Love Day and Night

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Night, still the same cold, don't want to care about the Day. They were about to ask how long they would remain in uncertainty. Night comes, Day goes. The Day comes, Night goes. They have never been in one place or at the same time, as may hate each other, or indeed can never be put together. Who knows. And this is what happened.

In the past, they didn't know each other. At that time, the Night was always lonely and cold in anything that was alive and never wanted to start talking. At that time he was not as mature as people say. Not old enough to have passcards, or to watch quality-flavored stuff in some of the scenes. But that was back then when I wasn't old enough. Even though now the age is different, he still doesn't want there to be a lot of noise, therefore whenever he is in a crowded place he always avoids. But, he is not a lonely person, he has a light that always accompanies him at all times. He named her a Star, the girl who radiated her beauty, the girl who was difficult for men to conquer, because indeed she held fast to what she had, her heart: which she always kept hidden.

Stars often said, "If you continue like that with a stone attached to your hair, you will never be able to recognize or even love." And every time he said something like that, Night always answered with the same answer, "let it be, what is love anyway? When you are faced with love, how do you get that love? Then after you get it, how do you manage that love before you give it and then leave it with trust, or suspicion. " Their conversation often never ends, the same questions are answered with the same answers.

In another life, Day always pays close attention to what it sees. Going, coming, farewell, meeting, sadness, pleasure, made it seem like he lived only as an observer, but could never feel it. "Why can I never arrange life so that whatever is alive is able to experience real life? Everyone has the right to feel what he wants, not what he gets. " Even though the afternoon is always enlivened by what is around him, he is still unable to feel what his environment feels. Whatever he sees, he cannot experience it.

It is they, Night and Day who are always in different lives that are contradictory but intertwined with one another. The night really remembers when he first met Day. At that time, twilight became the basis for their meeting. Meeting, it is always beautiful with all the things that make it beautiful.

At that time, without knowing the night, Dusk came with a different friend, even though he shouldn't have come with this one friend, "it should be with Dawn," said Malam to himself. The night at that time did not pay attention clearly, just in passing, did not really respond to their conversation. However, Dusk urged the night to want to see the person he was carrying. Naturally, the night saw that twilight friend, he could only be silent, when he saw something that seemed different from him, from what was in him, and contrary to what he often encountered. When it meets noon. When they meet for the first time, Night believes, he has got love, he only has to be ready to manage and then give to the next entrust what he has got.

Day, he had to go home when it was almost dark. However, the twilight that then kept pressing on him, made him weak to refuse people who always admired by everyone, especially the poets who seemed drunk because of Dusk for no definite reason. The afternoon felt he had to go home, but someone he just met made him unable to go because he enjoyed the atmosphere too much. Before long, the afternoon could feel what he often saw: meetings. And he was able to feel, too, a coming. However, unlike what he often sees, this time he comes with something that is untouchable and hard to touch yet very subtle to feel, love.

They are inseparable, Day and Night, although different but at that time they felt that they were the same, even though between Day and Night tucked Twilight that separated them. But dusk is not a barrier for them, it is precisely the weapon that brings them together, the gate for them to see each other, to touch each other's bodies, to give each other and leave whatever they have, even though they will not be together forever. They know that.

Every day they always make time to meet, at noon they have to go because it is almost dark, at that time it is also dusk that brings them together, although not for a long time.

The different attitudes of Day and Night when dark will come to make the Sun and Moon suspect their respective partners. Yes, actually the Moon is a partner of Night, and the Sun is a partner of Day. They, the Moon and the Sun, even though they have never met each other, let alone know each other, both have feelings and prejudices that are not good for their respective partners. They often question their partners but never get the real answer. Until one day, they did not appear simultaneously at Night and Day. Instantly, the day that always shines for its environment becomes dark without the Sun. The night, which always gave silence to the environment, suddenly thundered without the Moon. They know, there is something wrong and awkward for the environment if they do not appear with their respective partners. Finally, at the next evening meeting, they did not meet. A farewell, a word difficult to say. But separation is proof that they have met.

They have never met again for a long time, only words bring them together on a sheet of paper in a letter. Secretly, they often reply to letters. By means of the Wind, one who is always present in every life, in the Nightlife he completes the silence of the Night, in the Daylife, he cools the state of the Day environment. He interceded for them both. The letters they leave with the Wind, always arrive in the right hands and are welcomed with open arms. They met, even if it was just a word meeting.

β€œβ€¦ Dear Day. Even though now I can't go back to touch your body skin, or look at your beauty, I will still keep what you gave me, first. Even now, I can't describe your form anymore through scribbles. But, all I can do right now is draw your form through words, as well as memories of us, can only be recorded in words and remain silent in my heart, even though I feel it all ... "

That is a fragment of the contents of the letter that Night sends during the day. The heart of Day is broken, holding back feelings of longing and love for the Night, but to whom is he able to complain? If only he had a Star like Night's, maybe he would not be lonely and be able to share his worries.

β€œβ€¦ But dear Night, even though I still keep a record of your home address, I can't promise to come back, and meet you with a sense of restrained longing and overflowing with a warm embrace with your body. But, if we focus too much on what has happened, we won't be able to see what will happen in the future… ”

When reading the mail of the letter from the afternoon, the feeling of Night is even more devastating. He could not afford to hold back his longing. "Either way, I want to meet and convey my longing for Day," said Night to the Star who was accompanying Night at that time.

The Star, who wanted to petrify his friend, became gloomy, his light was slightly gray, unusual. He seemed to feel what Night felt, even though he did not experience it directly, but night had become part of his heart, part of his heart had belonged to Night, his friend. As the star is almost desperate to help the Night, he is surprised by someone tapping him on the shoulder as he daydreams by the roadside to his house. He was Dawn, someone he had met at the restaurant opposite when he and Night were eating together.

β€œHi star, because do you look grim like that? Where is my friend Night? Is he healthy? " admonish Dawn. The star, who was shocked to see this Dawn, suddenly remembered something, if this Dawn has a fairly close relationship with Day.

"Dawn! Help me, our friend, Night, it's very gloomy right now. He missed Day, but they couldn't go because their partners would be angry if they found them meeting each other. Help! ”, Said the star hastily.

"What? Why do they have such an unfortunate fate? However, even though their love is holy, but they can't belong to each other forever, you know it's a star, their meeting will only make them hurt more. They cannot be side by side, because they already have a predetermined partner. "

"I know! But can you see someone who is hit by romance just separated? "

"But good decisions, if made for the wrong reasons, can be wrong decisions."

"I do not care! I just want to see him happy, even if that's wrong. " The star began to cry and fell in Dawn's arms. "I don't want them to feel what I felt before until I have to hide my heart so that no one can win my heart, I don't want them to do the same thing as I did."

Dawn understands what the stars want. "I'm willing to do this, I'll do this with twilight, we'll bring them back together."

Dusk and Dawn have planned something. Dawn knows, it is daytime to go home when it is almost dark, even though Dusk knows that Night must come home when it is almost light. Their plan, is to bring them together at a time when darkness and light will come. Day with the Dusk, and Night with the Dawn. When it will be dark, the weapon will be the gate for their meeting. When it will be light, it is Dawn who will bring them together. That's what they did, reuniting two loves that yearn for each other. Even though they all knew, this was the wrong decision, but if it was for a good reason, it would be a good decision, for them. For them, choosing is not a difficult matter, but commitment with the results of choice requires maturity.

However, because they have to live with their respective partners, they live in their own lives with their partners. As if nothing else about them, when Night comes, Day goes. Day comes, Night goes. They are never in one place or at the same time, like they hate each other or really can never be put together. But now we know that they met often, when it was almost dark, they met between Twilight. Just as it was almost light, they met between the Dawn. And to express their longing, they describe their longing through words on a sheet of paper in a letter delivered by the Wind.

That's the secret, only between them. Night, Day, Dusk, Dawn, Wind and of course the Stars, which never reveal the truth.

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Oh that's sad they missed each other. But as what they said if there's a will there's a way. Sending letters is the only symbol that they care each other.

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