cryptocurrency has become a trend lately. Unfortunately, some of them are in the name of treasure points, viewpoints, digital crypto, digital currency, and some of that. But actually, everything in this name is very contrary to the main basic concept of cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency; digital currency). So from this type, we can call the digital asset a fake.

Fundamentals that must be considered are Human Resources (Developer), benefits, Infrastructure, simple regulation, value, efficient transformation and service, and economy.

Regarding the main difference between digital treasure or fake digital currency and real cryptocurrency. So at least it's very important to learn for the first time, so it is hoped that people will not be easily trapped or deceived by irresponsible people.

In conclusion, by looking at the presence of the present network, it is hoped that we can see more alert conditions. It is not easy to be tempted by all kinds of seductions or mere profit offers. The main thing is to study and respond to market conditions more importantly above a trend that occurs. Because a healthy economy is an economy that is mutually beneficial, not detrimental to one party alone, as the basic purpose of the created economy.

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Written by   481
1 month ago
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