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Symptoms or diseases that only exist in Indonesia. Yes, Masuk angin are a phenomenon that has been ingrained from the previous people in Indonesia. In fact, Masuk angin in the medical world do not exist and have never been a category of a disease.

Then why do Indonesians categorize Masuk angin as a disease. And until now it is still a common thing called a disease even though everyone knows that Masuk angin are not a disease but are included in the influenza category. But still when exposed to this disease out of words when asked. Said he caught a Masuk angin. 😊 (I also experienced it).

Masuk angin usually occur when the body's stamina is decreasing or it can be called a condition that is falling. Usually, Indonesians say that the symptoms of masuk angin are caused by fever, body aches, lack of sleep, chills and so on.

If medical science says the symptoms caused by masuk angin are categorized in a disease that is usually called the flu. Where when influenza comes to attack the sufferer usually experiences symptoms that are a factor in the category of colds earlier.

Then why do Indonesians still say it is a Masuk angin? If seen and followed from language, it can be explained that it is an expression of the consequences that occur. In Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, often during the day and at night the weather is in conditions that cause hot air. Makes most Indonesians say stifling. From here, Indonesians usually use a fan or try to get out of the house for air or wind to cool the hot temperature. Or sometimes use Air Conditioner for people who can afford it or have it.

From the settlement of these conditions, sometimes the physical condition of people who are overheated is not aware that they are not in a good condition. This causes the body to get feverish symptoms or drop. Or excessive cold. So because of the causative factors caused by the wind, Indonesians often say they catch a masuk angin.

In fact, the point is that the patient's body condition is in a bad condition or just tired. And when triggered makes a fever and flu makes the body sick. From the medical world also said and explained this problem. Especially in Indonesia. Because most Indonesians, if exposed to masuk angin symptoms, overcome them with scraping culture. And the medical world, the condition of the body when contracting the flu is very dangerous if you try to go through the scrapings earlier.

The problem of scrapings is a method that is used in Indonesia to cure the disease that is said to be cold. The scraping is done by using a coin and then smearing it with vegetable oil or balm which is then scraped on the skin of the patient with a masuk angin. Is scraping ( kerokan ) culture also carried out outside Indonesia? For one thing I also do not know. 😊

Incidentally my current condition is in a state of decline and experiencing these symptoms. Because since last night until now I can only lie weak and feel aches all over my body. Luckily the kids have grown up and helped me a lot when I was in this condition. Due to the current state of affairs and interspersed with headaches that are enough to make me unable to think honestly, I say I am running out of material to write something. And finally thought to write about the problem of masuk angin that I am currently suffering from.

I don't know if there is a similar language considered like this outside Indonesia. Because what I know on average in other countries is only saying that a disease like this is the flu is just what the medical world says. Yes, at least...become material that me when I'm at my wits end and can't write something I want to discuss. And at least still be able to make one article every day.

Hopefully my condition will return to normal soon so that I can return to normal activities in the future.


Masuk angin = The wind enters (come in) to the body. 😊 not colds mean.

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