I feel scared

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Today I haven't done my schoolwork. So, I decided to leave early. At 6 o'clock I'm at school. The atmosphere at school is very calm. I went straight to my class. Incidentally, my class is unlocked. I head to my back by the window - and sit down. I took out my assignment book and started working on it, I heard a woman's voice laughing, the voice sounded faint. I thought maybe a child from another class. Suddenly I felt my stomach hurt, like someone jogging my stomach.

"Ah, damn stomach"

I started doing my schoolwork again when out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the window beside me. And when I went from nothing. I see my assignment three quarters, I haven't done it. In less than an hour, the bell will ring.

Suddenly I heard a rustling sound. Which of course isn't all that stupid. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something else stuck to the bottom of the window beside me. Maybe it's just my feeling, so I don't think it's real. No more than half. From the corner of my eye, something was stuck there. So I turned around. I looked and it turned out to be a finger. Because someone crawled over there.

I approached the window. I pressed my face against the window. Suddenly, an extremely terrifying face stared back at mine. I spontaneously jumped back. The creature's face was black and filled with tranquilizers. She's eyes were almost white as all creatures grinned and stared at their yellowish, pointed teeth. Her black hair was messy. Suddenly all the windows broke. From there arose the same as being. The glass fragments escaped, not the least bit stuck in my skin. Uh, say it once. However, the pain was forgotten as that creature walked towards me. At that moment I knew I wouldn't live longer than 3 seconds.


Ah, I smiled myself remembering that distant memory. Still clearly recorded. When I was playing chase ... Sun was shining hot.

I, who are now sitting under the banyan tree, can only give up waiting. I don't know what I'm waiting for, I don't know either. What is clear is that I am sitting here alone. My jet-black hair is also longer than before. Due to the length of my hair, to be covered next to the sense of sight. Again I pressed. I don't feel uncomfortable. And I admit ... I love it when my hair is long now.

The big white shirt I wore makes me look like a scarecrow. HUFT. If only I were allowed to wear another shirt, I would definitely go for the polka-dotted one! Because the motive is my favorite. All the properties in my room are also synonymous with polka dots. Hm, about my room, huh? I haven't visited for two months.

I really look forward to seeing an afternoon breeze like this. That's why I chose to sit under a banyan tree like this. I don't care about the rumors saying that in the banyan tree there is "fortune". The hell with that. Anyway, I don't want to move out of here before it gets dark.

Increasingly ... I sat curled up.

I thought of my colleagues who used to play catch up with me. What are they like now? I haven't seen their nose for a long time. It's not like I'm arrogant or anything. But I don't want to come to school. I fear. There was something I was worried about when I was at school.

Not only at school. At home, in a shop, or on the street, I feel scared. I am very afraid. That's why I chose to sit alone under this tree.

But when I was having fun playing with my hair, I found a group of kids in uniform approaching. The white and blue uniforms they wore were shapeless. I mean here, their uniforms are full of colorful graffiti. They had received a certificate of graduation?

The closer they are, the clearer their faces will be.

Err ... I know them. They were my classmates right before I became a coward. Wow, the delicious one has passed. Where will they go? I want to greet them. But I can only smile with beautiful threads around my mouth. I want to talk. But my voice caught in my throat.

Then they stood in line in front of me. More precisely standing in front of a wooden plank. Well, I understand why they are here.

No doubt, I am a little afraid that they will come here. I am afraid they are carrying it. Honestly, I am very reluctant. Since 2 months ago, I avoided it.

The objects I avoid are mirrors. Why? Because when I look in the mirror, I can't find my reflection.

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