Hoarding or saving?

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Hoarding and saving are two words that have the same form of work but differ in purpose. The similarity is in the form of the accumulation of work, and the difference in the aim is the intention or plan.

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Saving has a better meaning and can be accepted in terms of language because you always get positive thoughts or understanding in your plans or intentions to collect. While hoarding has a bad meaning because it has no limits in collecting without a plan or intention, it is also sometimes based on intentions that ultimately harm other people.

In the crypto world, there is the term hold which can be interpreted as holding on to the reality of the limit of buying or owning crypto at low values ​​and selling it at good or high prices.

Does hold fall into the context of hoarding?

If we ask each party, there will be different perceptions, arguments, and defenses, of course. Because only each party knows and understands what their goals or plans are for doing that.

It is indeed difficult to determine which language is right and wrong or which aims are positive or negative in every context that actually applies. But what is certain is that every good intention will end in good while bad intentions will surely end in bad. That's the law of the world that applies where it came from and will definitely return to its origin.

The world economy as we all know runs on the basis of smooth and well-coordinated cycles. Without obstacles, deadlocks, scarcity, and also inequality. As long as there are things like these four things, it is certain that the economy is still difficult to say that it is running in good and correct economic conditions. And again, what realizes and makes economic things good or bad is the human condition that runs the economy. This means that as long as there are unscrupulous individuals who only have bad intentions, it is still difficult to experience a perfect economy.

Why is it so far from saving and hoarding that it brings the context of holding in economic language? Perhaps it can open one's eyes to the language of awareness of the importance of rotation and the sheer purpose of the language of prosperity. So if you really want to feel a good economy for every individual, the awareness of doing a personal economy can be based on the basic need, ability, and readiness for yourself.

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Everyone wants to succeed and feel happiness in living their life. But you have to realize that everyone's journey will be different even if you do the same thing. Forgetting the limits of forcing yourself so as to eliminate awareness that has an impact on harming yourself and others is just a bad attitude that can be fatal in the end. Optimism is good, but being aware of your own abilities is better than just being optimistic about something that has no definite footing.

Don't hoard too much, afraid that it will be buried by the heap itself. The danger of hoarding is riskier than not stockpiling, if an avalanche occurs then what is dragged by the avalanche is more pronounced when the avalanche occurs.


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