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Once upon a time, everyone must have experienced something where they had a subject that they wanted to tell or put into writing but it just disappeared. With all his might to remember and bring it up to be poured into writing, but still experiencing a deadlock. Whereas previously everything had been imagined and thought about what was going to be poured.

Not because of complicated problems, sometimes just because you forget to make small notes to make later. Unfortunately, when the creation or imagination appears to be poured in conditions that are not possible to be written or remembered until the right time comes when you want to pour a discussion or writing.

Constraints may thing. Either because of the busyness that is being faced, or because of the condition of oneself that is busy doing things. When the discussion arose, it felt like a flash of shadow but did not try to write it down even though it was only a series of sentences so that it was finally forgotten.

When those times come, it is very annoying because there will be irritation due to negligence or forgetfulness that has been done before. So that the discussion that at least becomes a writing to be created does not become created and requires time and looking for other things to write.

This often happens to anyone, even if they are not experienced writers or journalists. And this is not the same thing as a problem that is often found for writers, which is usually called writer's block. Because these have different meanings. Where writer block can be interpreted as not having or having a discussion or experiencing a deadlock. As for what I'm currently discussing, I've neglected or forgotten, but it's in my memory but I can't put it down because when I was there, I forgot to write it down on a small note. It's almost the same, but in a different way.

Remembering this I often experience so sometimes I often make small notes on everything when the thought comes. I don't know if I wrote it on paper, notes on my cellphone, or something else. And when free time or the right time comes to be able to put everything in a writing, it becomes easier and has a subject that will be discussed later.

Writing is indeed very easy but that doesn't mean everyone can easily do it. It takes a lot of creation, imagination, as well as many other things to be able to write something that will be written. Even though freewriting looks easy, it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Because sometimes long-winded writing when rereading, of course, has errors or unsatisfactory results for the author.

A finished writing is often not finished or becomes a representative to be written. Because sometimes there are also various kinds of self-assessments regarding the results of the writings that have been created. Indeed, there are many ways to be able to produce a good and correct writing. But for someone who is still learning or a beginner like me, it's certainly not easy. Because there are still so many defects caused by the writings that are made. Moreover, the problem of language use is good and correct language.

The basis for continuing to write is because of needs, love, and habits that have been used to do. So that sometimes it can flow so easily without various rules about the meaning and purpose of writing about various subjects. And sometimes also do not care about the judgment of others. Not selfish, but there is a sense of pride created that can write and provide something that can be read by others.

Yes, that's a bit about the loss of a fleeting shadow when it comes to writing, but it doesn't happen because of negligence. Only a small rant that finally can represent writing that can at least be presented as a writing that is not so interesting. This habit has become the impetus for the busy days that I usually go through. Because in the course of time that runs every second there is a strong sense of urge to remind myself that today I have not made a single article that I can present. And this makes me think sometimes to be able to and get a discussion that I can create in writing.

Good and bad, please understand because it is still in a state of learning that continues to be sought to be able to produce a good, interesting and correct writing in every angle of need.

Thank you for always providing input and support for all those who still want to read my writings that have no clear direction and meaning.

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