Lombok, Island of a Thousand Mosques

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Even though I've only been to Lombok once, this Thousand Mosques Island has given me a deep impression. Apart from the fact that there are many interesting places I have visited that provide unforgettable experiences.

Lombok Island itself is actually not that big. So, if you want to go anywhere, it feels really close. In fact, from the center of Central Lombok City (Praya) to the center of East Lombok City or to the center of West Lombok City (Mataram) it can be reached in less than 1 hour. Can you imagine if the chilies weren't that big?

My experience living in Bali allows me to slightly compare the two islands, especially in terms of tourism.

In terms of facilities and accommodation including the number of tourist destinations, I admit that Bali wins everything. But, if we talk about the beauty of tourist attractions, I think Lombok is no less beautiful. In fact, there are so many tourist destinations in Lombok that we won't be able to find in Bali.

Photo by Pram Putra on Unsplash

Like small islands or what is familiarly called "Gili" to Pink Beach in East Lombok. Tourist attractions are in the form of small islands which, when visited, feel refreshing on a private island, of course, we don't find many in Bali. Likewise, with Pink Beach, whose beach color looks unique, we can only find it in several regions in Indonesia. Apart from Lombok, pink beaches are also in Bima, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Banyuwangi, and Malang.

Easy Ways to Travel to Lombok

For my friends who love traveling but have never set foot on this Thousand Mosque Island, I personally highly recommend this tiny but beautiful island.

Lombok tour packages are the right choice if this is your first time traveling there. It is nothing. Even though you can rely on Google Maps for going to tourist attractions after renting a car or motorbike. However, we will still feel more free and can know more if we use a tour package that is equipped with a car and experienced drivers - who are also in charge of being a tour guide.

The presence of the driver / tour guide is usually very helpful. Especially because they are very experienced and know the ins and outs of Lombok tourism. From their experience, we can learn many lessons. Whether it's about interesting tourist attractions in Lombok, good and cheap places to eat, places that must be visited, to which route is the most delicious and safe to take.

Talking about Lombok tour packages, the Lombok Tour Guide is one that I recommend. Because in addition to offering a complete tour package. Starting from one day trips, honeymoon packages, Lombok tour packages 3 days 2 nights - or longer, they also provide cheap car rentals equipped with experienced drivers.

The car rental price in Lombok is quite affordable and relatively cheap in my opinion. Especially if we come together, so that the cost of cheap car rental in Lombok can be paid jointly.

The calculations are that if we travel with 4 people, we will count 5 people by ourselves.

By car, besides not driving and getting a free tour guide, we are also not afraid of the rain or overheating, and we can save more energy because we can sit comfortably during the trip.

With a fairly affordable price, in my opinion this is cheap. Moreover, it includes a driver and gasoline.

In Lombok, 12 hours is actually quite good for traveling. Because as I have said above, Lombok Island is not that big. Especially if the person driving is an experienced person, of course the trip will be smoother and faster.

Longing to play to Lombok again

It's been quite a while since I left my job while in Bali I can no longer visit Lombok and travel there, especially when the pandemic has not been completed until now.

But I still hope, in the near future I can go to Lombok and go on a trip to some interesting tourist objects, especially the beautiful beaches in East Lombok and North Lombok which I haven't had the chance to go to with my little family that I love.

I want to see the joy of my three little angels running along the white beach with their laughter and smiles blaring around the beach while enjoying the stunning breeze and waves.

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