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Harmonious relationships will not be created without social interaction. Not only intellectual abilities but moral education also makes a major contribution to making it happen. We are old walls clumsily observing the fake faces of city dwellers. Nothing is more boisterous than all of them passing. Even the feeling of loneliness that used to be eternally missing now doesn't feel anymore since there is more and more fakeness in our city. Hastily chasing steps, hitting the calm that we are; You and I sometimes need more than a cup of black coffee in the morning.

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Master and Mistress, I sometimes leave questions to raindrops that are more steadfast than what this heart says. Are you really in front of me? Or is it just a flash of a body without a soul resulting from the death of the conscience of the people out there?

Master and Mistress, amidst the noise of the vehicles and their ambushing fumes, sometimes I hear whispers that are becoming extinct. About longing that doesn't arrive, or about love that is increasingly losing its identity.

Maybe it's us.

Maybe just you

Or maybe it's just me.

Sometimes we forget how moral we are towards the people in front of us. Who are they, where are they, and why are they? Intellectual allegory is just an empty expression that often forgets the boundaries of how to socialize properly and correctly according to conditions. Moral, even though I remind you, it's really difficult to say to be a moral human being. After all, sometimes we forget what morality means.

We survive without ever asking whether it is morals that make us survive or if is it just a feeling of fear to be said to be immoral.

On the other hand, it turns out that morals need a lot of trusts so that they might be able to convince us that for us, morals really don't deserve to be a third party between our attitudes. Therefore, this note is written at a glance when regret stabs, and jolts the awareness that morality should never know fatigue, boredom, and so on. Because only morals can tell which path to choose from among several that may have a thousand thorns that can hurt.

Like steam which will return in the form of rain. Water longing with tears of emotion not with tears of annoyance or tears of boredom. Cultivate longing in the heart that will lead us to the future we always want, not just wishful thinking. Believe me, as hard as your heart seeks, it will always come home to a house that can stand alone. At one point in life, we feel empty. Suddenly, someone came to relieve the tightness, calm the anxious ones, and hug me when I feel alone. Suddenly, they came. Without a preamble, without excuse me, without being awkward, it started to make me rethink what we have been living with him all this time. We all really know that walking parallel is never easy. But with the existence of morality, all of that will become easy to understand and realign.


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Very nice article written. I am impressed reading your article. Morality lies in our character traits. By attaining these qualities, noble deeds are found.

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