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Live this life

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1 month ago
Topics: Shortstory, Write

Sometimes life is not as beautiful as the fairy tales that our parents always read before we sleep. Not as sweet as the love songs that are currently played around the world. But almost like a film show full of fabrications and drama. Sometimes we are required to wear masks to Live this life. Must smile at the person we hate so that he doesn't know if we hate him.

The rain this afternoon made the City even more congested than usual days. If on a normal day it was already jammed what if it added rain like this. But Kara likes rain and sees the drops of water that fall. In Kara's opinion, it is very beautiful, like droplets of water in the eyes of the heavenly gods who gave their gifts to the humans down here.

Kara is confused about where to go home tonight. She glanced at the clock already showing past seven in the evening and the shelter where Kara takes shelter is only Kara alone. Kara is reluctant to go home if it is only to see Kara's parents fighting. This and maybe now it's almost at its peak and they will decide to divorce. There are too many complicated problems that are difficult for Kara to understand about the two of them.

Without feeling Kara shed tears when remembering how lucky his friends are who have a harmonious family who cares for the development of their children, who are always there when their child needs someone to share their sadness and help solve problems. Unlike Kara's family that is messy like this. Kara hates this injustice, Lord. Why are the others happy but Kara is not happy like this.

Suddenly an old man handed a tissue to Kara. "What's the problem, young lady, why you cry like this?"

Kara is still silent while wiping the tears that have wet her face with the tissue that the old man gave her. "It's not fair" Kara can only say those two words because Kara is unable to speak much. Too much emotion is burdening her right now.

"What do you know about youth justice? While you are still young" the old man smiled. "The injustice you feel is the true meaning of justice. God has designed the meaning of justice in a very beautiful injustice"

"I don't understand what you mean sir" Kara looked at the old man sarcastically.

"What is your problem, young lady. Don't be too sad in facing a problem "

“Why do others have harmonious families when I don't? Why do others often feel happy and I am not? Why can others get what they want so easily when I have a hard time? What is it if it is not an injustice of God? This is what God beautifully planned to make me not feel happy but still get tears? " Don't feel the tears coming back down from Kara's eyes.

“You don't know God's beautiful plan. You can only complain without ever knowing the meaning of it all "The old man played the puddle on the street with his feet barefooted" Everything that God plans is beautiful, but we humans never understand that beautiful plan. We live our lives to a dead end we often give up and blame God. Even though we do not know that up there God smiles at us and wants to whisper if the road we are facing is not a dead-end but a turn and we as humans are not aware of it all. What a beautiful plan God is.

Kara was silent hearing all the words of the old man and trying to understand it all.

“Do you see this bum begging in the rain? Do you think it's fair while other people sit in their luxury cars? "

Kara tries to find the beggar the old man means and indeed, not far from across the road, she sees a beggar begging for a luxury car when the road is jammed like this. “I don't know maybe it's not fair. I do not understand"

"God created the poor, rich, ugly, handsome, stupid, smart, disabled, good, it has its own purpose. There is no purpose of God in vain. Imagine if everything were made fair without any differences. If all humans are made rich? Who wants to be a beggar or who wants to be a servant in his house, who wants to be a driver and an employee at his place? Or is everyone made the same, all the same, the rich, the smart, all of them are made equal and without any differences? Does it even turn out unfair? "

"So what God meant to create is it the difference and injustice that I mean precisely to make human life mutually sustainable and in fact beautiful and fair? "

"You are right. Do not ever see a problem from one side. Look at the problem from various sides"

Kara wiped the remaining tears on her face and tried to smile at this. Maybe God is right, Kara has to go through. It is precisely the injustice that Kara feels is justice for her. God is very clever in making life without Kara realizing it.

Kara realizes that there are still many people out there who are being trained by far more severe trials by God but can still smile to solve their problems. If they can, why can't Kara?

Kara wanted to thank the old man for all the advice he gave but he was not there. Only a small wind suddenly passed around she's body was still looking for the old man. Maybe the old man has already left but Kara doesn't realize he's gone.

Yes, maybe…

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Written by   314
1 month ago
Topics: Shortstory, Write
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... or maybe, the old man didn't left at all and is now most present in her than ever. Interesting read. Everything in this Universe is much more complex than our human psych can even begin to fathom. Thought provoking story. Cheers and have a good day!

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1 month ago

God Has A purpose for everything, I like it when Kara realized everything. Im just like kara before when I dont know everythimg,

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User's avatar Nie
1 month ago

Good job

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1 month ago

How nice and Kara realized at the end that God is just but we will only see it at the end and when we compare ourselves to the underdog.

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1 month ago