Last Time at Station

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Ismail Irawan, a seventeen-year-old boy who likes to hang out at the station, again saw a beautiful girl in white across the train tracks. While waiting for the train that took him home, Irawan (his nickname) tried to meet the girl of his age to just chat to get rid of boredom. But unfortunately, the carriage passed in front of him and after that, the girl was not in his seat.

Seven times Irawan had seen this girl. He didn't pay too much attention to what clothes he was wearing. However, every time she saw her, the girl always wore a white dress with blue roses embroidered on the neck. It's a bit odd, though. But to Isa, the girl was very beautiful, calm, and looked very shy. If she was not shy, surely the girl might not always disappear (or run away) from Jesus' presence.

Sometimes Irawan imagines that this beautiful girl is his younger sister or his calm but caring girlfriend, or maybe his wife will be very loyal and willing to understand all his needs and work. Every day he did not think about her. Imagining her smooth white skin, small nose, calm eyes, and hair that fell down her waist was her mandatory routine. Even though it was only for a minute or two a day, the girl's shadow did not appear when Isa thought about it. Her beautiful face, as pale as a lonely moon, was always in Isa's memory like the moon that always accompanies the night sky.

That day, as usual, Irawan waited for the train to come to take her home. His mind was blank even though the image of the girl still crossed his mind. He really didn't think about anything. Then when the girl appeared among the crowd who had descended the carriage, Irawan came out of his reverie.

Their eyes met. Irawan's slightly flat stare collided with the girl's blank gaze. This time the girl didn't shy away from him. She just stood there expressionlessly. Irawan, too. After a long time, they looked at each other, Irawan finally approached the girl.

"Hey," said Irawan. “I often see you here but… we've never met anything like this. What train do you take? "

The girl turned to the rail without the train, looked at the deserted surroundings, then looked back at Irawan with a sad look. "Do not know…"

"Why, you lost? Where is your house? "

The girl shook her head.

"Oh, my ... how come you got lost? Like my younger sister ... she's in the third grade of junior high school, but still, gets lost because of the wrong city transportation. "

“I really don't know where to go. I'm still waiting for someone, then I left. "

"Hoo ... Promise to meet someone, huh?" Irawan was a little disappointed. "Your boyfriend?"

The girl's blank gaze made Irawan's hair stand on end. "I don't know either ..."

"O-okay." Odd girl or autistic girl, are you?

They returned to their silence at the empty train tracks. The atmosphere was also very quiet like it was midnight. The drink vendors are still open, but no one is buying drinks. Moved by thirst, Irawan bought two bottles of cold tea for him and the girl.


"You're welcome."

"But I'm not thirsty ... Is it okay if I don't drink?"

"Just relax! That's already your drink. So it's up to you whether you want to drink it or not. You don't need to feel uncomfortable going to the cave. "


"You're welcome."

They are silent again.

More than half an hour passed and there were no trains passing. The tracks were completely empty and the station was getting fewer and fewer passengers. Very odd.

"Are you not tired?" asked Irawan.

The girl shook her head.

"Are you tired?" asked the girl. Irawan scratched his head. "Want to sit down?"

"No, no ... the train will come soon too, really."

"The trains won't come as fast as you think."

Irawan shut up. Something is not right, here ...

"Want to sit down?"

"Em ... Yes, okay. But you sit down too. "

The two of them sat on the waiting bench, just the two of them, at the train station that was starting to create a horror atmosphere. Fortunately, Irawan is someone who ignores ducks. Even if a tsunami is in the way, the important thing is to stay cool and have a cool head. Even though it was an odd time, Irawan was not nervous and broke out in a cold sweat. Anyway, stay cool in front of the girl.

"Can I ask your name?"

"Can I know your name?"

"Yes, please! But your name used to be. "

The girl seemed to think for a moment before nodding. "My name starts with the letter M. Your name?"

"M? After M, what other letters? "

"Anyway, my initials 'M'. We haven't met each other before. "

"So, I'm a bad person? Is that what it means? "

"People who are not yet known are not necessarily bad people."

"Then? Why don't you want to tell me? "

The beauty is silent again. Because this is my promise to that person ...

"Hey ...," Irawan waved his palm in front of the girl's eyes, "Don't be dumbfounded! this time lonely met a quiet girl, dark again ... Just felt like a horror film. That's how your shirt is white again! Hi… ”

Another blank stare was given. Isa folded his hands and looked away. "See, right ... Horror again ... It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell me. I also won't tell you my real name. Call me 'mail'. Like 'e-mail' which is a window into the hearts of distant human beings. "

"Mail, huh?"

“Yup… Want my real name? Tell me your real name first! "

The girl smiled. Irawan was dumbfounded. This was the first time he saw the girl smile.

“Your initials are also 'M' like me. You're on purpose, right? "

Suddenly Irawan become awkward. He cleared his throat loudly, aware of a coincidence that accidentally revealed his heart. It's okay, ... The important thing is to see you smile.

"So, please ... Don't give me horror eyes. Bored, you know! Haaah ... Didn't expect, yes, we can chat like this. Every time I look at you, I always think: is this an appearance or not, is it? After that, in the cave's eyes, it was a girl without expression and feeling. It's not that you don't have a heart, huh… (oh my bluff) You're… like… an innocent girl who has lost her way. But, you to my ears ... like the moon. "

"Moon? But Moon, can't talk. "

"The moon is mute, right? So that's why I call you the moon. You never talk, never complain, never grumble it's not important because you can't do your job. Has the moon ever asked why it should light the earth when night falls? What was that month, talk? Like you really. You never ask why you have to go, why do you have to wait for 'that person', or where to go. Lu always goes through everything without asking too many questions. "

The smile began to fade. Her face is sad now. What Irawan said was true. His conviction never wavered even though he didn't know his purpose in life. Her loyalty is so great that he always waits faithfully even though he doesn't know who to wait for. Her heart is also so innocent, following everything according to instructions like a good boy.

“Ok, I'll call you 'Moona'. May I?"

Her face was still sad even though that little smile was still plastered on her face. "Thank you. But you can't keep remembering that name. "

"Why, why?"

“Because if you remember my name or my face, I won't be able to go out with 'that person'. You have to forget about me after you get home. "

"Moona, I don't understand. Hey, explain 'that person'. Who is he? "

Moona shook her head. They are silent again. Now Isa became sorry for him. Moona is like a depressed moon. What really happened to Moona?

Suddenly a train sounded from a distance. Apparently, it was the train that brought him home. As soon as the train stopped in front of him, the unusually small number of passengers got off the train in silence. Again, the result is silence. After the carriage was empty, Irawan prepared to leave.

"Mail, forget about me."

Irawan's forehead frowned. Immediately he gripped Moona's hand which was very cold like ice. "Forever I won't understand who you are and why you are like this. But I'm not the one who gives up quickly. I'll keep on remembering you until I understand what really happened. I'm sorry. I can't forget you. Remember, Moona! You are the moon that always shines at night. You will never die in my memory because you ... are always in my heart, Moona. "

Moona stared. Her eyes filled with tears. Irawan let go of his hand and went into the carriage. When the station pillars retreated, it was a good time to say goodbye. Irawan waved his hand, smiling excitedly, trying to comfort the lonely moon. Moona's face disappeared far behind him. Irawan was disappointed because he had to part with him again.

Meanwhile, Moona was still staring at Irawan's departure with watery eyes. She grasped Irawan's warm hand. She also did not want to part with Irawan.


Moona turned. Beside him stood a tall man, in a long white coat, a dark gray shirt, and wearing a golden badge in the shape of a winged sickle. “Your name is Maya Safira, right? Sorry I'm late."

"It is okay. My waiting for this one year, in the end, was not in vain. Thanks for coming. "

“Maya, you didn't break the rules, right? Before you are picked up, you must not talk to humans, know them, or remember them. You won't be able to leave if you still have memories in this world. You understand?"

Moona almost cried. Her heart was cut. She had to forget about someone she just met after being isolated from humans for a long time.

When the golden train came, the man took Moona's hand after Moona put the cold tea bottle from Irawan. Her tears she kept from dripping on the waiting bench or she wouldn't be able to leave the human world. The door opened and Moona stepped inside. In the doorway, Moona said to the man:

“When we die, should we be erased from the memories we left behind? Then we can go in peace? How about their hearts? Are we erased from their hearts? Can you destroy your own heart? "

The man fell silent. He glanced at the cold tea bottle and narrowed his eyes. "He doesn't know your real name and you don't know his real name?" Moona nodded. "For me, that's enough. Let's go!"

The train left the station, leaving remnants of memories, emotions, and feelings between the two of them. Moona smiled peacefully while repeating the feelings of love that had grown in her heart. As Irawan said that he would always be in Irawan's heart, Moona repeated the same thing.

You will always be in my heart even though it's now different dimensions. As long as the moon is still shining in the night sky, I will always be in your heart ...


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It's a good fictional story. You have a lot of imagination and I like your stories.

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