Language as human communication

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Language is created on the basis of the human need to communicate. Where humans tend to be social compared to the form of individualism. If you map language to the word who invented or create the language, it can be said that all people or humans who have ever lived in the world are inventors of language. Because language can exist for the creation of each individual along with his community.

A human was created by God as a perfect being. Given reason and feeling as the basis for humans to live in the world. The use of language is present because of needs such as the expression said in the opening paragraph as the need to socialize.

The attitude of the need to socialize is present in a variety of forms. From the start of manners, delivery, settlement, and so on. Imagine if there was no language how we would communicate with others. The need to explain and be explained is a factor in creating language delivery.

Then from the problem of language, there are many conflicts about the ease and level of difficulty of the language being used. In a group that has been created with its own language, it may be easier to understand. But what about the other groups. Then comes the grouping and determination of language words that are most widely used and understood by many people.

Language is also present not just the language of a nation. However, there are many different languages ​​that are present, created by every human being. Such as heart language, love language, sign language, slang, program language, and many other. Quite diverse isn't it.

Language is also formed from various basic human habits that occupy certain areas. You can say this in dialectal form. Funds due to pronunciation that is accustomed to the pattern of each region finally creates a different dialect model in each region.

For the word world, English is a universal language that is accepted as the language used for conversation and other things. And this has become a habit for everyone to receive it. As for each country, of course, there is one language that is designated as the language of their respective countries, due to the various languages ​​of the existing tribes.

Introducing our country's language out is great. However, using or learning a universal language that is accepted by many people does not mean forgetting one's own country or being said to be arrogant or pretending.

For example, in the case of Indonesia itself, as a country of various ethnicities and languages, is it permissible for us to learn a unitary language? Imagine if there was no unitary language! How difficult it is for each individual to learn the language alone.

Currently, many see the need to learn many languages ​​from other countries which will result in understanding and easy communication with one another. Do not close yourself to only use your own language. Individualism or loving the nation does not just stop at the factor that everything must be from oneself. However, accepting and sorting out what is good and bad is also very necessary for the progress of a nation and itself.

In my articles, I mostly use English, even though it's in the form of using translations in existing applications. It's not that I don't love my country's language, Indonesia. But more on my intention to learn and convey it easier to understand. That's all, amd i know there is still a lot of confusion in the English that I use.

But at least the outline can be easily understood because those who join here are not only Indonesians but also from various nations.

Yes, at least by learning various languages ​​we can convey what we want to convey and create. And can provide additional lessons without feeling like learning another language. Warm regards and let's respect each other.

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