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My prayer, hopefully, His will never change the feeling of love to hate. And here, even though I was alone, witnessing the stories of the journeys you all used to take with me, my little angel of my heart.

Allow me to always give you a handful of time even if it's just to make your heart happy, of course with the people you all have met on the side of the world that you all have right now if indeed my anger can bring painful wounds among yourselves.

There will never be an intention to hurt. Take it easy. All because of this self-love. Because if I don't have a heart, then I won't be angry if you all are hurt.

The breeze of the breeze caresses you all lovingly. The blow also curves hair which makes you all feel uncomfortable because of it. Meanwhile, I'm still busy looking for something. Something I know I can't find under the tree at dusk. Of course. I sometimes feel annoyed because I never met. I'm pensive. Ah, you all are really, really cute. I love that smile. I like it when you all are spoiled. I love everything about you all when you laugh.

At that time, here. Those of you who are always smiling. Happy. And I smiled too, staring at the remnants of our story which turned out to be still left behind at the end of the twilight first.

At that time you all were full of shame.

At that time you all often persuaded me.

At that time you all almost got me out.

At that time you all can be jealous of me.

You never complained to the wind then.

The words of complaint that come out only to me always. The words that you all have entrusted with me. A word about, longing.

And with the wind brings your message to me. That how you all only want my attention, more than my daydreams.

I am indeed a helpless person, still enjoying the remnants of the wound.

Either sorry or desperate. What is certain is not to ask, let alone just words. I asked, "Will the full moon be with the sun?" Quiet. All instantaneously. Then the grass fields joined in dancing with the wind blowing so passionately. The sound of birds chirping gave a joyful tone. Together with immeasurable twilight.

When twilight has arrived. Myself who is still speechless in a thousand languages. Ah, how heavy is it? I'm just a creature, why should I think about it instead of answering it?

I'm tired. "Twilight, do you think so?" Try not to get agitated. Yes, forever. "Willing our love be broken into a bond that will not be broken. A bond that will keep us going. In a bond that always marks the beginning of a story. A bond that we only have to the Creator to whom we are together to surrender. The bonds that exist because of the word "family". " and with the night that is approaching.

The time is now where the sun relents. And the night is almost here. The dusk was starting to feel charming. Will the moon love the twilight that he will always be with. There. On the edge of hope where the sun has been hurt.

Thank you, my little angel, with you all I will not be alone through tonight and later. Even though my face always invites darkness. I hope that maybe I can add to this disappointment even more so that it doesn't become tense. Or I don't want to pick up the silence. Because to want to complete our reality. Before you creatures throw him out, let me ponder for this moment.

Happy me. The light of the moon that always accompanies me. And it won't make me sad. You all came bringing a pile of new memories with me together, forgetting my old 'twilight'. The atmosphere is now so serene. Not! Sad. Wrong! Ah, you all are so cute. Makes me so homesick.

In the cold that has held my body tightly as if not wanting to leave me who has been drifting into sad daydreams. Together with the rubble of regret that is still scattered, sometimes shadowing hope in empty dreams. Helpless, full of only a word of disappointment, which has become a memory to be forgotten. And for the umpteenth time, destroy, and come with the pain of feeling and the pain of trust that cannot be avenged by waiting. It's not that long. But has made me helpless. I am tired. I miss. Miss who has not received your blessing.

It was clear in my eyes, his presence on the side brought me comfort. Laughter broke out when you all were beside me. Of course, your cute smiles are a sign that you all really take me with your blessing.

Together with the dark night drift you all to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow, sleep can make me fall asleep with the love you all give. Even though I know, there is still a piece of heart that you all always want to meet.

Take it easy, I know. If indeed she's presence brings happiness to you, then I invite myself to be ready to accompany you, giving you all a handful of time to just make your heart happy. Of course with the people you all always love.

I will not leave you all alone, watching and living other sad stories that we used to go through together, here in our hearts. My prayer, hope that He will not change my feelings to always cherish.

Good Morning my little angel. Have a full day with your laughter.

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