Marketinglization Campagn from CZ and SUN

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Attracting someone's heart is not easy, let alone talking about financial problems. The basic task that must be taken by marketers as well as elite officials in a company is their job. The need is for strengthening the ratio to the market and financial strength to be more firmly established.

Not just the launch of something new, advertising may be a familiar thing to introduce a product. The point is that the wider community knows and is ultimately interested in and uses their product.

That's the etymology of the concept of the basic objective of marketing, it looks easy but it's not an easy thing in the actual context. Because sometimes it requires large capital to be borne in supporting a new product campaign.

As is done with crypto products, and no less great if it can be taken is the event of the launch of SUI token on the Binance exchange a lastes days.

Here we can take on both the positive and negative sides. Where is the tweet that happened from the founder of Binance CZ to Justin Sun, the founder of Tron. In plain view, political economy and marketing systematics are the drivers of the many benefits that can be taken for both parties, although it may seem that one of them is bearing the negative side of the context.

The most profitable thing was that the launch of SUI token became a different attraction in the midst of crypto market conditions which were undergoing a correction for several days towards a bull run entering early May this month. And the Binance exchange as a market supporter has at least succeeded in reintroducing their product which can be said to be relatively new, namely the launchpad for users who have not used the product / service existence on the Binance exchange.

The other side of SUN, as said, may look negative and disadvantageous, but at least it will encourage new people to recognize their existence as whales in the crypto world with their product, TRON.

And if it is said cynically or in a bad way, it could be a game behind the scenes between the two parties that is unknown to outsiders. After all, in essence, the success of a person's main goal in doing business is profit.

It's a bit critical at the end of the possibility that is present in the systematic pattern of critical tingking that is created. But in general, at least as a material consideration, not as a context for an immediate assessment, you feel right, because in essence, the main basis for being right is having a good opinion of something. Because one's prejudices can be created by the existence of existing prejudices.


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