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They believe in god. They also believe in miracles, although God rarely gives them miracles, and the world instead turns against them, but they accept everything gracefully. They think that there is still a chance for a better life.

In a hut on the outskirts of the city, which only has two rooms, one room is the kitchen, and the other room is used as a bedroom and living room.

They make up stories with the people they love. Even if they sit on the ground, and the walls that one day might collapse if the wind is strong, they can still laugh and joke. They think that the goodness of a house does not guarantee happiness, and here they are, living among the skyscrapers.

A man whose wife is divorced, lives with a son who is still in elementary school. The harshness of life seems to make his wife have to go and marry another man. The man did not blame his wife for choosing to leave him, and instead he prayed for a happy life for his ex-wife, hopefully in his current life, the woman he once loved could live a more decent life.

Their kitchen hadn't been smoking for a week. The cauldrons and stoves were abandoned in this tiny kitchen. The man only gave leftover rice to his son, which he got from the trash can of a luxury restaurant in town. Even so, they could still smile and be happy, as if they were laughing at this cruel world.

There are only two candles left as light when night comes, which the man will turn off - to save - if his beloved son is asleep. After the second candle is used up, the man will scrape off the crust, and collect it in an used condensed milk can, to be burned, then dried, to form a new small candle. And so on until there is no more crust left.

"Dad, tonight we don't have any more candles, right? The last candle ran out last night. " Said the child innocently.

With a soft tone that strengthened the man answered his innocent question, "Yes, you should do all your schoolwork this afternoon, while father will look for candles."

"Where are you going to find the candle? Wasn't the candle bought? " the child looks wondering.

"I mean, daddy will buy candles, and find where to sell them." Said his father, smiling sadly.

The child then nodded to understand what his father was saying.

The man then stepped out of the house, leaving his son who was doing his schoolwork. He was confused, how to get the money to buy candles, when there was not even a piece of metal left. He often applies for jobs in various places, but no one wants to accept people who don't have any skills. He spent time traveling from one stall to another, hoping that someone generous would donate a candle for his use tonight. But people don't seem to care. Even their own lives are difficult, and they are not in a position to help others. He tried busking all day on the side of the road, but only three metals were collected that couldn't be exchanged for a candle.

With desperate steps, the man then returned home empty-handed, not even succeeding in bringing a packet of leftover rice. Today, that fancy restaurant - whose trash can is like a treasure trove to him - is closed for no reason. Maybe the servants go home to their hometown or for other reasons. The man just came home with a pack of disappointments and a box of anxiety. She doesn't mind if she doesn't eat - she's been through it often - but her child needs nutrition even if it's only partially. She would not be able to see the disappointment of her precious son, because he had brought nothing.

Arriving home, he was greeted by a warm hug from his son. His son said that he couldn't finish all his homework today, and it was useless to wait for the night, because tonight there would be no light at all. With teary eyes, the man told his son that there was no food for tonight.

“Father, it's okay. I'm a strong kid. Not even eating last night is fine for me. Besides, this morning at a school for street children, Kak Mirza gave us a lot of food. " The boy said while hugging his frail father.

The man could not hold back the emotion, he did not expect that these words came out of the mouth of an eight year old boy, who even with an empty stomach, he still encouraged his father. The man tightly embraced his precious son. The only remaining treasure that God entrusted to him. No matter how hard life is, as long as his son is by his side, he will be able to destroy the hardness of the rock of life.

The night passed without any lighting, dark, gloomy unfriendly. The sky seemed merciless, and the black clouds kept blocking the moonlight. The son slept asleep in his arms. As if she didn't care about the situation in this little hut.

It was getting late, but it seemed that the man's eyes were reluctant to close. He was still thinking about what he would do tomorrow for the money. No matter what, for sure he had to buy a candle, so that his son could study, and do assignments at night. She looked at the face of the son, who was fast asleep beside him. Hoping that one day he can give his son a decent life. He continued to look at the soft face of his son, until finally he fell asleep.

Night turns to morning, his son has gone to a school for street children, and the man decides to leave the house, hoping that this time it will be different from yesterday.

It was already very light when he came out, and the hot sun was right on his wrinkled skin. He then sang on the outskirts of the main road, the same place as yesterday. At a red light, suddenly the glass window of a black luxury car opened slightly, and gave him money, the man was very happy to receive his first income this sunny morning.

"Thank you sir." The man said. He wanted to see that generous face, but then the windshield closed again.

All day long he had been entertaining people who really didn't need to be entertained, sweat was pouring from the pores of his face, and his skin was red with scorching sunburn. It looks like a fortune-giving angel is nearby. He collected a lot of metal, and some paper money that he got from the man in the luxury car earlier. His heart was very happy, today he will be able to buy a candle, and a packet of rice. The son must have been delighted to see his father come home with a candle to light up his dinner.

This time, the man came home with a candle, and a packet of rice that he bought at the street stall earlier. But his steps were stopped by someone in tattered clothes, and carrying a stick, unkempt. It looks like he has no place to live.

"Please, sir, I have not eaten in days," said the old man. "My stomach hurts a lot." The beggar continued with tears in his eyes.

The man was pensive for a moment… looked at the poor beggar, felt sorry for him, then gave the rice he had bought earlier to the beggar. Not knowing what was in that lalak's mind, in a situation like this, he was even willing to give the precious rice he got from busking. But in his heart he was grateful, no matter how hard his life was, he still had a place to live even though it was a hut, and a son who was very dear to him. So that he doesn't have to live neglected like this beggar.

The man then arrived home, which was greeted by a warm hug from the child.

"Father, look. I set aside my lunch at school to take home. I know, daddy must be hungry right? " the child then gave a box of rice filled with side dishes.

Can not say anything. Suddenly the man shed tears of emotion, and immediately hugged his son tightly. His son even thought about his situation. At times even the man gave his dinner to the beggar earlier, but his son instead set aside his lunch for his father.

What a touching thing. The child is still eight years old, but can already think like an adult. In this desperate situation, he didn't even complain. On the other hand, the child is studying very hard. Even at school, the child looks different like the other kids. When children the same age have to sing after school, the child is busy studying. Indeed, studying today cannot help their economy which is in danger, learning also cannot buy a pack of rice, but the child believes, if one day, the time will come when he will be able to use his intelligence to improve his economy. He believed he could give his father a decent life, he believed, and until that time, he would continue to study no matter how hard, even if he was accompanied by a candle to illuminate his everlasting spirit.

The night was again lit by a candle burning in the corner of the room. It can be seen that the child is studying hard there. His forehead furrowed, his brows knit together, and the occasional bite of his lip for a sign of seriousness. The man ate the rice that his son had brought from school. His son did not want to come to eat with him, he said he was full, because this afternoon he had eaten a lot at his school.

Morning came. The child is getting ready to go to school when a guest knocks on their door. Never before had someone wanted to visit this hut-like house. The man then opened the door, and saw a tall man, handsome face, and wearing a coat, with hair neatly combed back. For a moment the man froze, who is this clean man, what need is he coming here for, or is he someone from the government who was about to evict their hut? Suddenly several men in uniform entered their house, the boy looked scared, and ran to hug his father.

"Never mind," said the neat man comforting the child. "They won't hurt you."

The neat man then gave a basket full of fresh fruit, and also handed an envelope to the man.

"Maybe this is not much sir, but use it wisely for the expenses of your daily life, and also these fruits are good for your children. He needs nutrition for his growth. " the man grasped the shabby man's hand, and stared deep into his eyes.

As if he could not believe what had just happened, the man looked confused and speechless.

"They will install electricity to your house," the man continued by pointing at the people in uniform who had trespassed into his house. "So you no longer need to feel the darkness of the night, and your children will learn to be effective with new lighting."

After the work of the people in uniform was finished, they then left, the neat man said goodbye and stepped away,

"Thank you for everything, may God repay your kindness" shouted the man from ignorance. "But who are you?"

The man said with a smile, "Think of me as the miracle you have been waiting for so long."

The man immediately cried with emotion. Who the hell is this generous man. But whoever he is, his kindness has made a big difference in the poor man's life.

At present, all the rooms are filled with incandescent light, the crusty stove is now replaced with a gas stove, in the living room itself there is already a fan. The man then opened the envelope that the man had given him. How shocked he was to see the contents of the envelope. A lot of money, enough to meet their needs for the next few months. The son looked very happy, and immediately hugged his father. The man hugged his child back, and thought to himself, if they will not lack anymore for now. The man also promised that if he would find a more decent job, he would keep trying even though he had to accept the harsh reality of rejection.

The neat man stepped into the luxury black car, he looked very happy, and occasionally tears fell from his smooth cheeks.

"Why do you have to spend money on people you don't know?" asked the driver.

"Well, who said I didn't know him?" replied the neat man. “I often see him picking up leftover rice in my restaurant trash can, at first I thought he was just a hungry beggar, until I saw him busking on the main road. At that time the sun was very hot, and he looked very happy when I gave him the money. "

"Well, alright. But you also don't have to disguise yourself as a pathetic beggar, and ask for the rice, right? ” said the driver with a smile. "Other people will think you are a real beggar, your appearance yesterday was really convincing."

"Maybe that's unnecessary, but I just want to see what kind of person he is, will he give the rice he has earned so hard to the beggar he meets on the street."

"Oh yes, one more thing," the man added. "Tomorrow call the man, tell him he was accepted to work at my restaurant, but he doesn't know if I own the restaurant, you understand?" he said as he fastened his seat belt.

"Good, Sir." Answer the driver.

They then left the shabby complex and returned to the main road.

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