My name is Eva

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The white hands without stains returned to open the curtains on the glass window in her room. Then tried to wipe off the remaining dew after a night's rain which now blocked his view out of the room.

After she could see the sight of the grass and the blooming of wet flowers from her window and the path in front of her house, the girl smiled sweetly. Now it remains only to wait. She said to herself.

Suddenly the girl with dimples felt her legs being stroked by a hairy object.

"Oh, Puss ... you want to accompany me to wait?" she picked up the cute cat with long white hair that was rubbing his body against her feet.

The girl continued to stare out the window while occasionally looking at the clock on the wall. Puss, the cat just purrs softly in her arms.

"Soon," she said to herself. "Soon."

Suddenly the girl's eyes were rounded and her cheeks flushed, her gaze was fixed on the path in front of her house, to be precise at a well-built man wearing a school uniform who was passing on the street.


Andre walked with wide strides along the small road to the bus stop. The road he was passing was still a little muddy due to the rain last night. Again he saw the black watch wrapped around his left hand. He had to hasten his pace if he didn't want to be late for school.

But when he saw a house painted blue with grass and flowers in its yard, Andre actually slowed down.

Her eyes tried to catch her eye on the blue-painted glass window of the house as he passed.

It was true that the girl was watching him.

Andre doesn't know the girl who lives in the house, all he knows is that a family has just rented the house a month ago.

And since a month ago too, every time Andre passed on the street of the house, when leaving and coming home from school, the girl was always there, in the window of her room, watching him pass.

Andre tried hard not to turn his head, because once he turned and looked back at the girl, but what happened was that the girl immediately closed the curtains.

Andre was still trying to stop himself from turning his head, because for some reason he didn't want to see her close the curtains.


Andre just stood there watching his friends play ball. Today he had no desire to play football as usual at all.

His mind was currently filled with the girl in the house painted blue that he always saw every time he left and after school. The girl who always watched him from the window of his room managed to make him curious.

"Andre catch it!" shouted Rendi, who kicked the ball at Andre.

Andre gasped from his reverie when he heard Rendi's shout, but Andre, who was not ready to accept the ball's pass, reflexively could only block the ball out of the school fence.

"I said catch, not block." Rendi grumbled as he jumped out of the fence to pick up the ball that Andre had pushed over.

Andre only watched Rendi with a smile, an idea crossed his head.


When coming home from school from the end of the road Andre saw the girl was daydreaming in shes bedroom window, a gentle breeze blew the long loose ends of her hair.

Andre's heart was beating hard. He took several breaths to calm himself down. Meanwhile, one hand was still busy playing a ball.

As he passed the blue painted house, Andre's ball with a deliberate motion must have sprung into his yard, just below the window in the girl's room.

Andre smiled a little, with an innocent face he entered the courtyard of the house.

"Excuse me ..." said Andre. Because the house looked deserted, there was only the girl — who was now in a hurry to close her bedroom window when she saw Andre approaching.

Andre sighed in disappointment, he already knew that the girl would immediately close the window when she saw Andre coming. But, Andre did not give up.

"Sorry, my ball was thrown here ..." said Andre, he knew the girl was still there.

No answer.

"So, I took it here,"

No answer.

"Erm, my name is Andre ... what's your name?"

No answer.

"I just want to know you,"

Still no answer.

Finally Andre gave up, he took the ball that he had only been glancing at. "Okay then, I'm going, okay ..."

Suddenly the girl opened the curtains.

"Ev ... Eva, my name is Eva," the girl smiled hesitantly at Andre.


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