Ghost School Bathroom

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In a quiet class because the children have returned home, Elanna is still working on her assignments that are collected tomorrow. Elanna is an indigo child so she can see and communicate with ghosts. Suddenly the lights went out and there was a creepy aura in Elanna's class.

Suddenly a female ghost came

"Hi Elanna, you must be tired" said the ghost of the woman

"Um, he ... oh yes, what's your name? I already know the names of all the ghosts in this school but I never saw you, ”said Elanna curiously

"I'm Rina, the new girl ghost in this school" said Rina

"Indeed why are you here" asked Elanna

"You are not safe, Elanna, there are evil ghosts and beggars in the bathroom," said Rina

"Then cover me ya rin" said Elanna

"Ehmm" said Rina nodded

That night Rina was still not typing Leptop to finish her job suddenly Rina came

"Hi ... Elanna, you must be tired" I'll help you ... I'll tell you how to do it, el ... just calm down "said Rina

"I have barged in again using everything," said Elanna

"But it's important to know" said Rina

"What" asked Elanna

"The rock is hard," said Rina

"Huhhh if that is me already know rinaaaa" said Elanna

"I'm a ghost so I don't know like that," said Rina

"You are a ghost ..." Elanna had not had time to speak, Rina cut off the conversation

"What? The most beautiful ghost in the world, "asked Rina

"The most chatty ghost in the world" said Elanna angrily. Rina laughed and immediately left

Elanna immediately lay down on her soft bed, then she remembered Rina's message about the ghost of the victim in the bathroom behind the school. Due to sleepiness attacking her, Elanna fell asleep into her dream world

The next day…

Elanna left for school with joy.

Arriving at school, two of his best friends who he never forgot were waiting for him.

"Hi Elanna" said Revelin, Elanna's friend

"Hi too" replied elanna

"Why do you pucet like that" asked Melisa

"I'll tell you later," replied Elanna

Then the three of them went to class

Teng Teng the sound of the school bell ringing for a break. Then they rushed to the canteen to eat.

"What did you want to say earlier" asked Melisa, curious

Elanna also told what she experienced yesterday and they listened to it

"Hahahaaa I don't believe it" said Revelin

"Same ... how about tonight we go to the bathroom behind the school" Melisa challenged

"Don't ... please I am indigo ... believe me" begged elanna

"I dare you" said Revelin

"Ah no ... don't" asked Elanna

"Then you don't have to come," said Melisa and then left followed by Revelin. Now only Elanna is alone in the canteen

Suddenly Yasmine came

"El .. I know how you feel" said Yasmine

"I know you are rich" I am, indigo "said Elnnna

"I think we should catch up with your friends and gather all the ghosts to attack the bathroom ghost" suggested Yasmine. Elanna nodded in agreement

That night, Elanna went to school .. the night was getting late and the air was getting colder until she pierced her ribs. Suddenly, the hair on Elanna's neck shuddered when she saw a woman leaning against a mango tree, then Elanna came to her

"Hi, who are you" asked Elanna

"I am a spirit that the bathroom occupants make sacrifices" he said

"I ... I'm looking for a ghost who will help me to eliminate the evil spirit of victimization" said Elanna

"May I come" he said

"Okay" replied Elanna then walked away

Arriving at school, Yasmine and Elanna go straight to the school bathroom along with the ghosts that follow them to exterminate the ghost seekers.

There was already Ravelin and Melisa there

"Finally you come here elll" said Melisa

"I'm afraid to know you," said Elannna

"How come I'm getting goosebumps huh" asked Revelin

"We bring good ghost troops" Yasmine replied

"Huhh luckily someone is protecting us," said Melisa

They also entered the bathroom. Inside, it turned out to be more gripping, the hair on the neck was getting the creeps. Suddenly thousands of knives fell from the roof of the bathroom roof. Luckily the ghosts were kind to protect them.

Suddenly there was a very loud ghost giggling "hahahaaa I will make you a sacrifice" said the evil ghost

Then the water faucet turned on and the fishy blood came out and vomited until revelin fainted. They ran but their legs were stiff and the good ghosts were driven out by the evil ghost and only the four of them .. When the evil ghost would grab them, the door was smashed by the paranormal. Elanna thought to herself. Then the psychic drove the evil ghost away and the four of them immediately left.

When the psychics finished they had a chance to chat with him

"Sir, how come we know we are in danger" asked Yasmine "earlier Rina's ghost called me" replied the paranormal

"Oooh Rina the chatty ghost" said Elanna and finally Ravelin woke up from her fainting spells

"Ravelinnnn" said Melisa and immediately hugged Ravelin

"Forgive us el ... we don't trust you" regrets Ravelin

"I'm sorry too, yes el" added Melisa regretfully

"It's okay," said Elanna and finally the bathroom wasn't haunted again and renovated for the better.


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wow ,that is so cool story. love it

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