Mystery Boarding House (Part 2)

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In my heart I said relieved, fortunately, there are people. I thought I was alone in this boarding house. Happy with the feeling I went straight to the bathroom next to him after pressing the light switch beside the door. Well, another yellow light. I don't like yellow lights. Gloomy. My white soap has turned a dull yellow color.

I was already halfway through my shower when I realized that the splashes of water next to my bathroom were gone. I thought maybe 'he' is done. But I'm not sure I think so because I didn't hear the door opening. I
should have heard it because I knew that the bathroom door was quite old and must have sounded when I opened it.

When I thought "he" really had come out of the bathroom next door, I was suddenly startled by the sound of something large and heavy crashing with the sound of a collision against a hard object. My bad thoughts immediately ambushed. Whoever it was next to, looked like he had just fallen and maybe, hit his head against the corner of the tub, then passed out — oh, I hope that doesn't happen. I hurriedly cleaned and rinsed my body. After everything was sorted out I came out and immediately banged on the bathroom door next door.

"Are you ok?" I asked anxiously, I kept banging on the door. After several questions and still no answers, I was in a complete panic. I guess whoever was inside seemed completely unconscious. Maybe the head is leaking. Or broken bones. And blood soaked the bathroom floor. In my mind immediately flashed a thick red puddle. Oh no!

When I decided to kick the door, again I heard the sound of water splashing, I canceled my intention. "Hey, are you really okay?"

I'm still waiting. But still no answer. The sound of splashing water actually sounded very ordinary, as if nothing had happened before. I'm getting annoyed. This is too much, I think. I was worried about him half to death, he just kept rowing water.

"Answer a little, please!" I said. "If anything happens, how about trying?" Still no answer. But now the sound of splashing water has started to diminish and a few minutes later it stops completely. No more sound. Silence envelops the air around me. I think 'he' is done and is going out.

I waited for nearly a quarter of an hour and was starting to get bored. But 'he' didn't even come out. The bathroom door didn't budge at all. I'm getting suspicious. Maybe he really fell and passed out again.

I don't think now is the time to be playing around anymore. I'm really annoyed and worried. I got up from my back and headed for the bathroom. However, having just walked a few steps, I suddenly stopped. I saw the door open by itself as if someone had just managed to unlock it. I held my breath waiting for someone to reveal it but the door only swayed slightly, exposing a dark gap inside.

I ventured forward a few more steps, trying to peek through the gap. I squinted, trying to see if the focus was really someone inside.

Actually, I'm already scared. My heart was beating very fast and I felt my palms cold and trembling. But I still dare myself to open the door even wider.

I opened the door wide as if it was made of hot iron. Because it was dark, I looked inside. I looked vaguely at all corners of the bathroom, and, unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone! Oh, this is so annoying! Is this boarding house haunted?

I half-ran back to my room at the end of the hall. I can't help but be afraid. The hairs on my necks all stood up. The cold was suddenly gripping. Along the hallway, I had time to pay attention to one by one of the rooms that were lined up on either side of the hallway. Really, I hope I'm not alone at this point. I wanted, at the very least, to have someone in his room, whoever. But everyone just like going home. All the rooms are tightly closed and the lights are off. There was no sign of anyone in it.

I was so scared that it took me a quarter of an hour to open the door to my own room. The lock-in my hand was slick with sweat and had fallen seven times. Worse, now the damn dreary yellow light in the middle of the hallway suddenly went out! And the only source of light is only from my room.

My bedroom door opened and I rushed inside. After feeling a little calm, I locked my door twice. I decided to stay in the room until tomorrow morning. I'm also planning to move out tomorrow. This boarding house is really uncomfortable. I chose this place wrong.

When I hung my towel over the nail stuck in the wall, the corner of my eye caught something. And strangely, before I really saw it, my thoughts immediately took me to the white horror figure in my dream this afternoon. Now fear and panic overtook me. I'm limp. I didn't have the courage to turn around and see if it was indeed that figure who was staring at me from across the room. My knees are weak. My leg is numb. And to make matters worse, I again heard a whispering voice exactly like the one I heard in my dream and is now calling out my name maliciously. The voice was cold and vengeful. I can't bear to hear it any longer. It will drive me crazy with fear.

I immediately turned the key again and slammed the door to the room behind me. The corner of my eye caught a glimpse of the white figure actually standing floating in the corner of my room and now seemed to be floating slowly towards me. I couldn't imagine what that figure would do to me when we were only inches away. Oh, this is so terrible!

At first, I hesitated to walk through the dark alleyway in front of me as if I was going to take a dark road in the middle of a forest. But I have no other choice. Staying in the room is suicidal. Even though the end of the hall was close to the bathroom, there was an exit. I want to get out of this place. Immediately.

I ran like a man, screaming loudly, without sandals. Within seconds I arrived at the exit at the end of the hall. I didn't dare glance at the dark bathroom. My mind is not friendly. Other images of horror like something even more terrifying was waiting from the bathroom began to appear in my mind. My fears are rampant.

After successfully getting out, I hope my landlady hears my hysterical screams earlier. But not. He didn't appear from his room. I think he's sleeping soundly. Ah, never mind, the important thing is I get out of this place.

Luckily the front door was unlocked — it looked like it had been unlocked for a very long time — and I finally reached the yard. I took the time to turn around and looked around the house where my boarding house was. This time I was completely shocked and a half in disbelief. The boarding house was completely dark. No lights anywhere. But even though it was night, I could still see clearly, it turned out that the house was only in ruins. Some parts of the roof have a lot of holes. Wild vines thrive covering most of the mossy walls.

My God, what's happening to me? This afternoon, I still found this place like an ordinary house with residents. There is no trace of abandonment at all. But now it was as if my views had just been exposed and I saw that the reality was completely different. This house is completely in ruins and destroyed, left abandoned for years until the bush has grown to chest height. Then who is the landlady?

I don't want to bother thinking about it. I'm so scared now. And I strongly suspect that the boarding house mother is also not a human, who has transformed into a figure who has lived in the past. I ran out of the house and kept running until I really got out of the housing complex. And even stranger — I don't want to think about this anymore — all the houses in the complex seem ownerless; dark, gloomy, and seem haunted.

I was breathless when I reached the entrance gate of the housing complex. The next time I crossed the street and there I saw the mother who owned the shop where I had lunch earlier was still open. I walked over there and entered the stall. Only then did I feel a little calm and I told all the events I had experienced to the shop owner's mother. After I told everything, the shop owner's mother then told me everything. Here's the story.

Twenty years ago, the very end of the house numbered 66, experienced a tragic incident. Initially, a student committed suicide in the bathroom by hanging himself. All of his board mates think he is hallucinating and depressed because he is haunted by the appearance of a female ghost in his room. There are allegations that the woman's ghost is the son of a boarding house mother, who died locked up in her room because she was crazy. But a few years later, the house caught fire and killed the boarding house mother herself, including several boarding boys trapped in her room. According to police, the fire was clearly intentional. Hearing the series of terrible tragic stories, I trembled even more with fear I couldn't imagine what if I stayed there any longer. Perhaps I will be one of the wandering immortals.

The End.

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