Friends of the Earth

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Hi, friend. Have you ever imagined how our earth will be in 2040? Do you know how modern humans lived that year? Okay. If you can't imagine it let me tell you a little.

The year 2040. The year where times are far from modern. Maybe it can be called super modern. All the equipment in the world is truly sophisticated. If now you have a gadget that you think is very sophisticated, then in 2040 there will be more advanced technology than that gadget. If now you can go anywhere by car, then in 2040, you can travel anywhere by flying car.

But friends, do you know? The state of the earth and our nature is far from beautiful. In the year 2040, you will no longer be able to see trees and green plants. You will never again find freshwater like water that you can enjoy now. You will never be able to find clean air to fill your lungs again.

This year, you will only find thick dirty air mixed with choking smoke. You only find turbid water from industrial waste which is certainly disgusting. And what's even more frightening is, as long as your eyes are wide open, you will only see tall buildings and multi-story industries jostling for each other to stand.

But for those with genius minds, this was no big deal. They can easily create super sophisticated water filters for them to drink. They can also easily create the latest air conditioners that can clean the air around their homes.

At first glance, everything looks easy with technology. But believe me, my friend. Nothing is more pleasant than something natural. Moreover, the weather at this time, the effect of global warming is getting worse, feels very hot. 10 glasses of ice is not enough to fix the stifling feeling.

Until one day, a disaster comes, a disaster where all machines and computer systems suddenly shut down. The modern city of 2040 was paralyzed instantly. The humans immediately lose clean water from the filter equipment, the humans immediately lose the clean air they usually get from machines

They are then forced to drink wastewater in order to survive, but of course, that won't fix anything at all. they are also forced to start breathing in dirty air without first cleaning. And, at this time people will realize how important nature and trees are to them.

That is it. At this point, all humans begin to regret. Regret because you underestimate nature and think too much about technology. Regret because I have killed thousands of trees just for the sake of the advanced machine industry.

Hi, friend. This is my story. I hope you can understand the meaning of my message. One message, be friendly with nature. Because in fact, all this time nature has made humans its friends. It's just that we don't realize it.


I lowered the sheet of paper containing the environmental-themed story I just read in front of the student council friends while staring confusedly at them. Their expressions looked strange, plus they became silent after I finished telling the story.

“Why are you all suddenly quiet, anyway? Even though earlier when I was going to read this story, you were screaming and protesting not receiving it. " I tried to open the voice, breaking the silence in the student council room that had suddenly formed.

"Your story is scary, Nia. Do you think that event will really happen? " Asked one of my friends.

I then nodded slowly. "Yes, you can. If humans are not good at taking care of nature. "

"Eh? Seriously. I can't imagine what would happen if we drank wastewater. " This time, Rini, the student council secretary who commented

I smiled slightly while sitting in front of my friends. Looks like I have an idea to make them realize that we've been neglecting the environment as well. Yeah, right. Right now I am trying to make my friends realize that so far we have neglected the green environment of my school in vain.

"But I think Rin, we all have to be prepared for all the possibilities like what happened in that story."

"Don't scare us, Nia. It's not funny at all. " Protest my friends.

I laughed softly, “Hey, how can I not think like that if the situation we are facing is like this. See? Now the trash is starting to scatter around us again. The flowers that had once grown beautifully are now withered. In fact, the trees that have been planted by the school painstakingly, no one wants to take care of them or at least just to look after them. "

My friends are silent. Their eyes looked at me meaningfully.

"And, shouldn't we do something about it all? Are we going to just sit there and watch a slum environment like this? come on, guys. We have to make efforts to fix this situation before it's too late. " I sighed for a moment, it felt like there was a rush of passion as it filled the room. "Oh? Or do you want to let things stay like this and one day we will be swarming with dirty air? You just have to choose. "

The room was silent again. There was a heavy sigh. Some of my friends looked down whoever they were thinking at the moment. For five minutes I was also silent, a little afraid of the reaction they might give. Is it possible that they will protest and call me being smart? Or maybe…

"I'm sorry, Nia. Because of all this time we have underestimated your position as a cleaning section here. We even protested earlier when you asked for time to tell us a little. We also always break the picket schedule that you have set. Once again, forgive us. "

Suddenly I feel happy squared. I couldn't believe their response a little.

"Don't apologize to me, friend. In fact, all this time we have made mistakes in nature. And now we should start again to improve our beloved environment. "

All the humans in this room nodded in agreement. Everyone smile. And I smiled too. It turned out that it was not difficult to make them realize the mistakes we had done before.

"And, hmmm, can I suggest one more suggestion?"

"Of course you can, Nia" they replied compactly.

"What if we make a program related to cleanliness every two weeks, for example, mutual cooperation or planting trees?"

"Of course, Nia. Let alone every once in two weeks, every day we want. "

The student council president's words just now we're greeted with laughter by all my friends. Even though I know he's just kidding, but that's enough to prove that they really care for nature, right?

"You know, Nia? We don't want it if someday we will drink wastewater like in your story, just because we can't protect the environment "

I laughed again while being grateful to myself.


Because you guys already want to protect nature with me. Since you are my best friend, I am really happy.

Ah, no. You are not only my friends but also friends of the earth Starting today.

Come on friend. Don't let our friends be abandoned. Because our friend, this earth, also needs attention.

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I'm confused at thee beginning but I love it

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3 years ago

Very good writing. I enjoy a lot to read your Article. Keep it up

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3 years ago

Presented in a good way.

At first when a read your article, there in 2040 we won't see trees , that made me to ask myself , hmmmm what is the point? Is we gonna inhale other than oxygen? Only that point was little bizarre for me. Overall it is nice and carries a message which puts extra scent.

Keep writing

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3 years ago

Amazingly written

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3 years ago