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Merantau is the behavior of an individual business from an area of ​​origin to another place or area outside the area where a person was born, grew up, or grew up. This word is identically used for someone who wants to find a job or is assigned outside the area where he was born. Merantau very closely also said by the Indonesian people as a symbol of the steps to struggle in the country of others.

Most of the merantau is done by village people and then go and look for or work in big cities. Usually, there are those who struggle alone, brought by family or relatives, or with other people. The word wandering is not limited to the word village to town, but it can also be from one city to another. And it can also happen from one country of origin to another country.

The word wander is indeed closely related to the hope of improving the standard of living or income. Because the shadow of working in the city or abroad is usually a big income. And this behavior grows and continues to grow because of the word fighting fate or seeing someone who has succeeded and returns to his hometown with success.

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But not all of them can be said to be successful, there are also those who are unlucky, or it can be interpreted that the situation is worse than when they lived in their hometown. Some survived and some chose to go home. Those who survive are usually because they can't stand the shame, there are also those who are trapped or other kinds that make them survive in failure.

Indeed, the image of the sparkling world of the city, let alone the capital, became the main attraction at first. Thinking about food and a better life can be easy to pursue. Unfortunately, the cruelty of the capital and the severity of the competition is not as easy as a beautiful dream as in the dream. The debriefing and lifestyle of the urban community is a factor that is not suitable for those who do not have the determination or sufficient provision to compete in a city container that continues to run as if it never dies like in the area or the countryside.

Many young village graduates or village youths are trapped and end up regretting once they arrive in the city. It turns out that big cities are not as friendly as the atmosphere of the village they live in. So there is a word cruel stepmother is not as cruel as the capital. That's how it is.

It is the same with the problem of working or migrating to another country. Many were unable to afford it and eventually returned to their home countries. The dream of having a rich income is not as easy as imagined when reality hits. Not to mention the problem of cultural differences, language differences, seasonal differences, and other things.

But there are also those who managed to face all obstacles and finally achieved the word success when merantau either from city to city or to another country. That's the word wandering in the reality that happened. If you don't think about it carefully and don't have a strong mentality, of course, it will be difficult to be successful to try and find the word success outside your hometown. Indeed, there is a word of fortune that regulates everything, but at least thinking about cause and effect is more important. Looking for reliable information is not just a bandwagon or armed with just a dream.

Pursuing a dream can and can be done by anyone. But be prepared to equip yourself for everything that happens because the exact reality is that which is certain. Merantau is indeed a challenge for some people in Indonesia and becomes a motivation to become better themselves for people who are strong-minded or like to travel and are opposed to life. Otherwise, be prepared to sink or return to your homeland with a thousand failures.

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Written by   412
1 month ago
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Life most of the time is said to ha e some challenging moments about it but those that still manages to stay strong are those that duly keep to their will to succeed irrespective of the too many challenges or obstacles that are faced on a daily basis

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Chasing one's dreams at times can be very frustrating, demanding and indeed very tiring but the most beautiful aspect of it is keeping on with what we believe in and never think ourselves down though obstacles abound but keeping the dreams positive for me is the key

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1 month ago