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1 month ago

So far, Indonesia's economic resources can indeed be said to come from the mining world. However, several days ago, the Deputy of Bank Indonesia said that transactions and finance continued to increase. And she also added that this was an opportunity to boost the Indonesian economy amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Seeing and discussing this, it can be said that Bank Indonesia will now contribute to digital technology and infrastructure for all things needed for digital financial issues. Because the need for the digital world is everything about the integration of the existence of the fulfillment of the digital world virtually.

If I look at it and draw conclusions, it means that it is not only a matter of meeting the need for support from digital financial service providers but also in terms of recovering access problems and the ease with which people use the digital financial system.

Indeed, there are still many things that need to be done, especially when it comes to the coverage area of ​​Indonesia. It is not only a matter of natural conditions but also a problem of resources and learning for the Indonesian people in the future.

Infrastructure is more of the main value for alignment so that everything can run smoothly. Where are network problems and the existence of merchants or service providers or services that will use and receive digital money in the future?

Talking about big cities may already be running and some people who understand and are used to it are already using it. And this can be seen from what the Deputy of Bank Indonesia said means that it has shown a positive side in Indonesia's economic development.

As one of the residents, hearing and seeing, and having felt about digital transactions for me is very helpful and also has many benefits. The main thing is the issue of efficiency as well as convenience and security. The speed factor also affects of course. And for me, I hope that in the future what the government has said will be realized so that everything will be more integrated in the future. This means more and easier to use.

Indonesia is currently in trouble, which is one of the 10 countries affected by the tapering of the United States. Not to mention the problem of the country's huge debt and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit. Improvement and revival of the economy is indeed a major factor and is not easily achieved. Because it needs a lot of things to be repaired and built.

However, as a word of enlargement of economic problems, even if it is just news or hear about something positive in the nation's economy, it creates hope for the existence of an economy that is currently being hit by various problems. Giving a glimmer of hope for a smile for a better nation's economy.

Apart from that, there is also another good fortune for the hope that it will be easier to use crypto in the future in Indonesia. Because digital financial problems certainly cannot be separated from the current existence of crypto. Legal issues regarding the legality of existence as a means of payment may no longer be a problem because the main thing is that people will view crypto differently in the future. Although it must be exchanged or used as rupiah currency to be used, the youth and the many integrated existences make it easier and faster in the future than today.

In essence, there is an optimistic view of Indonesia's economic problems regarding digital technology and financial issues going forward. Hopefully, all of this is true and can actually encourage Indonesia to develop an economy that initially developed to be better and more advanced in the future.

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Written by   412
1 month ago
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