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"It has been missing, a Nusa high school student named Alisah Wardana, the victim has been missing for two days, it is suspected that the victim has experienced a kidnapping case." A voice came from someone's television.
There was the sound of gurgling rain at night and a father and son were seen watching TV together.
"Wow, that's my school, right?" Mila said to her father who was watching TV with her.
"Yes sis, do you know the kid who was kidnapped?" asked Mila's father.
"Yes, she is a very quiet person in school and as long as I do he has no friends," said Mila to her father.
"Good then," murmured his father softly. "What were you talking about?" asked Mila with a curious tone.
“You didn't say anything daddy, you heard it wrong. The father just feels sorry for the child, the parents must be worried, ”said Mila's father.
"Ooh yeah, even though she never had enemies at school, I hope he can meet him soon," said Mila.


At Mila's School

You can see a group of children talking enthusiastically about something.
"Eh Mil, you heard about the news about Aisyah missing, it's really bad for her, even though her child is quiet like that," said Meli, Mila's classmate.
"Yes, I'm also sorry I hope he can find him soon," said Mila.

When they were chatting, in another place someone was dragging a plastic bag that didn't know its contents.
"Woy all came out in the warehouse behind the crowd, she said there was a body. Alisah," shouted the class leader.
At that moment they enthusiastically came to the back warehouse where there were many police lines there and it was seen that several policemen were investigating the crime scene.

"It's crazy our school will be haunted because of Alisah's corpse," Meli said to Mila, who had been silent and frozen.
"Mil, why are you stunned, you don't get caught by Aisyah's devil anymore, right?" Meli asked Mila.
"I'm suspicious of someone, I'm sure he is the mastermind behind all this incident," said Mila while leaving Meli who was at the scene.
"Hiii scary, eh Mil, where are you going to go?" Said Meli, who was chasing after Mila.

Because of the incident that happened to the school, the students had to be sent home today.
On the way, "I have to find out the truth about this case and all this is impossible," murmured Mila.


At Mila's House

When she got home, Mila found her father who had died in a pathetic state, and there was a letter from her father's legacy which turned out to be the answer to a question that was in her brain.

Dear, my daughter Mila.

Forgive your father who ruined your life, you grew up without the figure of a mother beside you.
No it's not your father's fault and you Mila your mother died because of that child, she is the child of your mother's infidelity.
That night was the beginning of the disaster that befell our lives, that night the small family that was once happy was destroyed, all the truth about your mother was revealed.
You were two years old, right then your mother gave birth to the child, and your mother died giving birth to that child.
When she is an adult and even goes to school with you, my father's hatred gets bigger and cannot be stopped.
The father kidnapped the girl and on the third day, she died of hunger and thirst.
Goodbye my daughter, your father's revenge is over now it's time for me to go.

From, your dear father

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Killing someone is not the best solution. Also, revenging isn't good at all. The father must forgive the girl instead of killing her. I'm waiting for your story. Keep it up!

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Fathers revenge...

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