Loving Not From Regret

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"Hello, please pull the left one again. It's still crooked! " a woman's voice had a firm tone and was a bit strange because of a cold heard in front of the campus this morning. I, who had just parked the motorbike, immediately approached the woman's place.

"Ouch, Ndra! You missed it! What time is it, just arrived? Have your men arrived late to cook the choir ?? "

Yes, that beautiful woman was showing an annoyed expression at me, the equipment choir, who arrived late this morning. Obviously, she was grumpy. Today our campus will hold a fairly large and prestigious event throughout Indonesia.

The chairman is that beautiful woman who is cranky. Her name is Ira, she is not a BEM child but is the leader of this big event. I'm just a fixture choir. After we finished putting up the welcome banner in front of the campus, we rushed into the hall where the event was to be held.

Ira seemed to be pacing back and forth, she was busy helping other children in each place. For example, managing absences, preparing meals, checking event rundowns, and others. Ira was a beautiful child, but she was not very tall, smart, strict, and not a crybaby. Well, at least that's the impression I got during the two years of knowing her. She doesn't like to sit for long periods of time, she doesn't like being argued, is stubborn, cheerful, like humor, and has a lot of concern.

I used to be in the perspective group with her, but back then she wasn't like this. She tends to be more silent. However, since the second semester, she's attitude has changed a lot. In the past, he worked in a butterfly (lecture-return) job, now she is active in organizations. Several months ago, she won debate competitions at the faculty, university, and city level. The events he handled were relatively successful and brought a good name.

But, until now, I still didn't know the ins and outs of Ira's life. All I know is she is an only child, she's father is an army general, her house is about 45 minutes away from here. Once had a boyfriend, but not a student in this faculty had ever seen Ira bring him to campus.

Ira is sociable, sociable, and friendly. However, not many girls survive to be friends. Three women who used to be with her, now leave him. It seemed that they did not match Ira's tendency to be naive and straightforward.

In fact, as long as I was friends with Ira, I didn't feel that Ira was annoying at all. In fact, she helped me a lot. When we come home together at night meeting, and tomorrow there is a big task. I'm still not done and he's done, she must be offering me help with the task. I, who is only an overseas child in this city, frankly, feel helped.

Indra. I ask for help, there are already several participants in front, please stand by the others in the lobby. Direct them so they don't get lost. Thanks. " After asked for help she left with a smile. Fuh ... She also had time to comment on a cute smile like that.

Even though I knew he must be very tired from being busy pacing back and forth.

This morning, a public lecture with the theme of entrepreneurship will be hosted by Professor Bambang. He is a professor who has been recognized for his expertise in management and business. Every campus had the dream of inviting him to give a guest lecture. Apart from that, he also has a consulting company that has grown up in various provinces in Indonesia. The participants of this event are not only from my campus but from various campuses in East Java, private and public. The participants reached 530 people!

"Mba Ira !!" A junior called Ira, who was checking the list of participants. "What's the matter?" Ira answered swiftly.

"Ouch, miss. Prof Bambang will be late! What to do??"

"How long is he be late?"

"Em, he said that around after Duhur came, miss! What to do???"

"Really? Where's the phone? Let me call him! " Ira immediately grabbed the child's cellphone and made a call.

I became worried too. Ira, when it's emotional it can be scary. Her face was pale when he was calling Prof. Bambang. After the call was disconnected, her face was happy again.

"It's okay. In one hour, Prof. Bambang's men are here to replace him temporarily. Prof. Bambang came 2 hours later. You still can. Not until Duhur. " Ira actually calmed down the junior class who had been trembling with fear.

“You, please call this number. I want to help the committee in the equipment section first. "

"Yes, Mba! Thank you so much! " The boy left immediately. Then Ira walked over to me.

"How about the choir? All is well? " She asked, leaning against the wall near me. I just nodded back.

"You're really super, ra."

"What, ndra?"

"Not like other girls! You're really great at handling all of this. Even though you weren't like this before. "

"Oh, yes? Don't match me with other girls. me is me. I have a different time from all of them, including you, ndra. I don't want my short time, I just spend it on the bed. " Ira left after saying that.


Finally, the speaker who will temporarily replace Prof. Bambang has arrived. Ira was asked to meet him just a moment. I, who was near the waiting room of the performers, witnessed an oddity.

Ira, who had just arrived into the room, then looked at the dapper man sitting in the room, suddenly turned around. She immediately ran out and contemplated near me.

"Ra, what's wrong?"

"It's okay. Please, you take care of the speakers. " Ira ran somewhere. "Ra! Ira !! " even though I call him not back. Maybe he's going to the toilet to get rid of the phlegm or snot in his nose. She has a cold today.

"Eh, mas! May I ask?" It turned out that the speaker came out of the room. "Yes, you can," I answered. "That was Ira, right?" He asked.

"Oh yes. She is Ira mas, the chairman of this event. Do I need to call? "

"Eh... Just later. Looks like she doesn't want to see me at this time. ” Answer the dapper man. I couldn't understand more. Who is this man and how does it have to do with Ira?

After the event was running, and Ira did not appear, I began to look for him all over the campus. And finally, my steps paid off when I passed in front of the reading building. Ira was sitting alone in the hallway in front of the Reading Building. He thought and who knows what he was contemplating.

"What are you doing? You will get stuck here alone! " I said. She raised his face with a frown.

"Oh, you are ndra anyway. Hehe .. Yes, let's take a break. "

"Break?" I asked as I approached him. "Can I sit down?" I asked. she nodded while shifting slightly.

"How about your score, ra? Is it good this semester? "

"Yes, Alhamdulillah, ndra. You?"

"Gratitude for me, ra. I'm really lucky to be friends with you! Assisted exams, helped with assignments. Not good, you try! Haha ha ha!" I said.

"Yes. Thank God, if it can make you happy. I'm happy too. Besides, I've been trying to make other people happy as well. "

"Okay? Your noble mind, ra? " Ira just smiled back. “In such a short time, what can I do other than please the people who helped me a lot? I can't give you anything other than that, ndra. "

“Ira, what you're talking about is too scary! Have you had breakfast yet? " I asked that because I saw Ira's lips turn pale.

"Emh .. Lately I have no appetite, ndra. If you want breakfast first it's okay. I'll go back first. "

Ira stood rather stiffly from this bench. Then she seemed to take a deep breath, her body bent slightly as he walked. Not until the fifth step, he had already collapsed.

"Masha Allah!!! Ira! " I run and scowl she's the body. Her breath roared fast and short. Every now and then a squeaking sound was heard. I immediately put my hands behind her back and lifted her body.

I ran as fast as I could to the main building so that Ira could get help.

"Hey! Who is it! Please find a doctor! Ira fainted !!! " I shouted. All the committee members panicked. Fortunately, there was a doctor assigned to this event.

Ira lay slowly on the mat. Her face had turned pale, her eyes were closed, seemed to be in pain. His breath was still roaring like that. On his arm, there were marks like bruises. Even though earlier when I picked it up there wasn't !! Did my hand hurt her ???

The doctor swiftly checked Ira's condition. Put on a stethoscope, opened Ira's eyelids, checked for the red patches that had started to appear on her skin. And finally, the doctor turned his head towards me.

"Call for an Ambulance. It's impossible to handle here. "


“She has acute leukemia, type LLA. It seems that he has had this disease for a year. Are you not aware of it, Mr and Mrs? "

Ira's parents were silent while holding back tears from her eyes. I also just remained silent in the ICU hallway. After that, Ira's parents left with the doctor. I just live alone. I dared myself into the ICU to see Ira for a moment, then I went home. Behind the window, I could see Ira lying down.

I can't believe it, he's got acute leukemia, and she's been quiet all this time! ?? How stupid and naive he is!

Ira seemed to open her eyes, blinking weakly a few times. Then start glancing at me who is behind this glass. She's hands moved slowly as if asking me to enter the ICU. I just obeyed, I could not bear to see him lying there alone.

"Ndra .."

"Shh! Noisy!" I said. She smiled back. “Please, look in my jacket pocket. Take the envelope there, you read it and you give it to the speaker who had replaced Prof. Bambang. Right now.."

"Hah? Seriously, ra? " I asked. And she just nodded back very weakly. "Go now. Please .. "he said softly.

I returned to stand beside him. I can't bear to leave her alone here. I realized that for the past two years I really fell in love with him. He who is always excited, too naive, not spoiled, looks like a lot of friends but turns out to be lonely ...

“Indra… Please. Don't crying .. "her hand took mine. "I don't want you to cry. I don't have much time to see people I love sad. I want before my time runs out to see everything is fine ... "

I know, she can see my eyes are red from the stab of tears. I sighed, while instead holding her hand very tightly.

"I really love you, ra. Get well, yes. For me! " I gently kissed his forehead. Ira just closed her eyes, smiling very sweetly.


A little impatiently I opened the letter in Ira's envelope:

"Hi, anyone who opened this letter. Please give this letter to Alex Soetanto. He is the subordinate of Professor DR Dr. Bambang Wijaya (the professor you know).

I am carrying this letter starting December 4, 2010. Because, since 2 months ago, I was convicted of leukemia. I also don't know about the disease. Until recently, I had some pretty strange symptoms. And when I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Why don't I talk to my house?

When I was sick, I said I might have symptoms of leukemia. They immediately refused and said that I was dramatizing. Well, at least I can get their point that I can NOT get sick like this. Okay, I grant their request.

Even though I have been positive for this disease, I must remain optimistic. I still want to do many things before my time runs out. Including Alex, sorry for hurting you, lex. I had to leave you so that you wouldn't be sad when you saw me go.

I also did not tell my friends. Because I want to spend my time with them as usual. If they find out I'm sick, they'll do 'okay'. And it sucks.

Well, for those who have read my letter. Please send my greetings to:

1. Mom and Dad: Don't underestimate what the children say. Parents have more experience, and children are just children. But among us, there is neither the most right nor the wrongest. Sorry, trouble you for 20 years. Finally, you have been free from burdens all this time =)

2. Alex Soetanto: Calm down, lots of beautiful single girls are waiting for you. I always pray for you, lex.

3. Indra Saputra Utama: Thanks to you for accompanying me a lot during these two years. It feels like having an older boy. Hehehe. I love Mas Indra. Forgive all my mistakes. Greetings to everyone. I love you forever !!! "*** We all stood at Ira's funeral. Today, I learned something very IMPORTANT for my life. I looked at everyone who came to the funeral this afternoon one by one. Ira's parents, are too so hard to educate Ira, to the point that they themselves did not realize that their only daughter was struggling with malignant leukemia. They also never approved of Ira's relationship with Alex. So they never saw the face of their beloved daughter really happy. when Ira just entered college. At that time Ira really changed her attitude towards her parents. Meanwhile, Ira's three close friends now only show a swollen face. They never really appreciate Ira until Ira goes into a grave and will not return. Again. They told me they were sorry they never apologized to Ira even once. Alex. The dapper man who looked tough at the funeral this afternoon. ai sunglasses and stood still slightly behind. Then he embraced the woman standing next to him. That's her new lover. Indra, a stupid guy who has always been hiding his feelings. Never express feelings for the target until the target is gone. Only ignorance, regret, and tears are left in the corner of the eye. Can only say parting words to Ira. The tough beauty.

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