My Home is My Heaven

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All yearn for a safe, peaceful home-like heaven without disturbance and fear. All joy, happiness, serenity, joy, and joy are summarized in it. This is described in a wish, "My Home is My Heaven".

Heaven is not provided by Allah for Satan, but is provided for the believer, who always purifies himself and cleanses his soul by obeying Allah.

At the beginning of his creation, Satan the father of Satan resided in heaven.

Because of the devil's arrogant and arrogant attitude, Allah cursed him and chased him from heaven based on His words meaning: "Come out of heaven as insulted people, again expelled.

" Behold, whoever among them (humans) follow you, truly I will fill Hell with all of you. " (Surah al-A'raaf, verse 18)

In the book Buyut laa tadkhuluha asy-shayathin (a house that is not entered by Satan) by the West Asian scholar, Ahmad As-Sayim, explains there are two criteria that cause the house will not be penetrated by Satan and will not be possessed by the devil's genie.

The first criterion is because worship is practiced and beliefs are held by the person in the house, while the second is because of the morals and behavior of the occupants. The occupants of the house consist of people who always maintain their morals, behavior, and behavior when interacting with fellow family members, friends, and neighbors.

The characteristics of their house that maintain worship:

  1. Residents of the house who always purify themselves and always remember Allah, they keep their bodies clean, clean themselves after defecating or urinating in the right way, do not defecate in the water.

    Personal hygiene has become a culture and as worship in the form of bathing due to major traditions such as ghusl, menstruation and childbirth, brushing teeth with siwak, cutting nails, shaving, trimming beards and others.

    They also maintain inner cleanliness. His heart is pure rather than revenge and envious desires. The tongue is guarded so as not to hurt others and not to speak foul and useless words. His mind and tongue only remembers and chants Allah all the time.

    Allah said meaning: "Surely Allah loves those who repent and loves those who purify themselves?" (Surah al-Baqarah, verse 222)

  2. The house is full of the recitation of the Koran and remembrance of Allah. People who always bow and bow to Allah in their parable as described in the word of Allah means: "They are: People who repent, worship, praise Allah, wander (to study and develop Islam), who bow, prostrate, command goodness and prohibit than evil, and keep the boundaries of God's law and cheer up those who believe (who are of that nature). " (Surah At-Taubah, verse 112)

  3. A house where the occupants are always true, honest, and fulfill their promises.

  4. Houses where residents always maintain the main consumption and only take halal ones. Halal food, in terms of its provision according to the Shari'a, is not taken from the property of orphans, is not the result of booty, abuse, fraud, not the result of corruption and not the result of usury.

  5. Houses where residents always maintain and connect the ties of friendship. A house filled with love, affection, tenderness, repulsion, patience is a person who maintains friendship. Connecting friendship must be rewarded and decide it is haram and sinful.

  6. A house where the occupants always maintain good manners and are devoted to their parents. They love their two mothers and fathers, do not fall for both of them, respect both of them, hear their advice, and have deliberation in the decisions to be taken. If the mother and father are old, pay attention to themselves and their emotions, health, finances, and other needs.

  7. Houses where the occupants consist of couples who are pious and pious, understand each other, understand, cooperate and go against the elements.

  8. Houses where residents exercise their rights and obligations. Husband and wife carry out their responsibilities and fulfill their respective rights. Not cheating husbands and disobedient wives.

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There's no place like home. I can't even sleep at other's house it's just that I'm not comfortable. Our home is where our family is... where our heart... ❤️

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