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In the world of investment, there are many things that we can invest in. Among them that are often discussed are gold, property, stocks, and crypto.

An investment that is now becoming a trend in the investment world is a crypto investment. Where many people display the word success and many are carried away by the news and trials.

Looking at the two things between stock and crypto investments are really very different and you can practically understand the outline of the difference between the two. There have been many articles that explain the difference between these two investments. In the world of stocks, there are clocks of time, and there are limits. Such as minimum and maximum limits. Whereas in the crypto world there are no limits. Where in fact we have seen in the past few moments where prices can go down at any time and at any time they can go up.

In the crypto world, a free fall can occur at any time and it cannot recognize human capacity that can last 24 hours non-stop. So good financial management is needed here if you want to invest in the crypto world. Planning and desired targets must be planned. In cryptos that have such high volatility, we have to plan the main thing as a matter of timing and priority targets.

Regarding the issue of time is the fall on the implementation of short-term or long-term investment. And the target problem is the determination to prepare on the downside not when the upside sells is highest. So that at least all of that can avoid the word bankruptcy or investment mistakes.

Most of the crypto investment players put in the long term in investing and this is better known as hold for long period. And can manage from scratch that is derived for investing in crypto. Don't do things directly in the sense of gradually seeing market conditions on the downside instead of pursuing the upside value. If it wasn't for the huge volatility, then maybe there's just a loss of our money in investing.

Indeed, the crypto world is very tempting when viewed from the bear problem and the increase that occurs. But it can not be used as a basic benchmark will be successful directly. Everything needs a process and time, nothing can be done instantly. For example, most of the successful investors in the crypto world are long-term players. Very few if we say can be mentioned players who can profit instantly in crypto. And it has become a reality.

In addition, it is clear that crypto bull runs occur or multiple increases can be said in a matter of once every 4 years where there is a halving for reducing the number of rewards for miners. So from there, it can be seen that it will take 4 years to be able to get enough to meet the target in investing. So it can be said that if you want to invest in the crypto world, you must have good financial management. Don't let the money invested be disrupted so that the target is not even accomplished.

It takes good discipline and a strong mentality to play or dive into the crypto world. Because in many stories, it is not only the successful ones that are widely reported. But many also end up going bankrupt or being affected by fraud. Caution and the need for high vigilance in playing in the crypto world are mandatory. You can't say just relaxing

Waiting for things to go up. But the actual situation is very confusing and makes a lot of regrets. The language of profit is something that is pursued as an investment intention, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount and value. Inevitably a miscalculation or strategy can actually make you jump instantly. As the last word and maybe you can remember to always remember to look at or research the downside problems that occur in the various crypto worlds in order to be able to manage risk problems that will occur later.

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Gold has been the safest haven for centuries, but the probability of gold making x100 is impossible in the short, medium term, but any cryptocurrency can do x100 at once. Maybe it is more attractive for this and similar reasons for now.

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