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The majority of the world's population has multiple views on finding the most flexible, reliable and free currency available today.

In addition, countries in the world, such as the European Union as an example that can be seen, have tried and wanted to develop independence in an independent banking system so that they no longer depend on their relationship with the United States.

Even so, until now the USD still does not have a strong competitor. There are still many investors and various speculators who do not believe in the Euro.

Then look at parts of the Asian continent where China and Yuan have experienced success with their digital Yuan, but unfortunately they are still unable to drop or defeat the current dominance of the USD.

Most of the other countries have not seen the benefit of replacing USD with a currency such as Yuan.

To serve as another option for a politically neutral asset that is easier to use than the USD can end this ambiguity.

If possible, gold could actually be used as a neutral currency. So that every central bank keeps gold reserves. However, gold must still be stored and not easily traded and the fear of being confiscated by military forces.

From this it can be seen that Bitcoin and other cryptos can play a big role, as a digital asset which is difficult to control by one party and yet easy to use.

The fact that Bitcoin can tame the USD is quite possible.

So a number of countries saw an opportunity in this regard, and began to serve the investor base as well as Bitcoin and crypto traders.

As an example that can be seen is like the country of Malta, which has positioned Malta as a Blockchain Country, has also adopted crypto and has established clear regulations.

So that it can attract big crypto players to the country, such as the Binance crypto exchange, one of them.

If we look at the data of crypto users, there are now almost 71 million users of Bitcoin and crypto and currently Bitcoin has become the third largest currency based on its valuation.

From this it can be said that enough people have entered the Bitcoin ecosystem to be counted as a country.

There is something worth seeing, where the value of all US currencies in the world is currently US $ 2 trillion and Bitcoin has reached half that valuation for now.

So to say that Bitcoin can replace the USD position as the world's reserve currency doesn't seem like a figment.

Seeing that recently the United States can be said to be adopting, or trying to control Bitcoin or as well as banning its use. The United States of America can seek to impose high taxes on Bitcoin and force its allies to stop supporting Bitcoin and impose sanctions on violators.

Whereas China has not made any definite decisions regarding Bitcoin, instead trying to experiment with a digital currency of their own.

Indeed, even though China has made a strict policy towards the Bitcoin mining industry, China calls Bitcoin a legitimate asset.

On the other hand, such as the Indian state has not shown full clarity, instead it is considering a total ban.

If the world is divided into two camps in the future, where the United States and allies use USD while China uses Bitcoin as their weapon, then it could happen that big countries like India and the European Union can be unpredictable players at that time.

The world is looking for alternatives besides USD for all global trade needs and reserve currency status as an option.

With the trend of Bitcoin adoption growing rapidly as well as its politically neutral position it could make Bitcoin a good alternative option in the future.

So for the past time this has made it something that can encourage almost everyone later to be able to have a little bit of Bitcoin in the end.

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I don't get it why america was against into bitcoin? we were used there currency so why they against the cryptocurrency. It can help some people and cryptocurrency is much easier to use,I wish cryptocurrency would be adopt here at Philippines so there no need to exchange it in fiat money 😂😂no transaction fee.if im look selfish..?😅😅

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